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Mami's 3 Little Monkeys is a family friendly blog where we love to try products and share our opinions and experiences with them.
Contact us via email at mamis3littlemonkeys@yahoo.com if you would like for us to try out your product/service(s) and write up a review for them. We'd also love to offer a giveaway to our readers.

We are a family of 5! 
Horrible angle! The sun was in our eyes.

Jedilynn is my very sweet, smart and motherly eight year old daughter who loves to do arts and crafts, cooking and baking, reading, coloring, doing her homework and even fun or extra educational exercises (paper or computer). She loves to help out with her two younger brothers. Jedilynn is also into Monster High, 1D (1 Direction), Justin Bieber, and so much more. Jedilynn owns a Nubi tablet and is always looking for new and fun games and things to do on there.

Cade is my sweet, strong willed four year old son. He loves cars, trains, trucks, books (story and search & find picture books), dinosaurs, chalk and pretty much all the other typical things that little boys like. Cade is a very smart little man who loves to paint and color and does both well for his age. He loves everyone piling into his bed for a bedtime story at the end of the day. Cade's favorite place is to be outside, whether just running around, playing in the sand box or the pool! Cade has severe texture and sensory issues creating a very limited diet for himself.

Ezio is my on the go, sassy three year old son who LOVES to mow down on delicious foods and snacks, but his food allergies have severely limited the things he can have. He is allergic to eggs, melon, peanuts, tree nuts, coconut, cinnamon and sesame seeds. His absolute favorite toy is a phone! Doesn't matter if it is an old/broken real home or cell phone or a toy phone. Ezio can be pretty mischievous, but isn't that just how boys and 3 year old's are?

I am a mother of three beautiful children who keep me on my toes. I am a self taught crafter, I love to sew and crochet and fabric is my dangerous addiction. Life can become very overwhelming, but I some how manage to keep things rolling. What amazes me is my ability to keep up with my three children, especially my youngest, my blog and my hobby of crocheting and sewing which I'm working on turning into a small business.

I have been blogging for three, yes 3 years now! Over the past three years I've worked with hundreds of companies. Thus bringing us over 30,000 amazing readers/followers and the numbers keep on growing.

As of April 23rd, 2015
Facebook - 11,619
Twitter - 10,768
Pinterest - 6,074
Instagram - 1,327


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  2. Hello,

    I stumbled upon your blog today and love the template! Can you please tell me the name of this template? Maybe a possible link to where you got it.....or anything that may help me find a template like this. I love the design....I love everything! thanks Gina g.chatterson@hotmail.com

    1. Hi Gina,

      Thank you! It's a free template offered from Blogger. I set it up so long ago, I can't remember where in blogger I found it. The banner, I created through Pixlr Editor and uploaded as a photo to my banner. Hope this kind of helps.