Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#rockyourblog Tips on How to Treat Sunburns and Other Burns.

Have you ever had a bad sunburn?!

I have not, as I need a good burn before I will tan. I've never had sunburn real bad and I only peel a little bit. Both my mom and I need a good burn in the beginning of summer and by the end we honestly look a different race! We both tan VERY well after we have burnt once. My mom burns worse and more then I do. I was born and raised and lived my entire life, past almost 24 years of it any how in Wisconsin, not horribly bad up here during the summers. It's more so the humidity that is killer. We did vacation to Arizona for the Fourth of July weekend 8 years ago. If your unaware, Arizona has very dry heat, which is awesomely amazing to us in the humid areas. I actually fell asleep by the pool, didn't sweat or burn! My feet also didn't burn as bad as even those who lived there in Arizona if I walked barefooted on the pavement, but I am barefooted almost 24/7 so my feet are not as sensitive as most.

Do you know how to properly treat sunburn? 
If your first thought was Aloe or any other cream, gel or ointment then NO! Those things even though they are supposed to help burns actually trap in the heat causing further burning! 

You first need to use cold compresses, cool showers and/or ice packs on the sunburn or any burn for that matter to draw out the heat. Do this until you no longer feel warmth when you put your hand on the skin where it is burned. 
THEN you can apply the cream, gel or ointment of your choice. 

Another kind of burn and 
terrifying event that will never be forgotten.
Not sunburn related, but my daughter's foot was burned when she was a baby. The nurse soaked her foot in cold sterile water for several hours, then to send us home she insisted on putting Silvadine one it and then wrapping her tiny foot in 16 FEET of gauge bandages and we were sent home. My mom, a medical assistant tried to explain to the triage nurse that she should not put the Silvadine on her foot, but the nurse insisted because it's a "burn cream", however, like my mom pointed out to her all of the heat was not out! The next morning we woke up and my daughter has yellow discharge that soaked all the way through the 16 feet of bandages, we took her to our local Children's Hospital where they unwrapped it. The burn spread and burned deeper! She ended up needing skin graphs at only 6 months old.

After this terrifying experience with my first born I will never use burn cream, gel or ointment even if it is for something as simple as sunburn as this can and does happen with sunburn as well.

Have you ever had a bad sunburn? What's your story? How did you 'treat' your sunburn?

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