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2013 Rugby Championship – Teach your kids something new today!

Have you ever heard of a game called rugby? It’s a really fun sport, especially if you’ve seen a game being played. The rules are similar to games that are familiar to you (such as soccer or football). Two teams, with 15 players each, try to earn points by getting a ball across the opponent’s goal line or between their goalposts. However, in rugby, you can only throw the ball backwards!

Rugby is popular in countries such as Australia, England, Italy and Argentina. It’s watched by over 2 billion people worldwide, especially during world championships. Sam and Sofia, of Little Passports, have been watching the 2013 Rugby Championships and wanted to share some fun facts they have learned. There are many different rugby competitions each year- so don’t get confused! The Rugby Championship is an annual contest between the best rugby teams in the southern hemisphere – including Argentina, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand! Little Passports is here to help you learn more about these countries.

• The Argentinian national rugby team is nicknamed Los Pumas, and their emblem features a jaguar. It is the first year they have been included in this Championship.
• Argentina is the second largest country in South America.
• Argentina’s version of the tooth fairy is a small rat called “El Ratón Perez.”

• The Australian rugby team is named after the Wallaby, an animal that looks very similar to the Kangaroo.
• Scientists are closely watching a volcano called Big Ben. They believe it may be the next Australian volcano to erupt! The last volcanic eruption in Australia was over 5000 years ago at Mt. Gambier.
• The warmest months in Australia happen when we are having winter in the United States. This is because Australia is below the equator.

South Africa
• The South African rugby team is named the Springboks, which is also a small antelope found in West Africa.
• South Africa has 3 capital cities: Pretoria, Cape Town, and Bloemfontein.
• South Africa has 11 official languages, including Zulu, Afrikaans, Xhosa and English.

New Zealand
• New Zealand won the Rugby Championship last year in 2012. They are in the final match this year too!
• This country is over 100,000 square miles, roughly the size of Colorado.
• One of New Zealand’s popular animals is the kiwi bird, in part because it is native only to this country.

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The 2013 Rugby Championships will end this week! Will you be watching? 

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Guest Post - Top 10: Back to School Essentials for Students

Back to School...

The advent of school summer holidays necessarily means that September also creeps ever closer. Soon parents and teachers will be thinking about educational supplies. Students, too, will be deciding which new items of school stationary, and maybe art supplies, will be required for the academic year ahead.

Here, not necessarily in order of priority, is a checklist of essential items of school equipment for students:

1. Erasers - It is always best to buy a selection of good-quality erasers. Cheap ones just leave marks. Soft vinyl erasers are clean and very accurate to use. Remember, poster putty can also be used as a versatile and effective eraser.

2. Pencil sharpener – With some pencil sharpeners you can see the pencil tip as you sharpen, which really helps. A double sharpener is really useful too. Keeping blades clean will help them stay sharp and thus prolong the life of your sharpener.

3. Pencils and pens – Essential, of course, and some subjects will definitely have specific requirements. Buy good-quality items and build up your collection as you go.

4. Mathematics Scientific Calculator – Ensure you know the basic calculator functions and specifications your school would recommend. Then, go for a decent quality calculator with a good display and a robust outer case. Do not be tempted to go for increased specifications – some models are banned from exam rooms.

5. Ruler – A basic non-slip aluminum/plastic type ruler, which is see-through, is a good general buy, unless there are more specific requirements.

6. Pocket Dictionary – If there is no school recommendation, go for a recognized academic brand. ‘Pocket’ is a flexible description. Get the best workable trade-off between portability and function.

7. General Pencil Case – This will need to be substantial enough to contain the present collection of writing implements, with some room for expansion as the academic year progresses. The zip, or other fastening mechanism, should be sufficiently robust to withstand the rigorous of school life. A special clear plastic case will also be needed for exams.

8. Lever Arch Files – Think carefully about your needs and buy accordingly. Large volume types may not be very portable; some see-through types may be handy but too fragile to be practical.

