Wednesday, July 10, 2013

#rockyourblog Bees! Run or Freeze?!

Are you afraid of bees?

When I was younger and honestly just until a few years ago I would run if I seen a bee near me! Like a couple feet away from me, it was too close for comfort and I was terrified of being stung. When I was younger I was stung by a bee on the school play ground and then a few years later when I was in about second grade I was playing soccer and was stung by a bee again. As I was only stung twice they didn't know or couldn't say for certain if I was allergic to bees. As to this day I still do not know. 

I really don't like any bug, if it flies, is a spider or centipede I like it even less and try to get away from it if it looks like it is going to land on me. I don't run from bees anymore, as I have become older I've also become wiser and now know that the more you move the more likely the bee is going to follow you and/or sting you. I try to just hold still, if it is with in a few inches of me I whine a little until it goes away. I know pretty pathetic hey! 

About four years ago I walked to the store down the block from my house with Jedilynn. When we got in the store I felt something on my leg, looked down and there was a yellow jacket on my leg. I was so terrified and had no clue how to get it off!It wouldn't fly or fall off when I walked and I even gently shook my leg in fear of it stinging me if I violently shook my leg like I really wanted to. At the time, Dan was working there and I asked him in a panicky voice, "Please get it off!". He gently brushed it off, didn't smack it into my leg like I was half expecting him to do. It seriously seemed as though the bees was glued onto the side of my leg.

Three years ago when I was pregnant with Cade I was sitting out on my front porch and was stung on the finger by some long and skinny black flying insect. I didn't see it land on my hand, I wasn't looking at my hand nor did I move my hand. I didn't notice until it stunk me and flew away. My finger and the finger next to it began to swell and I sort of began to panic as I was pregnant and unaware of how it would affect the baby, if even at all. I put some ice on it and made a few phone calls just to be on the safe side. Is it bad that I called my mom and then I called my doctor? My poor mom, I'm sure some days she just wants to turn her phone off, but she is the most knowledgeable and reliable person I know. For those who are wondering, Cade and I were both just fine. 

Do you have a fear of bees? What do you do if a bee is near you?

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