Friday, July 19, 2013

#rockyourblog Strawberries Please!

Yes, strawberries are my absolute most favorite summer fruit! Next would be pineapple and then cantaloupe. I love strawberries whole and fresh, cut up with some sugar mixed in and let it sit over night (oh so delicious!) and even chocolate covered strawberries! The bigger the strawberry is the better! Can you tell my love for strawberries with all of my exclamation points? 

I remember when I was younger my grandfather had strawberries planted in his little garden and every time I went over there I was too impatient to wait for him to come pick the rip and ready strawberries with me so I would pick any that were red and eat them. I thought I'd get away with it every time, but he always noticed if his strawberries were missing. 

Of course I have one of the more expensive favorite summer fruits, but the strawberry jam is even more expensive and is almost double the price of grape jam! While I like grapes, grape jam is just not my thing! 

Do you have a favorite fruit?

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