Sunday, July 14, 2013

#rockyourblog Believe It or Not, but I have Never Riden a Train or Subway! Have you!?

Yes! It is true, unless you count the little train at the zoo or a trolley, but trolleys drive on the street and more so buses because of the fact they they drive on the road instead of on a track like a railcar, which I see more so as a real train.

Although I have not rode on a train or in a subway, I am very excited for August 18th!!! Dan, the kids and I are going on a dinner train with Dan's parents and his nieces!

East Troy, Electric Railroad, Wisconsin

Above is the dinner train car we will be riding in! This shall be interesting, I am excited, but I have to try and keep Ezio who is only 19 months old on my lap or another adults lap. I will be bringing my Action Toddler Carrier and hopefully he will be content in there all snuggled up with mom! I'm hoping that Cade will like the train and do fine on it. Somethings overwhelm him and I fear he may feel trapped on the train in return causing me to stress with him. Wish us luck! 

Have you ever been on a train or subway? Where did you go?

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