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Halo2Cloud Pocket Power 2800 Review


About Halo2Cloud
  Halo2Cloud makes clever innovative technology products to help save you time and solve your problems. Their team is dedicated to developing products to make our lives easier. Their products do everything from making it safer and more convenient for you to talk on the phone while driving to opening up the world of cloud computing with a range of advanced cloud-enabled devices. They believe that a lot of little everyday problems can be solved with today's technology! 

Pocket Power 2800

Halo Pocket Power 2800
The Pocket Power 2800 is a convenient multi-charger that fits into a small pouch and allows you to charge almost anything while on the go! The Pocket Power 2800 includes, the charger, Charge It, Charge Me, from the same USB Cable TM with interchangeable mini USB and micro USB tips, convenient carrying pouch as well as the product manual. This convenient pocket charger, charges all mobile phones, gaming systems, Bluetooth devices and so much more in about 3 hours. The Pocket Power holds a charge for over four months. 
Pocket Power 2800 can simultaneously charge electronic devices while while being recharged itself. Measuring at only 4" long, this is definitely as the name says, POCKET Power! Power for your mobile devices right in your pocket or purse.

Available Colors
Halo Pocket Power 2800 

Comes in fun colors and patterns including blue, black, white, pink, purple, traditional cheetah, pink cheetah, and silver zebra.
Our Pocket Power 2800

 The Pocket Power 2800 charger has a neat guage above the USB where it lets you know how much power it has left, sort of like a gas tank. E for empty, 1/2 for half power left and F to let you know it still has a full battery. We do not have a car charger for our phones, but now we do! I love that the Pocket Power 2800 fits easily into my pocket or diaper bag! I've used the Pocket Power 2800 at home, in the car, at the park, when visiting friends and family, etc! We do not have a cigarette lighter to plug a charger into, so this holding power within it's self is awesome and very convenient! 

My mom wants to purchase a Pocket Power 2800 as her cigarette lighter in one vehicle does not charge if the vehicle is not running. With the type of work she does, she would like to be able to leave her phone to charge in the vehicle while she is working (Landscaping, Remodeling, etc), but her other vehicle's cigarette lighter pulls straight from the battery leaving her stranded with a dead battery if she is not driving or doesn't at least have the engine running. She could also use this inside of houses she is working on that do not yet have power.

 The Pocket Power 2800 even charges the new iPhone5. I've charge both of our phones, which have different shaped charger ports, our Kindle Fire, my mom's Motorola Smart Phone (unsure of exact model) and her iPhone. I've also charged our devices while it was plugged into my laptop. Charging three devices at once, my laptop, the Pocket Power 2800 and my cell phone! There is no other product, that I know of like the Pocket Power 2800! 

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