Thursday, August 22, 2013

DaddyScrubs {Sponsor Spotlight}

Robert Nickell fathered his first four children more then 20 years ago. DaddyScrubs were created by Robert who remarried in 2007 and then discovered he was about to be a father all over again int he fall or 2009. He didn't want to be stuck wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting his laboring wife so he hatched the idea of creating doctor-like scrubs for himself. Robert is a pharmacist by profession, so its pretty natural for him. If dad wears scrubs, wont there be confusion between dad and doctor? Well, that's why Robert designed a pair of medical scrubs that say “I’m The Daddy®" to eliminate confusion! 
 DaddyScrubs is dedicated to providing dads a way to proudly proclaim, "I'm the Daddy!" through all of the stages of fatherhood. DaddyScrubs is aiming to be the leading supplier in gifts for dads, whether they are a first time dad or experienced dad, DaddyScrubs builds and evolves everyday to develop a great line of products that has something for every dad while keeping each new product innovative and meaningful. Every I'm the Daddy product has been designed to encourage involvement and engagement between father and child starting in the delivery room and on.

The Daddy Diaper Pack

The Daddy Diaper Pack ($69.99ARV) is the ultimate back pack for dads, in a basic black for a manly look and full straps with a clip to lock it down and take it off quickly and easily. There are two side pockets which are great for water bottles, baby's bottles and/or sippy cups. A large pouch for diapers, wipes, change of clothes, snacks, toys, etc. There is also an insulated cooler pocket which is also perfect for snacks. Front organizer pocket for keys, money, cell phone, pacifier and small toys. There are two 'skater straps' across the front of the Diaper Pack, which are great for hooking sand pails, flip flops, hats, maybe even wet clothes and so much more!

Organizer Pouch for money, keys, cell phones, etc.
Soft pouch, perfect for Sunglasses.
Insulated pouch for snacks.
• Two roomy compartments for diapers, wipes, clothes, and toys
• Insulated cooler pocket for snacks
• Organizer pocket for keys, money, pacifiers, and small toys
• Fleece lined pocket for sunglasses and more
• Mesh side pockets for extra baby bottles, sippy cups and water bottles
• One Size: 19 x 12 x 9"
• Materials: 840D polyester Dobby (black)

Packing For A Day Out w/Two Boys!
We had some errands to run and Cade had an appointment bright and early in the morning. I needed enough clothing, diapers, small toys and books as well as snacks for both of the boys, to keep them occupied as they are busy little boys! Here is what I wanted to pack!

  • 2 Books 
  • Wetbag 
  • 2 cloth diapers 
  • 4 disposable diapers
  • CD Safe rash cream
  • 4 cloth wipes
  • a toy phone & truck
  • shorts & a shirt for Ezio
  • 8 Snacks
  • camera
  • keys
  • my phone
  • my frappacino
  • Dan's soda
  • 2 Sippy cups
YES! I made it ALL fit inside of the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack!! In any other bag or tote I've used as a diaper bag, there is NO way I could have fit all or even half of these items inside! 

In the furthest back largest pocket, I put the 2 books, 2 cloth diapers, wet bag, 4 cloth wipes, 4 disposable diapers and some paper work. It all fit with a little more room, allowing it to fully zip closed.
 In the other large pocket (right in front of the other one), I packed all of the snacks and a few small toys. There was plenty more room in this pocket. This Diaper Pack is very deep! I put the Gerber Pouch in the front insulated pocket.

I will most likely be using the Daddy Diaper Pack more then Dan will. I have been looking into back pack style diaper bags and so far this is the best one I've found! It's like a tactical back pack, exactly what is needed when you have multiple children and two of them just so happen to be toddlers. With the Daddy Diaper Pack you can definitely fit so much more into it then any other reasonably sized diaper bag, with out carrying around a duffel bag that is! I love the multiple pockets, the insulated pocket is great! You could even add an ice pack if you have something that should stay really cold, but for us it is great just as it is for the boys' pouch snacks. The pouch snacks do not have to be cold, but the boys, as would I, prefer them chilled. This is the most idea diaper bag I've seen for walks, trips to the store, would be absolutely perfect for a trip to the zoo or museum, etc! I'm not sure what my issue is, but for some reason no handbag, tote bag or diaper bag will stay on my shoulder! It is very frustrating, I think maybe because I slouch my shoulders. However, I have no problems keeping the Daddy Diaper Pack on my should and/or back. While the Diaper Pack is fairly big as it's designed for dads, it is still lightweight.

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Do you know a first time daddy or soon to be daddy who would love a Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack, or would any of you ladies use the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack? What do you like most about the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack? 

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication. 


  1. What a great diaper bag alternative! It looks so easy to organize as well.

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  3. This is a great alternative for Daddy to carry. I know my husband isn't a big fan of carrying the "girlie" bag we currently have. I'd love to get my husband a pair of the Daddy Scrubs before out daughter arrives in the late fall.

  4. I also like the Big Daddy Gift Set.


  5. My husband would love this! It's masculine enough, that's for sure :] I would love the scrubs, for him as well

  6. I think my husband would like this. I think he rather carry this around instead of my daughter's big diaper bag that is girly.

  7. I do like the daddy diaper pack But I also like the I love daddy Tie and Hoodie in Slate Gray I just hope that the hole for the isn't to small I hate it when I have to do that.

  8. I like that its something for the dad. They're part of the family too. It's good to acknowledge that.

  9. I would use the Daddy Scrubs Daddy Diaper Pack.