Friday, July 26, 2013

#rockyourblog Whats Your Take on Crowded Elevators? Do you speak with other passengers?

I do not care for elevators in all honesty, whether crowded or empty! Crowded is the worst and me being a passenger by myself is a little scary. One of my biggest fear of elevators is being trapped in it, either by myself or with a bunch of strangers.


 Crowded elevators leave no room for personal space, I'd rather walk up or down the stairs for a few flights. Ever been in an elevator and someone lets out a nasty fart?! Yea, I have a very powerful sniffer, that is definitely a no bueno for me. 

I definitely do not speak to others in the elevator unless I am with them. Duh, STRANGER DANGER!! If they say hi to me, I do respond with a polite hi back. Why don't I speak to the others in elevators? Because I've come in contact with some really weird and strange people! Even if one of these weirdos start talking to me on the street where it is wide open, I still feel trapped, but maybe that is because I am a kind person and have a hard time ignoring someone and just walking away. I don't fear others, but when I am alone with my children I am very over protective of them and sort of shield these weirdos away. 

Thankfully, I do not work downtown in a busy or crowded office building where your most likely to find a crowded elevator. Only time I have used an elevator in the past year or so is at the kids doctor's office and the few times Ezio was in our local Children's Hospital, both of which usually have empty elevators. While I don't like to be the only passenger, I just don't think about any of the bad things that could happen and I'm fine.

Whats Your Take on Crowded Elevators? 
Do you speak with the other passengers while riding on elevators?

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  1. interesting, i don't like elevators but i know sometimes i have to take one, and yes my biggest fear isn't so being trapped in one but falling to ground in one... thanks for shareing