Sunday, August 18, 2013

SnoozeShade {Sponsor Spotlight}

SnoozeShade USA

Cara was in marketing, but left her career to look after her baby girl. She had an idea for a product that would help make her life as well as so many other mother's lives easier and now over two years later, here she is as a mompreneur with a variety of baby products. These products are SnoozeShade, which she created as she as well as a ton of other moms have had to use blankets and jackets to cover the stroller when you baby or toddler falls asleep, or even to get some of them to actually fall asleep while out and about. The most frustrating thing about using blankets and/or jackets is that they always slide off or leave one side open allowing light in, etc, etc! SnoozeShade was created in 2010, so her daughter could nap, but she was still able to get out of the house. She created many different versions, for double strollers, infant carriers, playards (coming soon) as well as the SnoozeShade Plus requested by parents. 

SnoozeShade Twin Classic

The SnoozeShade Twin is an award-winning breathable sun and sleep shade for double wide strollers that protects babies and toddlers from the sun and allowing ANY TIME to be nap time!

No more annoying and heavy or too small blankets over the stroller the continuously have to readjust!

The SnoozeShade Twin Classic fits our Combi Twin Sport (double wide) stroller amazingly well!!


I rather like the fact that the inside is not completely pitch black as some babies and toddlers have an issue with the dark, it does greatly help to shade them from the sun and allow them to fall asleep with out the huge fight as it block the visual stimuli and 94% of light that can keep baby awake. It also covers the sides and even the top where the two shades leave a gap, very nicely! No direct sunlight gets in except near the little toes, but I probably could pull it down a bit more.

Velcro closure at top of  stroller.
Velcro closure at side bar.

Velcro closure at the bottom.
I really like that the strap are Velcro and not snaps, Velcro is so much faster and easier, especially if you have an over tired and quite upset bubby your trying to get to sleep. Putting the SnoozeShade Twin on the stroller is very quick! Take it off is even quicker, you just undo the Velcro and pull it off. the Velcro is attached to elastic, the elastic is very stretching, allowing for a great fit on all double wide double strollers. The Velcro tabs are very strong allowing for a secure fit with out them coming loose from a snug fit.

SnoozeShade Features:
  • Maximum-rated sun protection (UPF50+) shields babies from 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Proven to help babies sleep (blocks visual distractions and 94% of light)
  • Endorsed by US and international baby sleep and twin experts
  • Protects babies from wind, light rain and flying insects throughout the year
  • Use in sleep mode or half-shade position (to protect face and eyes)
  • Two front zips let you check on your babies
  • Quick to fit, easy to remove and folds up small
  • One size fits all double-width strollers including 3-wheelers
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees
SnoozeShade Original Classic
SnoozeShade Original - Classic 
You may be asking yourself, "But, what if I have a tandem stroller with one in front of the other?". No problem! Just use two SnoozeShade Original Classics! I'm almost certain that the single shade will even work on the double wide strollers to cover one bubby, but not the other! I have not tried it, but I really need to. It is sitting in my front hall, but every time we leave to take a walk I'm a bit over whelmed and end up forgetting it. If this works, I know it will be better as I have a young toddler as well as a 3 year old. Cade, my 3 year old doesn't really nap until he crashes from running around outside or swimming. And he loves to watch the cars, trucks, emergency vehicle, etc go by as we're taking our walks. I will definitely update this post with the SnoozeShade Original covering just one of the double wide seats. 

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Do you feel a SnoozeShade would help to make your outings easier? What other product(s) from SnoozeShade do you like? 

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication.


  1. This would be great when we are taking our 1 month old for walks & outings. I also like their portable sleep canopy for the play yards.

  2. I think the Snooze Shade would be a great benefit when out on outings. I like the Infant car seat canopy - sunshade and baby sleep aid.

  3. I would really love the snooze shade on our outings just for if my kiddos want to take a nap. They aren't so great about napping on the go...maybe this would help!!

  4. I love this. I have a weather cover for my B.O.B, but it doesn't block out the sunlight. This would be wondeful!

  5. This would be great for my baby girl when we go for walks.

  6. I have a Snooze Shade for my single jogger, and it does help my little guy fall asleep when it's bright out. I would like a double jogger shade to cover both my kiddos since they are both little and nap on the go.

  7. This would be GREAT for everyday. I like to walk my dog with baby in the stroller. She is still in an infant car seat, so I would really like the SnoozeShade for Infant Car Seats. It gets really hot and bright here, I think baby would love it!

  8. I’ve seen people using shades over their strollers and thought about what a great idea they are; this one goes the distance doesn’t it? If I was looking for one I would be inclined to want something like this one. Award winning sun and shade protector - that’s a great selling point.

  9. I think the for people with children this Snooze shade is wonderful, as for old foggies like me a wonderful palm tree would be great for me

  10. Yes a Snooze shade would definitely make outings easier because we do not have many trees on my route that I take my daughter on walks on!

  11. I think it would definitely make outings more easier. With my daughter, I was constantly adjusting the visor over her stroller and the sun always found a way to peak through.

  12. Yes, this would protect against burns and give my little man some peace from distractions. I also like the infant carseat shade.


  13. Yes, this would make our walks so much easier! I love the carseat canopy, also

  14. Yes, it would be easier! When she's in her seat, she is easily distracted and this would help block out the noise and hustle when walking around!

  15. I think it would make it a lot easier because I live in Texas and it gets very sunny.

  16. I think it would be very useful and I also like the SnoozeShade for Infant Carriers - Deluxe.

  17. Yes It would make the outing a little easier no madder were I put the vizier or umbrella it seem to get in there eye or leg or hand.

  18. I think the shade would really help. Anything that gets the little one to sleep is great.

  19. The SnoozeShade for Playards - Classic looks very nice!