Tuesday, November 27, 2012

ColorTime Crafts & Markers (ARV $16.55) US 12/11

Colortime Crafts and Markers™. 
Many of you may know them from their days at the Cotton Warehouse on Long Island in the early 90's. The Warehouse was a gathering spot for Wearable Art creativity. In addition to offering garment blanks and trimmings, our classroom hosted Colortime Crafts and Markers™, which they developed for birthday parties, scouts, and camps.

Their customers were always asking if they could take some Colortime Crafts and Markers™ with them when they were visiting. So they realized they had a wonderfully creative and positive wearable art concept that children and adults can do and enjoy anywhere. Their customers kept coming back and telling them how easy, clean and fun it was to create Colortime Crafts™.

The rest is history. Since 1990 over 2 million children and adults throughout the country have enjoyed Colortime Crafts And Markers ™ and proudly display their keepsakes. So make your next event one that will be seen and talked about for a long time.

We recieved two ColorTime Crafts & Markers Recycle Canvas Tote Bags and three Fabric Markers (Green, Blue & Yellow). ARV $16.55.

Jedilynn colored one of the bags and then she had great grandma "sign" the back of the bag... then Cade, my two year old... decided he was going to color over sissy's beautiful bag... Thankfully I didn't have Cade color the second bag just yet, so now Jedilynn can color the blank one and Cade can have the one that they both colored. 
Jedilynn absolutely loves arts and crafts! This was a great thing for her to color and personalize to her own liking over the weekend. She is also a bag freak! She loves bags, whether she uses them to carry things around the house, store craft supplies and unfinished projects in or even as an overnight bag as she spends most weekends away from home at grandma's, great grandma's or auntie's house. 
We took a trip to Target after she finished coloring her recycled tote bag and I was so proud of her when she asked the cashier to put her items in her new tote bag instead of a plastic grocery store bag! We have not made the switch to reusable grocery bags yet so to me that was a big step in the right direction! In school they are learning about recycling, natural resources and other similar subjects so having her color this recycled tote bag from Colortime Crafts was perfect timing! While coloring she would tell me things they have learned, not only was this a great thing for her to color and be able to personalize, but it helped her "remember" some things they have learned about and things they have done in school/class. Most days when she comes home and I ask her what she learned or what she did in school she often say, "I forgot" or "Nothing", which I know is not the full truth, but for a 1st grader the school day is very long and by the end of the day, I'm sure I'd reply the same as her and I'm sure other children do as well. 

Thank you Colortime Craft we really loved these Recycled Tote Bags and it was a great bonding time for Jedilynn and I as I have two younger boys who often take up too much of mommy's. :)

Colortime Crafts and Markers would make amazing Christmas and Birthday presents!
Their products: T-Shirts, Pillow Cases, Tote Bags, Kid's Backpacks,  Slumber Party Bandanas, Girl Scouts, Eco Bags & Head Wraps, don't forget the permanent Fabric Markers! 

 Connect with Colortime Crafts and Markers! 

PURCHASE these Recycled Tote Bags $4.75 ea & Fabric Markers $2.35 ea!!
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GIVEAWAY! Enter to win your own Colortime Package containing 1 Recycled Tote Bags and 3 Fabric Markers, $11.80 value through the Rafflecopter form below. This giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on 12/11/13. 
 ALSO! Each week Colortime Crafts and Markers will randomly draw 3 lucky FANS who will receive a special craft package, which includes a Colortime color-your-own "Recycle Tote Bag" and three special permanent Colortime FABRIC MARKERS. All you have to do to be eligible is to "like" and become a fan of Colortime Crafts and Markers on Facebook. So in a way, you will be entering TWO giveaways at ONCE! :)

Disclaimer: I received the above package in exchange for our honest review of Colortime Craft and Markers. I was not compensated in any other way. Mami's 3 Little Monkeys is NOT responsible for prizes not fulfilled by sponsors, winners who have not received their product w/in 6-8 weeks at the most is more then welcome to contact me!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jewelry Candles Giveaway! TWO WINNERS! US 12/2

Giveaway sponsored by Elitemama
Jewelry Candles was inspired by the famous classic movie, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Instead of having golden tickets inside of a chocolate bar, you will find jewelry in all natural soy candles. 
Inside of all the candles there is a hidden jewel that can be worth anywhere from $10 to $7,500. You could find a ring, necklace, pendant, bracelet, or even a pair of earrings. You never know what you will get inside of your candle, but you will always find a gorgeous piece of jewelry.
Jewelry Candles are made with 100% natural soy and premium quality fragrances are used so they all smell great. The candles are huge! They are 21 oz and have a burn time anywhere from 110 hours to 150 hours so you get a lot of bang and fragrance for your buck. Each candle is hand poured with love from Louisville, Kentucky.

