Monday, July 8, 2013

Get Organized with YouCopia BakeStack ($39.99ARV) Review & Giveaway US 7/10-7/17

YouCopia believes that the home should work, so you can play, which means if every item has a place and every space has a purpose, your home is working for you. In 2006, Mark and Lauren Greenwood, a father-daughter duo founded YouCopia. Mark is an inventor with over 30 years of experience in housewares, hardware, pet and juvenile industries and has worked with product engineer Brian McLain to design and develop a concept that would be above and beyond the traditional meaning of a "spice rack".

YouCopia BakeStack

 YouCopia's BakeStack the only one of a kind in-cabinet organizer for baking accessories and tools. The BakeStack includes 18 easy-fit drawer dividers that provide hundreds of possible drawer configurations. BakeStack helps save you room in your cabinets, pantry and drawers by helping you organize and store all your sprinkles, icing, candles, cake tops, cookie cutters and more in three customizable drawers. No worry or stress of having to try and fit certain things in certain spaces and spots with this organizer as you get to customize each drawer yourself. 

Not in need of organizing baking supplies? It would also be a organizer for arts & crafts, scrap-booking, sewing and office supplies!

BakeStack will fit in all standard cabinets and it measures 10.9"D x 8.1"W x 8.1"H. The 18 drawer dividers included are, 3 vertical, 6 small horizontal, 3 each medium, large and x-large horizontal pieces. Multiple BakeStacks and other units can be stack on top of each other and they have non-skid feet to hold securely in place. There is no assembly required, aside from customizing your drawers how you'd like them. 

I often "lose" baking supplies as they get pushed behind other stuff and the children think they belong in the pantry playing with and rearranging everything. So I often have to rearrange my pantry and search high and low, front and back for things I need. 

I didn't think the large 8oz container of white sprinkles was going to fit, I thought it would be too large and not allow the drawer to close. I was pleasantly surprised when the drawer did in fact close very nicely! I love how I was able to customize each space in the drawer to fit the specific items I have and didn't have to leave anything out due to it not fitting in an already made slot.We had a ton more sprinkles, but through out the school year Jedilynn and I had great fun making and decorating cookies for her classmates.

Every now and then we will make Jello molds and such, if Cade sees the boxes of Jelly he HAS to have Jello right away, so this is a neat little hiding place for them. 

We have two packs of Holiday themed cupcake wrappers, which fit perfectly into the BakeStack. The Halloween stack has to have at least 100 wrappers and once again to my surprise they fit perfectly and allowed the drawer to close smoothly. 

I think my baking shelf looks so much better! There is also a bag of flour, sugar and some Among Friends Baking Mixes behind the boxes of mixes. The YouCopia BakeStack, fits perfectly on my pantry shelf and there is even room on top, which is where I ended up moving my large mixture of sprinkles and my frosting to. Helped clear up even more room. My baking shelf is a good 6" or more above my head, I really love how the drawers not only pull out, but then they also come down to steep slant for easy viewing of your items inside with out spilling out! 

Yes, my labels are most definitely written in orange crayon! I guess that is how classy you get to be with two toddlers and a 2nd grader. Seems like crayons is all I can ever find to write with. I'm not sure how long the bottom drawer will stay dedicated to holding cupcake papers/wrappers, but the great thing is, 18 labels came with this awesome 3 drawers BakeStack! More then enough to change labels if and when we need to! 

Our BakeStack is pretty empty, but Jedilynn and I had a lot of fun baking and decorating cookies and such through out this last school year. We will definitely need to stock up on some more baking supplies and I think we'll try some icing tools as well! 2nd grade baking will be so much fun! 

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One lucky reader will have a chance at winning their own YouCopia BakeStack in the Christmas in July Giveaway Hop HERE! Giveaway is open to US residents whom are at least 18 years of age at time of entrance, giveaway will begin on July 10th at 12am and run until July 17th at 11:59pm.
Good Luck! 

Do you bake often? Do you have lots of baking supplies you could use this BakeStack to organize?
Not a baker? What else would you organize with this Bake Stack?

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  1. I love to bake and love to play with spices. I've got bottles, boxes and pots of flavors, colors, tips and more. This is a GREAT idea and product!

    1. I wish I had as much as you do! Sounds like you could use this a lot more then me.

  2. I LOVE to bake & cook & I would definitely use this to organize my baking supplies. This would also be a great craft supply keeper for all the things my grandchildren use!

  3. I do bake, more so in the cooler months and around the holidays. I also love to make ice cream sundaes in the warm months, so the sprinkles etc... would also be a perfect fit for items I'd put on a sundae.

    1. I've always wanted to make ice cream sundaes and such for my family, but the ice cream is usually eaten by it's self before I have the chance! :/

  4. I don't bake.I'd use this for my K-Cups.I won a Keurig so I'm going to go buy some coffee K-Cups I like.This rack is so cool.

    1. If you take a look on they actually have something very similar to this specifically for K-Cups! Pretty awesome! ;)