Thursday, December 12, 2013

Heavenly Soles Sheepskin Boots Review

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Heavenly Soles products are designed and manufactured by one of the most experienced sheepskin companies. their products include rubber soles that do not wear out and are a much more comfortable and supportive insole which is recommended by Podiatrists, their insoles are also ergonomically correct and provide the proper support for young and growing feet. The "outsoles" do not slip in bad weather while other brands are extremely slippery and even dangerous. They also use the highest quality sheepskin available. Heavenly Soles products carry a one year warranty against faulty workmanship.

Heavenly Soles donates all profits to charities in which help aid different segments of the population. They help under privileged children and individuals with mental and physical impairments as well as other charities. Your order of Heavenly Soles will help profit these organizations.

Heavenly Soles also has a 100% money back guarantee, please read more in their return policy.

Classic Tall Sheepskin Boots

Heavenly Soles Classic Tall Sheepskin Boots ($195ARV) available in 4 colors, Sand, Chestnut, Chocolate and Black. They are of about mid-calf height and so very soft and comfortable! These boots have an Australian heritage which dates back to the 1900's. The wool properties of genuine Twin Faced Sheepskin upper wicks moisture away from your feet to ensure that your feet stay warm when the weather is cold and cool when the weather is warm! Wool is really magical for many different purposes. These boots were first made popular by the Australian Surfers and it is now one of the most popular boot styles world wide today!

I am in love with these boots! I've never really been a fan of boots of any kind, really I much prefer to be barefoot and not even wear socks. Yes, even in the freezing cold, Wisconsin winter months! However, I rarely take these off and when I do, I quickly remember just how cold it really is. They are a bit snug at first, but just like any other shoe they will stretch and form more to your foot. In fact these will probably even more or better as they are made of sheepskin! I've never owned anything sheepskin and I all I can do is continue to ask myself WHY I have not owned anything made of sheepskin prior to these boots. I have quickly began to appreciate the sheepskin for it's warmth as well as it's "wicking" abilities as they have kept my feet warm and dry. This is pretty important if you don't want to walk around the grocery store or wherever your going after putting your child in the car, on the passenger side of the vehicle on a city street where the curb is ankle deep in snow! Oh, being able to sit down in the car without frozen toes and not having to walk funny through the store or wherever our errands have landed us are definitely a plus! As a mother of three and two of those three being toddlers, I really have no time to waste! The boys of course don't like being tossed back and forth, in and out of their car seats and shopping carts or even our carrier so the faster I can move and get things done the happier everyone will be. The mid-calf height is also great for this as snow is much less likely to drop into or fill your shoe.

Jedilynn, my nearly 8 year old daughter is not all to pleased with me that these boots are not hers. She received a pair of fuzzy boots for Christmas last year and loved them, but as she seems to be in a CONTINUOUS growth spurt they no longer fit her. She so badly wants and has tried to guilt trip me into giving them to her a few times now by asking me, "What? Do you want my feet to freeze when I'm waiting for the bus in the morning?" and so on. She is my sassy girl. I may let her try them on and see how big they are on her. I am able to fit my feet into her size 5 shoes! 

I wear a size 9 in mens, I usually wear mens shoes as most womens shoes are too narrow and/or just too girly for my liking. I wear the same size in these boots, size 9 in mens which is a size 10 in womens. They fit me great and I know I will have them "broken in" in no time.

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Disclosure: I received the above boots in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences expressed in this post are my own and may differ from those of your own. 


  1. I am not a boots girl since I think they are so uncomfortable to my taste. I try not to wear my snow boots even in hardcore snow storms! Yeah, crazy, right? I think the sheepskin boots might have a chance with me since you mentioned how snug it was for you! I might take a look at this. Thanks for the review :)

  2. Those look awesome! They're super cute, and I like that they keep your feet warm by wicking away moisture. Thanks for the review, I had never heard of this company!

  3. Wow! They sound so comfortable! I'm not a "boot wearer" either, but I would try these!

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  5. I will be jealous too. I love boots, perhaps that's what I ask my Santa hubby to get me this Christmas. :-) Those boots looks comfy and soft.

  6. I'm such a boot lover! The boots you reviewed are so cute! I think I may just have to ask Santa for a pair this year! :)

  7. Ooh those look so comfy. If only it were cold enough to wear them in San Diego, it was 80 today! :)

  8. Love those! I like tall boots that hug my calves well and I can wear my jeans over them. I hate the whole tucking your pants in look.

    1. Same here! My 8 year old daughter asked me last night why I didn't tuck my jeans into these boots. 1. I have larger calves so there is no room! 2. It's not comfortable like that. She always tucks her jeans into her boots and it bothers me and I'm not even wearing them. haha.