Elitemama's Review:
The best part about the Fall season is the beautiful smells. The smell of the leaves fill the air as they hit the ground and the air becomes crisp. Fall is the perfect season to have your scented candles going. The joy of filling your house with fall scents gives you a warm feeling inside. Well, for me it does =)
The candle I received for review was the Pumpkin Spice candle. 
The Pumpkin Spice candle smells amazing! When I had opened the candle for the first time, the smell right away reminded me of pumpkin pie. My husband loves the smell of the candle. The smell traveled from one room to another leaving a heavenly pumpkin smell lingering in the house. There times where I had walked outside, stepped back in the house and I could smell the candle. The candle is not over-powering, pungent, or harsh. It gives your senses the illusion that you are actually making some pumpkin pie.
Well, after about 2 hours or so, the goodies started become visible in the candle.
The corner picture on the top left shows you the ring wrapped in the plastic baggie. I tried getting a picture of the foil showing through the wax when it was in the candle, but my phone was being weird, lol. Anyways, once I removed the ring from the little baggie, I rinsed the ring off because it was covered in wax. There was no issue cleaning it because the wax was still moist so it was easy to maintain. 
Once the ring was cleaned, it was beautiful! As you can see from the pictures above, it has a blue gem in the center and then there is a leaf like design on the side. The gem, depending on the lighting and how you look at it can either look blue, black or purple. The details on the side like I said looks like a leaf and when you look closely at it, you can see little diamonds in it. It is a gorgeous ring!

There will be two winners! One winner will receive a mystery Jewelry Candle and the second winner will receive a mystery jewel from Jewelry Candles. To enter, fill out the rafflecopter form below. You must be 18 years or older to enter. Giveaway begins 11/18 and ends 12/2. Open to the United States only. 

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops Review & $500 CVS GC US 12/21


  Ulysses S. Grant was President, the population of America hovered at 39 million, and the telephone was still a pipe dream, when in 1870 J. Herman Pine hung out a confectionery shingle on 8th Street above Walnut in Philadelphia and, along with his brother, sold their first batch of what they called 'Pine Brothers Glycerine Tablets.' In an attempt to relieve his own sore throat and those of his family members, Mr. Pine, a former German confectionery maker, determined that by combining the soothing natural qualities of glycerin with the healing properties of gum acacia, he could sooth and mitigate the mild discomfort of a sore throat. Add in some natural flavoring and a sweetener and voila, Pine Brothers Softish Throat Drops were born. "I have discovered something," Pine wrote, "which will give quick throat relief to thousands afflicted as I was." He added,"Perhaps I won't make much money out of this. But I can make people happy, and that's more important than money." Mr. Pine was being unduly modest, as his "discovery" would become one of the most successful, most delicious and most unique throat lozenges in the world. Nor has the recipe changed appreciably since it was first introduced to the public over 140 years ago.

In 1930, Pine Brothers was sold to the Life Savers Company and continued to flourish. Known for its 'soft drop consistency,' Pine Brothers lozenges became a favorite of adults and children alike. The product, which attracted healthiest sales in the eastern and northern states, due to its icy winters, reached its peak popularity in the 1970's. The company was sold by Life Savers, and then, having been re-sold and acquired a number of times, found itself essentially rudderless and under appreciated; this despite a legion of loyal consumers. Cost cutting changes were made to the original recipes, packaging became stale and marketing non-existent; Pine Brothers began to be made overseas. Sales declined.
Recently, Pine Brothers was acquired by the creator and former owner of Airborne, Victoria Knight-McDowell, for her new company 3 Sisters Home Products™. Much time and effort has been spent locating the original Pine Brothers recipes, redesigning the packaging, and creating an exciting yet classic new look. Pine Brothers is once again being made in America, and was launched nationally in fall 2011. And indeed, old Mr. Pine has succeeded yet again in "making people happy."