9. Punched Pockets – You can never have enough of these useful items to preserve and display work, so buy plenty. There are different qualities available. The very flimsy types may not be durable enough for all student purposes.

10. Academic Diary – An essential organizer for projects, homework and for noting lesson requirements. Schools may specify particular sizes or brands. Otherwise, go for an A5 day-to-a-page type. There is always a wide choice of patterns and styles.

Heads of department and teaching staff will have collated orders for educational supplies in good time, ready for the new term. Likewise, arriving back at school with the all the necessary school stationary and equipment is a basic requirement for all students. This signals they are primed, focused and ready to engage in learning. If a class of students are ready to do this, the teacher-pupil relationship gets off to a flying start with everyone prepared to give their very best. Without distractions or hold-ups, teacher contact time can be used to address immediate subject priorities and promote a purposeful learning environment, maximizing the educational benefits for all students.

Article written by Christy Westwood.

Disclosure: I received no form of compensation for this publication. 

Guest Post: Get Hooked on Crochet with Five Easy Books!

For vintage chic or a vintage doily, the artful simplicity of crochet is easy to master with these top five DIY books.

Learning to crochet is a versatile skill; it can be used to make anything from accessories to furnishings, or even add a vintage-looking trim to a summer dress. The techniques are easy to pick up if you have access to a good tutorial, and DIY books help you learn the craft at your own pace and without paying for several lessons. Most offer step-by-step pictorial instructions and projects to ensure you keep progressing.

Learn to Crochet: Clear stitch diagrams and instructions, 20 simple projects to make
(Rowan Yarns, 2005) – £6.99
This portable-sized book is small enough to take anywhere, perfect for learning on the go or on holiday. The basics on how to hold a hook and yarn are shown step-by-step, as well as offering advice on what yarns, threads and sizes of hooks are suitable for different projects. Each stitch is laid out with diagrams and clear instructions accompanied by colour artwork. 'Learn to Crochet' also features 20 first time projects, such as accessories and clothing, taking you from easy to advanced to help you see results.

Crochet Unravelled: A Clear and Concise Guide to Learning Crochet
(Pottage Publishing, 2005) - £6.99
'Crochet Unravelled' combines step-by-step crochet patterns, which help you master each technique and put them together to develop the craft. The book includes tutorials on how to hold the hook and yarn, make basic stitches, understand patterns and even features an American conversion chart for patterns from the USA. 'Crochet Unravelled' is full of illustrations and 11 small projects to get you started, making it accessible for children as well as adults. It also has the added bonus of providing examples for both left- and right-handed crafters, which makes it unique and a must-have for the former!
by *Leanda

First Crochet
(Collins & Brown, 2011) – £7.99
This book describes itself as the 'ultimate beginners guide' to learning crochet. Combining clear instructions with modern step-by-step photographs, and even fold-out tabs with vital techniques, 'First Crochet' is ideal for quick reference. With a detailed explanation of the basics, such as how to hold a hook, this book then guides you through fundamental techniques of creating intricate patterns and individual effects. 'First Crochet' also contains over 20 projects to begin as soon as you have mastered the basics, including stylish scarves, bags and cushions.

The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Crochet: Learn to Crochet with More Than 30 Cool, Easy Patterns
(Watson-Guptill, 2008) – £12.99
The 'Chicks with Sticks Guide' boasts that 'anyone can learn to crochet in just a weekend'. The Chicks are not only informative; their anecdotes and wit make learning enjoyable at the same time. Leading you first through an introduction on the basic tools and materials, the book is then laid out in a range of lessons, each introducing different skills and new patterns to keep you progressing. Including over 30 contemporary projects to work on, ranging from belts to jumpers, this guide is best appreciated by those advanced beginners who have done a little crochet before or are re-learning the skill.

