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WOWButter Review & Giveaway US 12/29

WOWBUTTER Foods is a small family business that is owned and operated by the Mahon family. They started out with the idea of creating unique natural foods grown on their own farms over 20 years ago! They wanted to be able to provide superior quality products by completing every step of the process in one facility.


We received a 6 pack of WOWButter ($27.99ARV). WOWButter is 100% peanut, tree nut, gluten, dairy and egg free!! It has the same taste, nutrition and texture of peanut butter just with out the peanuts! It is also NON-GMO. Available in creamy and crunchy and might even be in your local grocery store or natural foods store.

 Ezio is 2 years old and LOVES peanut butter, however he was just tested for some food allergies and popped for peanuts. While most probably think this means taking it all away, it does not exactly. While you do have to stay away from peanuts, there is this very delicious WOWButter! I honestly have no clue how they could possibly make this NON peanut, WOWButter taste JUST like peanut butter! But they did and Ezio loves it. I am so very thankful for WOWButter and as you can tell in the photos above so is Ezio. I don't know how this little boy of mine would survive without his peanut butter bread that he has every couple days to every day. One of the best things about WOWButter, beside of course being peanut free is that it is also egg free, which Ezio also popped for on his allergy test. Do you have any idea how much stuff either contain peanuts, chocolate and eggs or could possibly be cross contaminated with any of those by being made in the same facility as them?! It is definitely challenging finding things that will for sure be completely safe for him to consume. While his reactions to both are not full blown anaphylaxis right now, allergic reactions do become worse/more severe with each exposure to that allergen. He is also allergic to melon, but that is much more simple to avoid! After our appointment with the allergist and finding out about these allergies I kind of freaked my mom out when I was talking with her on the phone and told her he was eating a peanut butter sandwich... in reality he was eating a WOWButter sandwich.

Cade is not allergic to anything, but did have what could be a false positive to tree nuts, so WOWButter being tree nut free as well is also a big plus for us. While Cade's allergy to tree nuts could be a false positive we have been advised to avoid them anyhow, which we've been doing. Cade's allergy has been known for about 2 years now. He is perfectly fine eating peanut butter and absolutely love peanut butter bread, but since Ezio is allergic to peanuts we also give Cade the WOWButter and he hasn't noticed a difference in taste at all. Cade has sensory/texture issues or something of the sort with food and only eats maybe a handful of things with peanut butter bread being one of those very few foods. I was very pleased to learn that WOWButter is just as nutritious as peanut butter because while peanut butter isn't something one should probably live off of, it is the main source of protein and other things for Cade due to his very restricted diet he has created for himself.

So you might be wondering, if Cade is not allergic to peanut butter then why give him WOWButter? Well, it is much safer to completely eliminate peanut butter from the house rather then just from Ezio. For example, if I give Cade a piece of peanut butter bread and he wonders off with it or leaves it on the table Ezio could very well end up with that piece of peanut butter bread, which would be no bueno! While some may say to just keep a close eye on them, it's not always possible when you have three kids and so much to get done in one day!

My family is so thankful for WOWButter!! When we first received WOWButter we had no clue about Ezio's peanut or egg allergy, we just found out this past week. WOWButter is also SCHOOL SAFE! I've been hearing that there are schools with actual BANS on bringing peanut butter products in? I remember when I was in school and we'd get a roll and a little paper ketchup cup with some peanut butter in it along with our breakfast. It is quite amazing how much things have changed. It may seem like banning peanut butter all together in a school is a bit extreme, but you have to realize how severe and life threatening some children's peanut allergies are. I've heard of some children or even adults, allergic to peanuts and going into anaphylaxis just from smelling or touching it and not even ingesting any of it! So the bans are in place to help keep these children safe while in school. We all want our children to be safe in school, whether it's from bullies or a severe food allergy and making that child eat separately from the rest of his or her classmates is just not fair.

WOWButter has TONS more information as well as information for you to provide to your child's school in the event that his or her school may have one of these bans in place. Plus, help educate your local school with some of the WOWButter information available on their website.

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  1. I learned that WOWBUTTER provides a healthy and nutritious peanut free and nut-free lunch solution for your child while protecting those children with a peanut or nut allergy.

  2. I am not aware of any of my immediate family having nut allergies. However, I am always looking for new products with NO added colours, flavours or preservatives! WOWBUTTER fits that description!!!

    response email is anncluck(at)att(.)net

  3. Need a picture to go with the pinterest URL!!!!! Thank you!!

    response email anncluck(at)

  4. nope no one has allergies to nuts or ANYTHING LIKE THAT, THANK GOSH, wow that is so cool,that you can now have wowbutter. that is awesome, my husband and i have a deli and people ask us for peanut butter and jelly but we dont carry it due to allergies, this is so cool, im showing him right now.

  5. learned that More importantly… WOWBUTTER is 100% SAFE for all schools with or without a peanut ban or policy


  7. ...taste tested and approved by peanut butter lovers having the taste, texture and nutrition that consumers expect!


  9. WOWBUTTER does not need refrigeration after opening but can be refrigerated if you prefer!


    Non GMO Toasted Soy, Soy Oil, Granulated Cane Sugar, Monoglyceride (from vegetable oil, prevents oil separation) and Sea Salt.

  10. I LEARNED Your peace of mind... the entire production is completed in one manufacturing facility that is 100% Peanut Free, Tree Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free and Dairy Free


  12. Nope, no one in my family has a peanut allergy.

  13. i learned WOWBUTTER does not need refrigeration after opening but can be refrigerated if you prefer!

  14. WOWBUTTER is 100% SAFE for all schools

  15. It's test and approved by peanutbutter lovers!

  16. No one in my immediate family is allergic to nuts but one of my coworkers is!

  17. I learned that the company is located in Staffa, Ontario.

  18. i learned that wow peanut butter is good for kids that are not allergic to peanut butter!!!