Friday, August 16, 2013

Rosalie Jane's Creations {Sponsor Spotlight}

Simone is Rosalie Jane's mommy and she created Rosalie Jane's Creations when her daughter was born, but just officially started in May/June of 2013. Simone loves to sew and craft and she had so many people ask if she sold her item, so here she is! Lets show her some love! She hand makes every item with love and will only list an item she knows she would use on her own daughter! She enjoys making environmentally friendly items as well.

Anchors Aweigh Wet Bag

Rosalie Jane's Creations - Anchors Aweigh Wet Bag ($10ARV) great waterproof bag for a baby girl or boy. It measures 9" x 10.5" and can hold around three double stuffed cloth diapers. It is made with waterproof PUL and navy blue fabric, perfect for any proud Navy baby! The Anchor's Aweigh fabric is 100% cotton. This wet bag has a zipper closure and a snapping strap for easy carrying by strapping it onto the stroller or even a rod in your closet. There is also a dry pocket on the front outside of the wet bag. 

 I believe I had four cloth diapers in the wet bag for these two photos. Yes, my two boys have a purple/lavender diaper! That's Cade's nighttime diaper. Anyhow, I really like that there is a dry pocket on this wet bag, you really don't see that all that often. I can come up with so many different things I could use that pocket for! For a quick run somewhere that you only need one diaper, you could put the diaper in the wet pocket and wipes or bum balm or other things in the dry pocket. I wish I had one toddler, just for the simple fact that this wet bag could definitely be used as a diaper bag and wet bag all in one! With two boys, that's nearly impossible! I usually bring at least one diaper with, when we just make a quick run to the grocery store... and yes, both boys are always changed right before we walk out the door. This is a great wet bag, I really like it. It is a bit smaller then my other wet bags, but sometimes the medium and large wet bags are just too much, so a nice and small one which still allows for 3 double stuffed diapers to fit in, would be the perfect size. I wish I knew about these when my daughter was a baby/toddler. 


What do you like about this Anchors Aweigh wet bag? What is another item you'd like from Rosalie Jane's Creations? 

Disclosure: I received the above product in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication.  


  1. The print of the wet bag is really cute. I love the white pearl rose headband. That would look so fancy on my baby girl.

  2. I love this little wet bag. My son loves boats. I would love to use this for my next little guy.

  3. I absolutely adore the Beary Cute Critter Wet Bag!!!

  4. Very cute wet bag this would be great as well for taking to the pool for the wet bathing suits as well.

  5. I love nautical prints I also love the beary cute critters wet bag !

  6. I like the snapping strap and the dry pocket on the outside! I'd also like the Beary cute critter wet bag.