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2 Red Hens Rooster Diaper Bag {Sponsor Spotlight}

2 Red Hens

2 Red Hens Studio was founded by Lori Holliday, the 'Mama Hen', whom grew up on a 1,000 acre farm in rural Arizona in a huge family. At just 6 years old, Lori took great pride and was in charge of taking inventory of what was in their pantry. Using her very own clip board and scratch paper she would make a list of what they needed to buy, make, store or even organize. Lori grew up with out a lot of money, but she quickly realized that you didn't need fancy possessions or a lot of money to make something look pretty. She incorporates this same philosophy into her designs today. 2 Red Hens offers beautiful things for Mom and Baby including, but not limited to beautiful diaper bags made of fabric designed by Lori as well as one-of-a-kind Limited Edition bags made from reclaimed leather and innovative products that help solve problems such as the Toy Nanny and the Bibby Mat. Being a mother herself she understands that there is a bigger picture then just making something pretty, she tries to also develop products that will help make life just a little easier so mom can focus on spending more time with baby, which is where the real importance is.

Rooster Diaper Bag - Chevron Stripes

There are many great features to the Rooster Diaper Bag, it doubles as a purse very nicely. On the outside of the diaper bag there is a medium long pocket, which is great for your cell phone or wallet/check book. A smaller pocket, which I use for my phone as I only have a small flip phone. And then the larger pocket which holds the adorable and extra long changing mat. 

 The changing pad has a button and elastic loop on it to hold it closed once you've folded it up. I personally have not see any others that were not only easy to  fold up, but that also had a closure other then the velcro, which I could never get lined up. I tried to take a photo of Ezio on the changing mat, however as he is a very active toddler that was impossible. I wanted to show how long it was with a visual, but it measures 26" x 12.5" a very generous size. Ezio is about 34" so all of his body and head are on the mat, just his legs and fit are not, which are usually off of the changing table or floor any how. 

The shoulder strap is strong and detachable so you can hook the diaper bag onto your stroller handle or anything else. I like this as it helps to clear up room in the under basket, you don't have to carry it the whole time, etc. 

The magnetic button on the outside is great! Especially if you over stuff the diaper bag as it is a strong magnet and the loop that you hook around it is just the perfect length! 

There are magnetic snaps at both ends of the inner/top of the bag to keep it closed. The magnetic snaps are strong and click together very easily and nicely, great for moms with their hands full. These magnetic snaps have come in handy for me when I'm with the three kids by myself and need to quickly close the diaper bag to run after one of the boys. 

Inside the Rooster Diaper Bag.. oh the wondrous and generous compartments! There is a large zippered pocket great for using as a wallet instead of carrying a purse in addition to the diaper bag. I keep any cash, ID, debit cards, etc inside of this pocket. It's also great as a change purse, no digging in the bottom of the bag for your change. One the other side of the inside there are two pouch pockets with elastic at the top of the pockets to help hold your belongings into these pockets. I use once for bandages, Neosporen, etc. and as you can probably see I have a Snappi in the other pocket so the teeth don't get snagged on clothing or diapers, I also put our cloth wipes in this pouch. There is a bottle holder with an elastic bungee to help hold bottles of different sizes in place. I love these as a lot of bottles leak, even if the top is screwed on tight and the cover is over the nipple. I have always had bad luck with bottles and cups leaking all over everything in the diaper bag. When you cloth diaper, the last thing you want is for your diapers to be covered in milk, especially in the host summers. No one wants to put a diaper on their bubby that smells like spoiled milk. And on the other end of the diaper bag there is a key fob, no more searching aimlessly for your keys amongst all the diapers, clothing, snacks, etc?! Yep, that's right! Just clip them on and drop it in the bag or let it hang out of the bag for super easy access and with out the risk of loosing or misplacing your keys. I am really bad at forgetting things when I put them down in a restaurant or store... unfortunately I loose keys a lot. There is plenty of room inside of the diaper bag to pack about 6 diapers, 3 for each of the boys, a medium sized wet bag, at least 2 outfits, 2 sippy cups and often times snacks and even beverages for Jada, Dan and myself. Very roomy, but not huge like your carrying around a duffel bag! The dimensions of this diaper bag are 16" x 16" x 11". 

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What do you use for a diaper bag? What diaper bag from 2 Red Hens do you like?

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication.

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