Monday, July 8, 2013

#rockyourblog Video Games?! Yes, Please!

Hi, my name is Sarh and I am having video game withdrawls! 

I used to play video games a lot! When Cade was a baby I loved it because it was a good way to kill time as a stay at home mom, especially once the house was clean and he was napping. I even nursed him and played video games, I wasn't allowed to look at him while he was nursing... weird boy I have! I played less video games as Cade became older and when a new game came out that Dan liked he ended up taking over the tv and PS3 for nearly every single minute that he was awake. That's okay because that is how I discovered the amazing world of entering giveaways on blogs (and how I started this blog) as well as how I chose Ezio's name! Ezio is from the video game Assassin's Creed, while I was pregnant with Ezio and Dan was playing the game I began to like the name more and more as I heard it through out his game play. I googled what the meaning of 'Ezio' was and discovered it was an old Italian name that means "Eagle"! I was sold! My grandfather passed away when I was half ways through my pregnancy with Cade and my grandfather loved Eagles! Dan said we could name him Ezio if we also included the middle name Auditore, so I went back to google and looked up Auditore, it means "listener" so I said okay we have a deal! Now we have an Ezio Auditore James! 

Anyhow, back to me being a gamer! I loved the God of War games! I played them like crazy and even now with my busy life as a mom of two toddlers and a blogger I still want to play more God of War, however, Mr. Ezio has ruined them all! 

The character you play as in God of War is named Kratos, this is one of the names I had mentioned to Dan to name Ezio, but he poo pooed it. 

I also fell into the Call of Duty trap! It really is a trap, it is so addicting and if your competitive you just want to continue to play until you kill the player who kept killing you and you want to make it to the top of the rankings! I played Call of Duty Black Ops every night after the kids went to bed as I could not really play during the day. You can't pause when you need to as it is an online, live multiplayer game.

Nuke Town was my favorite map to play on and I did the best on it. Probably because it was a small map, everyone seemed to have the same places they would camp out at, etc. Over time of playing more maps more often I because just as good at those maps as well. I often ranked with in the top three and this being a game the guys thought only guys were playing I was quite proud of myself to be the girl ranked so high! 

Old School Favorites! 
Donkey Kong! Any and all of them, but I played Donkey Kong Country the most! 

Tetris! Who doesn't love Tetris? Is there really anyone who has NOT played it?! 

Dr. Mario! Similar to tetris, but with pills and little virus' and way more fun! I remember sitting down with my aunt and cousin and we would take turns playing the winner! Needless to say, my aunt rarely gave up her controller, she rocked at Dr. Mario!

Crash Bandicoot! This game was awesome! I used to play this game like crazy and I was really good at it! Sad, but truth is... I now really stink at it! Dan downloaded it on our PS3 for me because I had been nagging him about how badly I wanted to play! I failed horribly, but that could also be because I was playing while the kids were awake and they just love to stand with their little heads directly in front of Crash so I couldn't see what I was doing...

Well that's all for now, I could continue to list them, but there are too many! I did ask Dan if he wanted to write this post and he said yes, but as you can tell he was slacking so I went ahead and wrote my own. I'll see if I can at least get him to write down a list of his favorite video games, no way I'd list all of the games he's play as it would be more then I even knew there were! 

Do you play video games?! What is/are your favorite(s)? I'd love to know!

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