Crochet Workshop: Learn How to Crochet with 20 Inspiring Projects
(Quadrille Publishing, 2012) – £16.99
'Crochet Workshop' takes a comprehensive approach, building on techniques learnt in previous sections to produce more intricate weaves and designs. This book takes you from the absolute basics to completing its 20 projects, through colour photographs, images and helpful charts. As the title suggests, this book is a workshop, meaning you will see results as you progress. By the end you will have mastered a range of crochet techniques and have a nice selection of items to show for it! The projects begin with hats and scarves to help you accomplish the fundamental stitches, moving on to thicker weaves, such as laptop cases, before culminating in delicate lace crochet.

With advice and designs for beginners, these books are ideal to help you see results from your skills and will become a well-thumbed point of reference on your shelves. With so many accessible books to help you master the art of crochet, there is nothing stopping you from getting hooked!

This article was written by Jenny, a dedicated crafts blogger from Leeds.
Mami's 3 Little Monkeys was compensation for this publication. 

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Guest Post: Safety in the Toy Box

When you look at your child's bedroom or toy room, what do you see? Do you see endless hours spent playing creatively, or do you see a pile of choking hazards? Believe it or not, the toy box contains several dangers, if you aren't careful. To make sure play time never turns into tragedy, keep these safety tips in mind.

Safety Before You Open the Box

Toy safety starts when you're shopping. Make sure you look at the recommended ages on the toy. Sometimes these are developmental recommendations, but often, particularly if the age excludes the under-three crowd, they also represent a safety concern. If it says "Ages 3 and up," chances are it presents a choking hazard to little ones.
Inspect toys carefully, particularly if you are shopping at "discount" stores with manufacturers you don't know and trust. Look for toys with securely attached parts that look to be sturdy and have no sharp edges. Even brands you know and trust can have poorly made products that slip through, so give everything a careful check.
Lead paint is a very real danger, especially with toys made outside of the country where this is not regulated. Shop with reputable retailers and brands you trust, and purchase new toys instead of used ones, to avoid this problem.
If you're shopping for a toddler or baby, you'll need to consider a few additional safety issues. First, make sure the toys don't have any long strings that could wrap around the child's neck. Pull strings and other cords or straps should not be any longer than 12 inches. Also, avoid toys that have sharp points and rough edges for this age group, and watch for eyes and noses on plush toys that could be chewed off.

Know Common Choking Hazards

Everyone knows to cut up their children's hot dogs, or if they don't the little wiener dog hot dog cutters in the store will tell them, but believe it or not hot dogs are the least of your worries when it comes to choking hazards. Your toy box is also a dangerous culprit, especially if you have young babies and older children in the same home.
Some choking hazards are obvious, but others are less so. As you go through the toy room to eliminate hazards, know what you're looking for. The American Academy of Pediatricians indicates that anything that a child can fit in his mouth is a hazard, and common household items include:
  • Marbles and balls
  • Buttons
  • Coins
  • Lids to pens or markers
  • Batteries
  • Magnets
  • Balloons (which are small when deflated)
  • Small toy parts
  • Legos
Some of these items you may not realize are choking hazards at first. Batteries, for example, are well hidden inside toys. Yet, small button batteries can cause fatal injuries if swallowed, and kids are experts at getting toys open to access hidden compartments. Make sure all toys are properly protected, and get rid of broken toys quickly. Also, if you have a small toy you are unsure about, see if it will fit through a toilet paper roll tube. If it can, it's a choking hazard.

