Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cupcake Covers Cloth Diaper Starter Kit {Sponsor Spotlight}

Cloth Diaper Starter Kit

Cupcake Covers Cloth Diaper Starter Kit includes a pail liner that is 23" by 26" and will fit into a 13 gallon kitchen garbage can and can hold roughly 40 cloth diapers. A medium travel wet bag with a snapping strap, you can easily snap the strap around the bar or handle of your stroller while on the go, or even strap it onto your changing table or possibly onto your diaper organizer. This wet bag can hold 4-6 cloth diapers, perfect for any day long adventures. Both the wet bag and pail liner are made with a thick PUL, making them strong, thick, bulletproof to leaks and long lasting!

I love the thickness of this pail liner and wet bag, I know it wont delaminate nearly as quickly as my last one did from one of the larger known brands for wetbags and pails liners. This pail liner from Cupcake Covers does not seem to have so much pressure pulling at the waterproof layers, much sturdier and more durable then my other pail liner, which was much thinner. The wetbag is great, I love that the strap has a snap on it so you can hang it from things other then a door knob or other then carrying it around your wrist. 

While I do have a trash can to put my pail liner in, I seem to prefer to just hang it on the end of my Munchkins diaper organizer. It leaves the pail liner open still for air to get through, but not wide open as it would be in a pail. Ezio thinks it is great fun to take our clean diapers and put them in the pail liner, whether there are dirty diapers in it or not. With the pail liners semi closed like this he is LESS likely to put the boys' clean diapers in the pail liner. 

Pink Argyle Pail Liner Features:
*Double stitched surged and sealed seams
*100% water-resistant, re-useable pail liner - keeps wet and odors IN the pail!
*Elastic on top to stretch over diaper pail or lidded trash can.
*Cotton prints around the elastic to add fashion. 


I was able to fit about 4 cloth diapers in the wet bag 'comfortably', I could have probably stuffed 1-2 more inside, but didn't want to push it. 

These wet bags are double stitched and French seamed to insure the most amount of protection against leaking and wicking.
Cloth Wipes

This cloth diaper starter kit also comes with a dozen cloth wipes. There will be 4 hemp, 4 bamboo and 4 flannel wipes all measuring 8" x 8". A nice variety of fabrics, especially for a mom new to cloth diapers. These wipes are so soft, absorbent and a great size! I only need to use one wipe per diaper change, whether it just wet or soiled and really in all honesty, I save these for the poop diapers and use some other wipes that I have, which are smaller for just wet diapers. The prints are just absolutely adorable as well, which always a nice plus. Cade, my 3 year old was so excited that there were robots on a couple of the wipes!

This is the perfect cloth diaper starter kit anyone who is looking to start cloth diapering. I know when I first started, I really didn't think about a pail liner, wet bag and/or wipes. I was just into all of the cute diapers and honestly overwhelmed with all of the choices!


What is your favorite item in Cupcake Covers Etsy Shop?  

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. I received no monetary compensation for this publication. 


  1. I love the SMALL- Teal poka dot- -Pail Liner!!

  2. I love the reusable napkins in the Optimistic print - so nice!

  3. I love the Double Layer Bamboo Cloth Wipes. They look like they would work as diaper doublers also.

  4. i like the Shabby Chic Pink Floral-Pail Liner

  5. Would love to try the organic bamboo nursing covers. Mine are really sctrachy.

  6. I love the reusable napkins. Their prints are so cute.

  7. I didn't know what a pail liner is. But I like this especially when there are really cute designs as well.

  8. The cloth starter kit is my favorite thing. Based on your review of the quality of the products, I can't imagine finding a similar bundle for a more affordable price, unless it were in a giveaway.

  9. I like the bold flower cloth diaper starter kit!

  10. I love the mix and match boys cloth wipes They're so adorable.

  11. The pink paisley diaper starter kit! Very cute and useful!

  12. I like the Antique Chic Hanging Wetbag. My bathroom is Turquoise and I can see the colors going very well in there.