We received 24 packages of Pine Bros. Softish Throat Drops in Natural Honey and Wild Cherry flavors (ARV $83.76).  

Both the Natural Honey and Wild Cherry flavored drops are Gluten Free and are only 5 calories each! They are available in twist top containers and stay fresh pouches, however, the pouches are not resealable/reclosable and the throat drops are not individually wrapped.

Pine Brother's Softish throat Drops - Natural Honey

Pine Brother's Softish Throat Drops - Wild Cherry

My favorite are the Wild Cherry, the flavor is not as intense as some other cough drops, but more pleasant then the over whelming flavor. The drops are definitely soft and chewy, however you not to chew the drops, but rather allow them to melt in your mouth. If you chew them (or any cough/throat drop) then it will not get the chance to relieve your sore throat as it will be swallowed as chunks instead of just being swallowed with your saliva. 

I feel comfortable giving these to Jedilynn when she has a sore throat, if she were to accidentally swallow it whole, I personally feel it would be better then if she were to swallow a whole square cough drop or hard cough drop.

Pine Bro's also has one NEW flavor! Lemon-Citrus, coming out in 2013
And Licorice, but only limited quantities are aavailable this holiday season. 
My mom seen the little card that came with my box of throat drops and searched my entire box for the Licorice ones.   

These softish throat drops are safe for children three year of age to adult, contact a doctor for children under three years old. These throat drops are processed in the same plant as peanuts and tree nuts. 

PURCHASE your self and your family Pine Bro's Softish Throat Drops online HERE!
You can purchase them at THESE STORES! 

 Enter to win a $500 CVS Pharmacy Gift Card through Pine Bro's Facebook! ENTER HERE!!
Ends: Dec. 21st Open to: US 18+
(This giveaway is in NO way related with or sponsored by Mami's 3 Little Monkeys, therefore, we are NOT responsible for anything ppertaining to the giveaway. Thank you and good luck!)


Connect with Pine Bro's
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Magic Warble (eBook) Giveaway! 3 Winners! WW 12/15

Victoria was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, to an Austrian immigrant mother, and a Dutch immigrant father. She now lives in Western Washington with her husband, Russ and their three children, Toby, Kristina, and William. Her other family members are a Chihuahua, named Pipsy and two cats, named Frodo and Fritz. Besides being an author, Victoria is a home-schooling mother of twelve years and an elementary school art teacher of eleven years. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys managing her two older children's Celtic band. She also loves writing, reading, painting watercolors, hiking, good movies, and just simply hanging out with her family and friends.

 Dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and an evil queen – all these and more can be found in The Magic Warble, an enchanting tale of adventure and friendship. Join Kristina on this perilous journey to save the land of Bernovem from the evil Queen Sentiz


Twelve-year-old Kristina Kingsly feels like the most unpopular girl in her school. The kids all tease her, and she never seems to fit in. Bu t when Kristina receives an unusual Christmas gift, she suddenly finds herself magically transported to the land of Bernovem, home of dwarfs, gnomes, fairies, talking animals, and the evil Queen Sentiz.

 In Bernovem, Kristina not only fits in, she’s honored as “the chosen one” the only one who can release the land from Queen Sentiz’s control. But it’s not as simple as it seems. To save Bernovem, she must place the gift she was given, the famous “Magic Warble” in its final resting place. And she must travel through the deep forest, climb a treacherous mountain, and risk capture by the queen’s “zelbocks” before she reaches her destination. Guided by her new fairy friends, Clover and Looper and by Prince Werrien, a teenage boy, as well as an assortment of other characters, Kristina sets off on a perilous journey that not only tests her strength but her heart.

The Magic Warble has 267 pages with one to two pictures per chapter. This book is a middle-grade read, for ages 9-13.  

Connect with Victoria (the Author):

PURCHASE your copy of The Magic Warble on AMAZON
Paperback $16.95
Kindle Edition $2.99

ENTER to win one of three copies of The Magic Warble eBook through the rafflecopter form below. There will be 3 WINNERS! Giveaway is open WW and ends 12/15.
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