Store Toys Safely

Another way that toys can be dangerous is if they are not stored properly. Most parents struggle with the fact that their children own an overwhelming amount of toys. When you start looking for places to store them, the logical answer may seem to be shelves stacked to the ceiling. Yet this creates a hazard, because small children can try to climb these shelves, which can then topple on them, leading to severe injury or even death.
Instead, choose sturdy, low shelves that children can reach without climbing. Assume that kids will try to climb even if the shelves are low, so opt for shelves that are heavy enough not to topple or light enough not to injure a child if they do. Add even more safety by attaching them to the wall using wall brackets.
If you're going to store toys in bins, make sure they have non-locking lids and vent holes. You'll never know when your child is going to decide to hide in that bin, and you don't want a toddler or preschooler to get stuck inside and suffocate.
If you have a mix of ages in your home, chances are your older kids will have toys that aren't safe for their younger siblings. To avoid a problem, store these on a higher shelf, preferably in a closet or cabinet where they aren't enticing to the younger ones. Keep tabs on what your kids get out to play with, and ensure that they put every piece away when they are done. If you have the space, have a dedicated play area for these small toys, such as Legos, that is closed off for the younger children. Your older children should be mature enough to understand the dangers these small toys pose, so enlist their help in keeping things picked up.
Remember, toys should be fun, not dangerous. If you follow these tips and supervise your children's play well, you can ensure that they are able to enjoy playing without worry for many years to come.

Nicole Harms is a concerned mother, freelance writer and contributor to the Ross Feller Casey, LLP blog.

Guest Post: How to Throw an Unforgettable Baby Shower

The arrival of a new life into the world is an event worthy of celebration, and a baby shower is such a celebration. A well planned baby shower celebrates the life about to arrive by treating the mom-to-be to a fun afternoon full of games, food and presents. Read below for some useful tips to employ when planning an unforgettable baby shower:

Location, Location, Location:

When you begin the planning process of a baby shower, the first step is choosing an ideal location. Of course, the choice of locations will greatly depend on the party budget and the size of the guest list.
Common locations for baby showers are family members or friends' homes, church fellowship halls, voting precincts, or office meeting rooms. If you want to think outside-the-box, consider a restaurant, spa or outdoor garden for the shower location.
Be sure to keep in mind how many people will be attending. You don't want to jam 30 people into someone's living room, yet you don't want more room than you need either or the party will seem poorly attended. Therefore, you must strike a fine balance, keeping in mind the amount of guests at all times.


After choosing a location and finalizing the guest list, your next crucial step in planning a baby shower is selecting a theme. Of course, traditionally, baby showers are themed with either blue or pink colors and decor featuring diapers, pacifiers, baby bottles, storks or other animals such as giraffes. However, if you want to go outside the box, consider one of the following ideas:
Team Themed: This is perfect for the mom-to-be who is a big fan of a certain team. Utilize the team's colors and the school mascot.
Shower Themed: Use clouds, rain drops and umbrellas in the party décor. Paper clouds with rain drops hanging down or umbrellas for place mats are all ideas to use with this theme. It is perfect for a boy because you can use blue clouds and such. However, you can easily alter this for a girl by using pink for umbrellas.
Bird Themed: Bird everything is hot right now. You can do this in pink or blue, utilizing all types of birds including the popular owl.
Rustic Themed: Bark, leaves and nature, think cameo or western depending on the style preferences of the mom-to-be.
Rubber Duck Themed: This is a twist on the standard animal themes. You can use rubber ducks for place settings along with wash tubs. To make a great centerpiece, use clear plastic balls for fake "bubbles" in your tub along with a few rubber ducks.
White Themed: For a modern look, decorate using only white. White balloons, streamers, place settings, cake and everything. This is a clean minimalist look for the modern mom-to-be.
Bumblebee Themed: This super cute theme utilizing bees is a great shower idea when the gender of the baby is unknown. Decorate using yellow and black with "what will it bee" script written on various items.
Time Themed: This is also a great way to reveal the gender of the baby. Decorate using antique clocks and anything else related to time. On a framed photo, have the saying, "It's time. Boy or girl, which will it be? When the clock strikes 1:00, we all will see" printed to tie the theme to the baby's gender reveal.
Nautical Themed: This is a classic theme for decorating rooms, but it's not often used as decor for a baby shower. However, it is a great idea for outdoor parties or a baby shower welcoming a boy, thanks to its blue and yellow color scheme. Incorporate sail boat replicas, anchors galore and even sails or netting to complete the look.


