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The Eczema Company - Hazelwood Necklace & Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak Review AND $30 GC Giveaway! WW 1/9

The Eczema Company

The Eczema Company is a family built company which was created to help others dealing with the daily challenges of managing eczema. The Roberge family knows first hand about the intense itching and how desperate you can get for finding something to help make your little one more comfortable as their son was diagnosed with eczema at three months old. At just three years old 90% of his body was covered in what looked like severe burns, caused by his eczema worsening as he grew older. Around the age of three years old they discovered that he has many food allergies and sensitivities. Some of these food allergies lead to his eczema flare-ups and some lead to immediate itching. Since they've found out what his triggers are, his skin is much better!

Hazelwood Necklace
Healing Jewelry

Hazelwood Necklaces ($17.97ARV) are amazing non-medication alternatives for minimizing or even eliminating eczema. A common eczema trigger is an imbalance in the body's acidity and since the hazel tree is an alkaline wood it naturally oxidizes when placed next to the skin, thus reducing the overall acidity in the body over time. The Canadian Indians have used hazelwood for centuries as a natural pain reliever.

Hazelwood Benefits
  • Great for soothing pain related with eczema, teething, indigestion and diaper rash.
  • Wear continuously for best results. It may take up to several weeks for symptoms to lessen.
  • Water resistant, but not waterpoof. Best to avoid chlorine which will shorten the jewelry's lifespan.
  • Safe for ages four months and up.
  • Lead Free.
  • Made in Canada.
I knew Ezio had eczema for months before we seen our first allergist who "officially" diagnosed it. I was able to keep it under control and still can. It is easier during the summer then it is in the winter as we live in a really dry house. Usually his eczema only affects his legs, but also his arms and sometimes his cheeks. He's even had an eczema flare-up which was on his bum! That was a bit baffling as the diaper area is usually damp.

Ezio's legs were pretty rough, even after using natural moisturizing lotions and such. When we received the hazelwood necklace, I put it on him right away. I can honestly say that I've seen quite the improvement in his skin since he's been wearing this necklace. The necklace has hazelwood beads and cute little blue beads, which makes it perfect for little boys. We've received a ton of comments about how cute his necklace is on him. The necklace fits his neck perfectly! Not too loose, but not tight at all! He is not able to lift the necklace to his mouth, which is a rule of thumb I always go by for the kids. He has never tugged on the necklace, other then lifting it off of his neck in the picture above to show daddy his new necklace.

Ezio has broken about 3 necklaces of mine so I no longer wear a necklace and he has broken 2 of my mom's bracelets. However, he has been wearing this necklace for weeks and has not broken it! I was a bit nervous when we first got it that he'd tug on it and snap the necklace, however he has not! It's like he doesn't even notice on him as it's light weight. 

Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak

Oatmeal Cookie Bath Soak ($5.95/1ozARV or $14.95/5.5ozARV) is a great way to gently soothe the itching from eczema in babies and adults. They contain certified gluten free/certified organic oats as well as calming and healing flowers and plants to help relieve eczema, chicken pox, poison ivy/oak, sunburn, scrapes, minor burns and cuts as well as itchy bellies of mamas-to-be.

These are perfect for Ezio as he LOVES bath time! Bathes and just playing water period is so much better to him then even eating and he's my little piggy! During the summer months when we have the pool set up, we have to drag him in the house in order to get him to eat. But, anyhow, I will say, I was greatly surprised by how soft and smooth his skin was when he got out of his first ever oatmeal bath. This oatmeal bath also seems to really help relieve the itching of his hives, which he has everyday since we're still trying to figure out what he is allergic to. He scratches quite often and even has some slight scars from scratching both the hives as well as his eczema patches. I did definitely notice a huge decrease in his itching for probably a day or two after taking the oatmeal bath. I am definitely thinking about getting a 5.5oz tub of this oatmeal bath for him! Some nights, Ezio just can't fall asleep or stay asleep due to the itchiness. Often times giving him a bath will help relieve this itching, the oatmeal bath worked so much better! 

The Eczema Company has so many other wonderful products for helping with eczema as well, if you or your loved one suffers from eczema I highly recommend taking a look at the Eczema Company to find some things that will help provide some relief. 

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