Monday, December 16, 2013

Buttons Cloth Diapers Review

Buttons cloth diapers is a family business in which started at home and is run by a husband and wife team who design their own diapers to be easy to use as well as affordable for everyone. Exactly how modern cloth diapers should be.

Apple Buttons Diaper!

Buttons Cloth Diapers shells($11ARV)are available in 9 adorable colors and all of them are soft, durable and leak-proof. They also have double-gussets to help keep all messes inside of the diaper no matter how active your little one is! With the custom fit feature of the elastic being in both the back and tummy it makes this diaper even more fit to your baby's body. This diaper will fit a baby or toddler from approximately 9 to 35lbs.

Buttons Diaper inserts come in a Large Daytime Insert ($3.50ARV) and a Large Night Time Doubler ($7ARV). The daytime insert is made with 4 layers of microfiber with a layer of soft fleece on top. The large night time doubler has 6 layers of mirco fiber. The daytime insert can snap into the shell alone or with the nighttime doubler snapped in first and then the daytime insert snapped onto the doubler for ultimate night time protection. Both of these inserts come in two different sizes to help accommodate for your growing baby. The size small inserts are great for babies 9 to 20 pounds and the large inserts are better fitting for larger babies 20 to 35 pounds.

Ezio can use the large daytime insert during the day as well as at nap time and he's even made it through the night with just this one insert. He is an average wetter. If I've noticed he has drank more then usually I'll add the nighttime doubler. I know that the daytime insert and the nighttime doubler would hold up for Cade through out the night, but the shell is just a tad too small to fit on Cade who is 40 pounds. 
I have stuffed Cade's pocket diaper with the nighttime doubler and it gets him through nap time, which is usually 2-3hrs (he doesn't sleep that whole time, but rests) and I use the nighttime doubler and another insert for bedtime for him in a pocket diaper. Both ways work great!

The cover has a snap down rise, which I can use with Ezio and the diaper also fits appropriately if I do not snap down the rise. When I add the nighttime doubler to Ezio's diapers I usually leave the snap down rise open as the doubler is pretty thick. I absolutely love how this diaper fits him and I want to use it so badly on Cade so I will probably be making snap extenders for this diaper. I am also going to be ordering some daytime inserts as well a few more shells with in the next couple weeks. Out of all of the diapers I have tried, at least 15 different brands, Buttons Diapers are my favorite!! I am truly in love with them! 

I have determined that I would probably only need about 6 daytime inserts and 3 covers (just in case of poopsplosions) for a full day of diapering Ezio! With covers at $11/ea and daytime inserts at $3.50/ea that would be $54 for a stash of Buttons diapers! That is extremely affordable for cloth diapers now-a-days and is about the price of one months worth of disposable diapers depending on the brand and amount you use. How/why is $54 for a stash of diapers affordable? Because you can reuse them and they are much better quality and will last some much longer then those china cheapies which delaminate within just months of use. They are so easy to use and would be perfect for a new mom or a mom new to cloth diapers.

I way prefer this diaper over prefolds and covers as you don't need pins or a snappi and the snap in insert stays in place, unlike laying in a prefold. Also, not sure if it's just me or what, but my boys always seem to poop outside of the prefold! Ezio has pooped in the buttons diaper and it all stayed on the inserts as it doesn't really move when he walks. I was pretty excited! 

I have been raving about this diaper and recommending it on all of the cloth diaper Facebook groups I am a member in. This has lead to conversations about Buttons diapers and I have not heard  a single negative thing about them from any of the other moms I've discussed them with. 


 What are your thoughts on Buttons Diapers? Have you had the chance to try one? Would you like to? 

Disclosure: I received the above diaper in exchange for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own.

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