The next step in ensuring a great baby shower experience is coming up with a few games or forms of entertainment for guests to participate in while attending the shower. Most of us know about the popular shower game that prohibits the utterance of the word "baby." If the word slips out, you lose your pin, and whoever keeps their pin and gathers a few more wins a prize. We also know about the ever-present shower game where guests attempt to guess the circumference of a mom-to-be's belly with yarn. However, the following ideas are some not-so-common ideas for party entertainment:
Guess the Baby Photo: In the invitation, ask guests to bring along a baby photo of themselves. Pass around the photos at some point during the party and have each guest try to guess which baby photo belongs to which guest. This is a simple ice-breaker type of game that wont take too long and isn't difficult to understand.
Guess that Song: Make a mixed CD of songs that include the word baby. Have guests guess who sings the song and its title. This CD can double as a party gift if you make enough copies for everyone to take one home. Be sure to label the CD with the mom-to-be's name and the date. You can utilize a label maker that will allow you to easily personalize these CDs.
Share the Wisdom: In many cases, women attending a baby shower will already have experience being a mom. Purchase a well-made book with blank pages and write on the top of each sheet, "What I wish I had known about motherhood." Pass the book around throughout the shower and ask the experienced moms to share their wisdom. At the end of the party, the mom-to-be will have a keepsake she will treasure for years to come.

Samantha Hunt works at eInvite, an online retailer of wedding invitations, stationery, bar and bat mitzvah invitations, save-the-dates, birthday party invitations, and other custom paper goods.

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Divorce Rates in the U.S.

I greatly appreciate the fact that the rate of divorce for couples with children is less then the rate of couples without children. It is nice to see evidence that couples are probably trying to make things work instead of breaking their children's hearts. Divorce is not only hard on the couple, but also their children.

Honestly, I am quite surprised that the divorce rate greatly increases the more times your married and divorced. To me it always seemed as thought the first marriages where the worst and often end, but I also thought that the second or third marriages were solid and lasted. And apparently, just be uber cautious of who you would like to marry if your an Oklahoma resident.

While it is a fact that divorce rates in the US are lessening and even if I were in a committed relationship still, I would not get married until after many many years! The thing about rushing into marriage, even a few years of dating prior is that people change! You start to see more and more true colors and the way a person really is when you move in together apposed to dating and living separately, then once you've settled into the same house together, you both open up a little more and more things start to creep out. When you've committed to becoming engaged to one another there is another level of comfort in which most people will change a little more. Once your married it's like most people become 100% comfortable, letting out their true self in full. I'm not saying everyone pretends to be someone different and honestly often times you don't even realize that you do so. Some people become more lazy, less polite or just plain old crabby. This is not me saying that this is the only thing that can lead to divorce as I know that is not true, but this all definitely the first thing everyone should watch closely and just be yourself from the beginning of your relationship. Don't try to be someone you are not just to impress a person of interest, be yourself. If they can not accept you for who you are then you deserve someone better them.

Have you been divorced? If so how many times?

Disclosure: This publication is a sponsored post, the info-graphic was given to me by the sponsor, the wording below it is all my own words.

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Guest Post: How to Help Your Child Choose a Sport

Sports are an excellent way to boost a child's self-esteem, develop coordination, learn valuable teamwork skills and keep fit. Thus, sports activities for children should be an integral part of any lifestyle and as we will see a bit later, the benefits can also directly affect a child's aptitude for learning and intellectual growth.

Different Sports for Different Abilities

One of the greatest advantages of sports games is the fact that there are literally hundreds of different activities to choose from. These will directly correlate with a child's athletic prowess and physical abilities. Each child will have a unique goal and this should be catered to as best as possible. For example, a young boy may wish to excel in basketball while a girl may instead show a keen interest in dancing or gymnastics. The main goal is to listen to these desires and encourage such enthusiasm. This is important, for each child will display their own level of athletic prowess. Supporting these dreams will give children the necessary confidence to put forth the necessary amounts of effort.

