Sunday, December 29, 2013

Angel Lea Designs - Owl Softie Pattern Review

Angel Lea Designs was created by Anthea Christian in 2008, she has been creative since she was a young girl and created her own Barbie doll clothes and doll house furnishings. She has spent years sewing clothing for herself as well as her children and even items for around her house. Soon after opening her Etsy shop for her creations she discovered that her passion was in the design process rather then the repetitive sewing of items so this is why she decided to launch her own line of patterns.

Available at Angel Lea Designs you will fine an array of fun sewing patterns that include children's clothing, soft toys, bags, applique designs and more. These patterns are easy to follow and include detailed step-by-step instructions which include photos making them achievable even for beginner sewers.

Owl Softie Pattern

Angel Lea Designs' Owl Softie Pattern ($10.48ARV) is an immediate PDF Download. The file contains 12 pages with brightly colored and easy to view photos through out the step-by-step instructions. This pattern comes in a set of a 12" pattern as well as an 8" pattern so you can make both owls. Although this file is 12 pages you only have to print 3 - 6 of those pages for the pattern, the rest are colorful photos and instructions for cutting out and assembling the owls.

You can have the owl sit on a shelf as decor, gift it at a baby shower or birthday party, give it as a gift for Mother's Day, use it as a couch pillow, and so much more. Use your creativity. The one I made is a gift for Jedilynn for her 8th Birthday coming up in January, she will either have it sit on her bed or use it as a pillow I'm assuming. 

The instructions provided were easy to follow and I'm not exactly an experienced sewer. I've made a few pairs of upcycled pants for Ezio just by tracing a pair that fit him as well as a few patchwork skirts for Jedilynn and a couple diapers for the boys. The directions for cutting out the pieces were easy and very well explained including photos to help. I did not cut out the wings and feet as directed as I did not having any batting and I filled them with fiber fill so they are a little different. For the appliques to apply to the front of the owl body, I didn't have the fusible webbing so the belly did move a slight bit. 

Stitching is very easy! You just need to use a tight zig zag around the appliques and then a simple straight stitch for everything else. My machine was having a bit of an issue so my owl is a bit wonky, however it's pretty good for my first one. I was too impatient to wait until I could get coordinating thread, but I like the navy blue for the zig zag. With using the tight zig zag, I recommend using quilting fabric, which I got from Five Monkey Fabrics as it will hold better with all of the tiny needle holes so close together and the tight stitching so close together as well.

Punky Bruster Owl Softie!
Here is my Punky Bruster Owl Softie I made for Jedilynn who loves to dress with different knee high socks and in all sort of fun and crazy patterns and combinations! Please ignore the flap of fabric on the lower left side of the owl, I can't find my hand sewing needle. My wings and feet are bit more fluffy/stuffed then they would be if you were to follow the instructions directly and use batting. You can definitely tell where my machine kept getting hung up, but I figured out and fixed the problem once I was finally done with the face appliques. I will update with a picture of the next owl I make for one of the boys where the stitching should be in a coordinating color as well as much better! 

Over all this pattern was great! I was a bit nervous, but just skimming over the pattern I felt a lot more comfortable with sewing up a cute little owl myself. Plus, practice makes perfect! Even off of my horrible owl, I already have a couple people wanting me to make them owls as well! I better get on the ball here and start cutting and sewing more owls. 

Angel Lea Designs has so many awesome patterns for similar items as well as clothing and more. The next pattern I'd love to try is her Dinosaur pattern. Which would you like to try? 


What is your favorite Angel Lea Designs pattern? 

Disclosure: I received this pattern in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may differ from those of your own. 


  1. I have really been getting into crocheting owls lately and I like the look of this owl pattern. I am a clueless beginner when it comes to my sewing machines (I have two). Although the pattern seems very expensive, I like it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are so cute. I think I may be able to do these. Thank you for sharing

  3. I am so loving this, I have not done any sewing in such a long time , but I really would love to make a couple of these for my grandbaby girl

  4. I used to sew all the time, but I haven't sewn anything in so many years now! This owl pattern is really cute! I really love it. Any sewing I do is definitely by hand because I do not own a sewing machine. Who knows, maybe I'll get the pattern and make them for the kids! Thanks so much for sharing Angel Lea Designs - Owl Softie Pattern Review with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again so very much! Michele :)