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Coqui Baby {Sponsor Spotlight}

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What is Coqui?
Coqui is a tree frog loved by people from Puerto Rico as it has a symphony of chirping that lulls children in Puerto Rico to sleep each night. The Coqui calls out its own name to the stars in the night "ko-KEE!". By taking care of the Coqui, Puerto Ricians also take care of themselves and their children. You can read more about how they do this as well as a a Coqui Children's Folk Song in Spanish and English here.

Coqui Baby is about keeping plastics and poop out of landfills. Helping parents have a happy, healthy and comfortable baby with products that are dependable, well-made and provide the absolute best for families. Helping to save a small fortune on diapering our children with new innovative designs that make the best diapers and baby products as well as cute colors and prints!

BEL CANTO Hemp/Cotton Fitted
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"Bel Canto" means "beautiful song" and was a 17th-18th century style of singing and composing opera which emphasized clarity of diction and expression of true feeling. Bel Canto demanded flexibility, refined tone and wide vocal range, yielding beautiful and expressive singing. The purity, heft and elegance of the the Bel Canto Fitted expresses this spirit. This is a heirloom diaper with great softness and will last through diapering multiple children as it is a powerhouse. The more you use it, the more absorbent it becomes! 

The Bel Canto ($21ARV) is a sophisticated and modern fabrics fitted diaper, made from 55% naturally anti-microbial and undyed Hemp that provides a durable and super absorbancy and the 45% organic cotton fleece adds softness that only gets softer with use. The Bel Canto fits from approximately 6 to 33 pounds with 4 rise snap settings to help adjust with your growing baby. It comes with two inserts, one is an hourglass-shape that is sewn-in and measures 12" x 3.5"/5.25" and an extra long snap-in insert which is 20" x 4"and snaps into the front of the diaper with a layer of fabric to cover the snaps, called a hood layer, so the snaps are not touching baby.

I will update this post with photos of both of the boys in this diaper!

Ezio is 26 pounds and 19 months old. This fitted diaper fits him great! When Ezio wears this diaper it is on the middle snap rise and the wings are together at the center. Ezio can wear this diaper for several hours and wears it around the house with no cover for at least 2 hours. I usually don't leave the boys in one diaper for more then 1.5-2 hrs, unless they are napping and Ezio did nap with this diaper on as well as slept through the night, both of which he woke up with out even a tiny leak from! No changing sheets?! Woohoo!
Cade is 3 years old and 40 pounds, the Bel Canto fitted fits Cade great as well! However, I don't think Cade's skin does too well with the hemp/cotton blend as his skin is SO sensitive. Despite the slight redness to his skin while wearing this diaper it is great on Cade as well. The rise is fully open, but he has room with in the wings as they are only one snap from the center. Cade has worn this fitted through naps as well as night time with a wool soaker over it and he woke up dry! It's pretty rare for Cade to go through the night (12 hours or so) with a NON bulky diaper and not leak. I was impressed by the absorbency of the Bel Canto fitted diaper after only a few washes. 

Minky HERO Pocket Diaper
The HERO diaper from Coqui received it's name after the heroic transformational journey that every woman takes to become a mother. This HERO Pocket Diaper is minky and super soft on the outside as well as the inside. The HERO diaper comes with two inserts, one is a rectangular shape and the other is a small hourglass shape, they are both 100% microfiber. It fits from 7 to 40+ pounds with four rise settings and snaps placed wider across the belly panel creating a great for babies and toddlers of all shapes and sizes. With a roomy pocket that provides tons of space for extra soakers, such as for night time.

I have to say right off the bat, this Minky HERO Pocket Diaper ($16.50ARV) is amazing for my super heavy wetter, Cade! One night it was diaper laundry night and this minky diaper was the only one I had clean so I stuffed it with the two inserts that came with it and added a hemp doubler. I crossed my fingers that he wouldn't be soaked by morning, every other minky diaper we have used always wicked wetness to the outside of the diaper, leaving an upset toddler waking in the middle of the night or his entire bedding needing to be changed in the morning. With this pocket diaper he woke up 'dry', no leaks at all!! He was happy and not upset from being soaked, as was I. Cade is 40 pounds and 3 years old, while he is tall and slender, he does have pretty wide/boney hips and most diapers snap on his hips causing discomfort for him. This diaper is different, the snaps are positioned just as they are in the above photo along the belly panel. I honestly really like this diaper for Cade as well as for Ezio! I will have to update this post with a photo of Cade wearing this diaper and the GREAT fit we can achieve with it! 

Ezio also fits this diaper great! No leaks, no red marks from the elastic. Super soft for both of the boys super sensitive skin. Very slim/trim diaper as well! Ezio is 26 pounds and 19 months old. 

 Such a great fit on Ezio and definitely cute! Plus, this mami LOVES the color green... and it's soft which is another plus! It is available in eight different colors.

The HERO Pocket Diaper
 The HERO Pocket Diaper ($14.99ARV) is exactly the same as the Minky HERO Pocket Diaper in every aspect except for the minky part. This diaper fits both of my boys the same way and I love that the outside, while being PUL is soft against babies skin. Cade really has an issue with PUL (even the outside of the PUL) touching his skin. It seems to really dry out his skin and cause red rashes and even causes his skin to peel. We have not experiences that with the HERO Pocket Diaper.

Go-Fluff Minky Wet Bag!
GO-FLUFF Minky Wet Bag (Green)  13 x 14.75 inches

The GO-FLUFF Minky Wet Bag ($18.99ARV) is 13" x 14.75" and can hold about 5 cloth diapers and has a zipper closure and a snap-closing strap so you can hang it on the stroller. This wet bag is also available in non-minky ($17.50ARV), both options with 5 colors to choose from. Inside of the wet bag is an absorbent lining... well, why would we want something absorbent in a wet bag? The absorbent lining helps keep smells and soiled items cushioned, but still contained and provides fantastic leak protection. But that's not it! This lining also helps to protect the PUL from the hot dryers, when you wash your wet bag, just turn it inside out during the washing and drying.

I took our Minky Wet Bag from Coqui Baby to my in-laws with us, as well as another medium sized wet bag and of course our Maggie Bags as our diaper bag. In the wetbags it is not just, while I do have two in diapers and it could definitely be possible, it was not for this trip. My in-laws have a pool! The wet swim clothes from the boys were in the wet bag from Coqui, with tons of room for more wet diapers and/or clothing. It was great, my FIL didn't know that it was designed for dirty diapers. It's a very discrete dirty diaper/laundry bag! 

Soft Wipes!
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Coqui Baby's Soft Wipes ($12.50/5pk), are just that! Super soft, so soft I'd love to use them as a pillow cover and honestly I'd say the same for the Minky Pocket Diaper and Wet Bag as well! These soft wipes are durable and organic, making them a great earth-friendly alternative to those stinky disposable wipes. You can even use these as washcloths. They measure 8" x 8" and are a great size, I usually only need to use one for soiled diapers, which is great as we still don't have all that many cloth wipes. I like to save the larger wipes, such as these for the soiled diapers and I use the smaller wipes that I have for just the wet diapers. These cloth wipes are 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton fleece. They are available in a 5 pack.

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  1. I like the go-fluff minky wet bag! I want to try it because of the absorbent liner.

  2. LOVE coqui baby glad someone finally blogged about them, they fit great on both my 1 month old daughter and 2 year old son awesome diapers and cute to boot!

  3. Oh glad to hear someone else likes them, I just found about them about 2 months ago now and definitely love their products! Cade wears the Non-minky HERO diaper daily because it fits him so well.