Friday, December 20, 2013

Nutrisystem Success Stories!!

Nutrisystem Success Stories Every Dieter Should Read

Regardless of the diet program you are committed to, sooner or later it is likely that you will stumble, trip, and fall away from your weight loss course. And why wouldn’t you? Eating healthy surrounded by burgers, fast-food, and ice-cream is hard; there’s no way around it. But there are success stories that can help boost your outlook on dieting and give you new found inspiration.

When you are feeling discouraged or considering quitting, a good success story can go a long way. Here are a few Nutrisystem sources of encouragement every dieter should visit.

Bridget. Meet Bridget, a 37 year old stay-at-home mom of two who to save money on getting healthy offered her blogging expertise in exchange for four months of the Nutrisystem program. As she committed to the program eager to lose weight she set a goal to lose two pounds per week for a total weight loss goal of 32 pounds. Could she do it? After just 16 weeks Bridget lost a total of 40.4 pounds and 32 inches but she wasn’t done yet. She continued to follow the Nutrisystem program to week 28 where her new total weight loss was 56.5 pounds and 41 inches. Bridget’s success reached way beyond the goals she set for herself.

Lisa. Lisa is just like many other women who post high school slowly began gaining weight not realizing how much she truly gained until she woke up one morning over 200 pounds and labeled obese. After attempting multiple dieting programs she finally committed to Nutrisystem. Lisa set goals for herself, learned as she went, and changed her eating habits and over all health for the better. Now 76 pounds lighter, Lisa is emptying her closet, shopping, and playing with her children in new ways she never had the energy to do before Nutrisystem. You can read Lisa’s story and how she and other women reached weight loss success at

Jeannette. Crash dieter Jeannette can easily relate to the yoyo effect of gaining weight, losing weight, and then gaining weight again. For her it was a never-ending cycle. After gaining over 70 pounds after a recent pregnancy, being on commission for 12 weeks from a foot injury, and the sudden death of her father from poor health Jeannette was ready to make a change. Just two weeks later she began the Nutrisystem program and never looked back. With the combination of the Nutrisystem program and regular exercise over seven months, Jeannette is 68 pounds lighter and full of life. You can find Jeannette’s full success story here.

The next time you’re feeling discouraged and ready to quit your dieting journey turn to success stories for inspiration. Everyone likes to read a good success story. It inspires, challenges, and pushes you to do better because if they can succeed so can you.

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