Success Measured by Observable Results

Another key aspect of all sports activities for children are the simple fact that success or failure is much more palpable than in other areas of life. Scoring a goal or winning a karate competition are milestones in a child's life that will help to instil a great deal of pride and a sense of personal achievement. However, there are also important lessons to be learned in regards to humility when dealing with loss. These tools will directly correlate to a child being better equipped to deal with real-life situations when he or she becomes an adult. Also, teamwork and a healthy competitive nature are all but essential in the real world and learning these attributes can help a child to understand the importance of group progress and goal setting.

Sports Inside and Outside of a Scholastic Environment

As mentioned earlier, there are a host of activities to choose from. Thankfully, some sports games are not gender-specific. Some examples of these can be:
  • Bowling
  • Swimming
  • Track
  • Golf
  • Karate
These can be enjoyed by both sexes and can be learned at very early ages. Obviously, sports such as wrestling, football, boxing and basketball are generally be classified by gender.

Sports such as baseball, football, track, basketball and swimming can most likely be enjoyed in a scholastic environment. More unique choices such as karate, golf and bowling will most likely be found in extracurricular programmes. Nonetheless, these sports are still quite valid options when supervised by trained professionals.

Personality is Important

Another consideration that parents and educators should take note of is the fact that a specific sport will tend to correlate to the personality of a child. Children that are more solitary by nature can find immense enjoyment in activities such as weightlifting or golf, as there is little need for teamwork. More gregarious children will obviously be more keen to participate in team-oriented activities such as baseball or football. Each position should be encouraged, as the child will find a greater satisfaction playing a sport that he or she feels comfortable with.

Applications to the Learning Process

As mentioned earlier, performance and a sense of achievement will frequently lead to scholastic achievement. Children’s sports help youngsters to learn about the importance of key values such as honesty, teamwork, fair play, respect for themselves and others, and  adherence to rules. Plus research shows it helps to improve the learning performance of children, encourages school attendance and a desire to succeed academically. The value of the educational benefits of sport should not be under-estimated.
So, it is easy to see that choosing the right sport will have a notable impact on a child's overall development. Encouraging his or her desires, fostering healthy levels of competition and adopting a hands-on interest in a child's choices will all enable the child to excel both inside and outside of a scholastic atmosphere. 

Guest writer Carl Pandini blogs about sport and education for Davies Sports, a PE Sports equipment supplier in the UK.

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Hauck Toys manufactures fun, innovative products for boys and girls of all ages. Megan from Housewife on a Mission was sent a Superman Go Kart to review from Grand Touring Baby. Grand Touring Baby, if you don't know, is the official domestic distributor for Hauck, i'coo and Hauck Toy products in Canada and the USA! To read Megan's full review the Superman Go Kart, GO HERE.

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Bloggers Wanted! Baby's Arrival in Style Event

Babies, babies and more babies are on their way all around us!!!!
The Andersons Angels & The Mi Savings Mama Families are both expecting new members!!!!
So we have decided to celebrate by hosting this Giveaway!!!!

Event: Baby's Arrival in Style Event
Dates: November 1 - 22, 2013
Hosted By: Andersons Angels & Mi Savings Mama

Sponsors Participating so Far: 
(This list will be updated as sponsors come in)
bbfl - Mommy/Delivery Bag (ARV $120)
Tiny Love - Starry Night mobile (ARV $69.99)
PinkBlush Maternity - $25 Gift Certificate (ARV $25)
bump babies - 2 shirts (ARV $84)
JuJu band - Belly Binder (ARV $14.99)
Bamboobies - Multi-Pack (ARV $29.99)

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Bloggers Wanted! Viva Las Vegas 4D3N Giveaway!

