Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Nytone Bed Wetting Alarm US 7/23

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Sponsored By: Nytone
Nytone is the manufacturer of The Original Bed Wetting Alarm.  It is a small alarm with the most powerful solution for bed wetting. It is a clinically proven method that will help eliminate bed wetting in as little as two weeks. Do you have a child who is ready to start potty training? Or a child who is potty trained and has those occasional accidents while sleeping? If so, this giveaway is just for you.
To see more about Nytone Bed Wetting Alarm read Simply Southern Couponers full review.
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Nytone's Bed Wetting Alarm features from their site:
Exciting to Wear: innovative, sports-band inspired design is exciting for your child to wear Sensationally Small: It is the smallest bed wetting alarm on the market promising your child a better night's rest Inconspicuous Design: discreet design can easily be hidden under clothing, helping your child avoid embarrassment  Extremely Cost Effective: It is so effective, it solves the high costs and headaches of multiple doctor visits and medication
How it works:

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This new device is pretty neat! I personally have never seen such a product. A family friend's son wet the bed for many years and I know this would have been great for him! I can only imagine this would also help a child who is potty learning and help prevent the use of diapers over night. 
Time for the Giveaway details:
July 9th - July 23rd
Open to US residents. Must be ages 18+ to enter. 
Prize: One lucky viewer will receive a Nytone Bed Wetting Alarm. (RV $90)
To enter complete the Rafflecopter form below. All winning entries will be verified.
Good Luck!!

A special thanks to our sponsor for making this event possible and to a great group of blogger friends for helping us promote this event. Be sure to visit them.
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