Prize Package includes:
 4 day and 3 night accommodations at a 3+ star hotel on the strip in Las Vegas, NV for 2 adults!
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YumEarth Organic Pops Giveaway US 10/10

YumEarth Halloween Giveaway 

Hosted by Pea of Sweetness

Sponsored by YumEarth

YumEarth Halloween

With Trick or Treat around the corner many kids will come home with buckets full of candies with food dyes, preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, and other harmful ingredients. YumEarth organic pops offer a safer alternative that taste great, too! YumEarth organic pops have 100% Daily Vitamin C per serving! They are certified Organic, have real fruit extracts, are kosher, and have no gluten, tree-nuts, peanuts, GMO’s, dairy, soy, or artificial colors/dyes. 

See what Emilee at Pea of Sweetness had to say in her full YumEarth organic pops review.

About the prize: One lucky winner will receive a a bag of YumEarth organic pops
About the giveaway: This giveaway begins on 9/26 and ends on 10/10 at 11:00pm (times are Central) and is open to US residents ages 18+. All entries are optional. Please refer to the full terms and conditions in the Giveaway Tools.

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Chuggingtons' "Are you a SuperStacker?" Contest US/CAN (minus Quebec) 10/6

Chuggington Fans! 
Are you a SuperStacker? You're invited to show off your best build for a chance to be featured in NYC's Time Square! You may build with track you already own, no purchase is necessary to be eligible for this contest. However, please note Chuggington StackTrack must have been purchased prior to this contest start date of September 24, 2013 at 12:01am CDT in order to be used in this contest.
So if you have a SuperStacker in your house then this is the perfect contest for you! 
This contest is open NOW through October 6, 2013! 

(You can also view the complete rules for this contest through the link above)

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Kidz Gear Giveaway Event US/CAN 10/10

Every Kid that tries them ends up Loving them. Jay @Crafty Spices is giving you the opportunity to win your color choice of Kidz Gear headphones together with a carry bag and a Stereo Headphone splitter. For Jay's full review click Here

This giveaway will begin on Thursday, September 26th at 12:00am and ends on Thursday, October 10th at 12:00am.

Enter the rafflecopter for a chance to Win.

This giveaway is open to US and Canada Residence, void where prohibited. The winner will receive prize as indicated above shipped to winner directly from Kidz Gear.

Disclosure: Jay @Crafty Spices did receive a product for free and is sharing her opinion with you.  Her opinion may differ from yours. Crafty Spices and Mami's 3 Little Monkeys are not responsible for sponsor prize shipment. Winner(s) will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours after the giveaway ends to respond before another winner is selected.  All entries will be verified. 

Good Luck

Guest Post: Children and Food Allergies

 It can be difficult (not to mention scary) when you discover that your child has a food allergy, but it’s actually quite common. The Center for Disease Control estimates that about 4-6% of U.S. children under the age of 18 have food related allergies. A very small number of foods even account for the vast majority of allergic reactions (an estimated 90%); these include: Cow’s milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soybeans, nuts, and wheat.
It’s needless to say that consistently reading food labels becomes essential once your child has a known food allergy. And although it isn’t always easy, it’s possible to protect your kids, but what about other children? In situations where you find yourself entertaining youngsters for a birthday party or bringing snacks to a soccer game, you may have to take careful consideration of the foods you provide. Below are a few tips and substitution ideas about cooking for kids with allergies. 

RSVP for allergies.
Always get a head count of attendees with allergies. Whether it’s a family get together or you’re the team mom, it’s essential that you know what people are allergic to. This way, you can provide several alternatives for those with allergies, prevent cross contamination, or avoid certain foods altogether.

Make it from scratch.
Preparing recipes from scratch gives you full reign of the ingredients used. There are tons of kid-friendly recipes that don’t use common food allergens, or can be made with substitutes. For example, a lot of snack bars contain nuts. Try homemade popcorn bars instead, with granola, dried fruit, and honey. By using fresh (or more specifically uncontaminated) ingredients, you can have more control over what your children are eating.

Don’t forget the nutrients.
Preventing allergic reactions is one thing, but ensuring that your kids are eating well-balanced diets is another entirely. It may take a little research, but it is essential to find nutrient-rich substitutes. Vitamins and supplements for children are good, but they won’t make up for the loss of entire food groups. Below is a starter kit of substitution tips. Look for recipes and treats that feature these alternatives.

Substitution Tips
Citrus Allergies: this allergy can be especially unfortunate as children are often more willing to eat fruits than veggies. With high amounts of vitamin c, citrus fruits are a tangy alternative to sugary snacks. However, there are not only numerous citrus free fruits, but a variety of vegetables that contain comparable amounts of vitamin-c and calcium. Non-citrus fruits include: Guavas, Papayas, Mango, Kiwis, Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Apples and Tomatoes.

Milk Allergies: this allergy may be a little more difficult to cope with. You have to be especially cognizant of ingredients because many soy products still contain diary. But that being said, almond milk, rice milk, oat milk and many soy milks make comparable substitutions of cow’s milk.

Egg Allergies: egg allergies are more common in children than adults and, unfortunately, there are fewer substitution options for eggs. Beware of “egg substitute” products, because they still contain egg. Instead look for egg replacements, and find creative ways to alter recipes.

Chocolate Allergy: Intolerance to chocolate is linked to the cacao bean. Although less common, this allergy is just as serious as more prominent ones. Carob is a very popular substitute for chocolate. It’s also caffeine-free making it an even better alternative for the little ones.

Peanut and Tree Nut Allergies: Trace amounts of peanuts and other tree nuts are found in a lot prepared food products. For this type of allergy, reading labels is particularly crucial. Aside from nuts, you may want to avoid vegetable oil and some natural flavorings. When cooking or baking, sunflower butter is a great substitute for peanut butter. Hummus is also a protein packed substitute that’s great for snacking.

Wheat Allergy: gluten intolerance has become quite prevalent in recent years, but luckily there is a wide variety of substitutes, gluten-free recipes and products. If you do a lot you of baking for your family, try rice or almond flour; just keep in mind that gluten-free flours are drier and may not rise as much.

Author Bio: Brittany writes about frugal living and family nutrition on behalf of Orville Redenbacher’s. For more on healthy snack recipes and seasonal treats, visit Giveaway Event WW 10/14

Classes You Value Giveaway Event
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guzzie + Guss Rocker US/CAN 10/10

Welcome to the guzzie + Guss Rocker giveaway, hosted by Thrifty Nifty Mommy & Housewife on a Mission!

Thrifty Nifty Mommy recently had the opportunity to review this rocker.
You can click here to read her review.

Rocker Description:
A modern look at the rocker; guzzie+Guss have brought a sleek and modern design to the traditional infant chair. The G+G401 Rock is easily folded down flat for storage or transport. With 3 position recline, cotton body hugger, and the cool factor, your infant will be rocking out with our newest addition to the guzzie+Guss line up. This rocker comes in 4 fun colors: Charcoal, Red, Aqua, & Pebbles.
To find out more about guzzie + Guss, Visit the guzzie + Guss website then make sure you like guzzie + Guss on Facebook and follow them on Twitter at @guzzie+Guss

One lucky person is going to win a guzzie + Guss Rocker!
Open to the US and Canada only.  Ends 10/10/13 at 11:59 PM EST.
Enter using the Giveaway Tools form below. Good luck!
Disclosures: This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Thrifty Nifty Mommy and the participating bloggers have not been compensated for hosting this giveaway, nor are they responsible for prize fulfillment. Giveaway is open to residents of the  US & Canada, age 18+. Giveaway will close at 11:59PM EST on 10/10/13. One (1) winner will be selected randomly from all eligible entries.