Sunday, December 29, 2013

Five Monkey Fabrics Review

Five Monkey Fabrics was created by Ginger Robertson a few years ago as she loves fabric! Her shop has grown larger then she had ever dreamed it would and has allowed her to leave her full time job to work out of her home. Ginger's grandmother taught her to sew on a vintage Singer sewing machine when she was a little girl and she impatiently awaiting the moment she gets to begin teaching her own daughter to sew, who already has the "fabric obsession bug". Ginger loves how fabric inspires you to create something beautiful for someone you love and it can be passed down for generations. Ginger has quilts that her great-grandma made and remembers her grandma telling her about the fabrics in the quilts. It is a really neat quilt and contains pieces from her dresses when she was a little girl and from her father's shirts.

My (Sarh) sister made my aunt a quilt, using one square of fabric from everything she made in the previous years! It brought tears of joy to my aunt's eyes and was great fun for all of us to point out which fabrics we had pj pants in or blankets made of, etc. Memory quilts are definitely a great thing and I hope one day, I will be able to teach Jedilynn how to sew so she can make me one with all of the fabrics I've used for clothing and fun stuff for her and her brothers. 

Okay, on to the awesome bundle of fabrics Ginger so generously sent me! I honestly love them all!

Half Yard Bundle of Micheal Miller Fabrics

I requested that Ginger send me a random half yard bundle of boy, girl or gender neutral fabrics and above is what I received. I was excited when I opened the package from Ginger! All of the fabric measures appropriately and is cut straight! I've received some fabrics from other fabric shops that have a huge angle in the cut which causes you to loose out on fabric, definitely not the case when it comes to Five Monkey Fabrics! Not stains or snags either! It is all just literally perfect as if it came directly from the manufacturer! 

I love all of the prints and colors. Jedilynn is currently getting into the Paris thing so the Eiffel Tower print was great! She is also pretty girly so all of the girly prints are just perfect!! As for the boy or more gender neutral prints, I love those as well. I can't seem to decide what I want to make the boys and out of what fabrics, but I have made Jedilynn a Punky Bruster Owl Softie! 

Okay, so the owl isn't perfect and I was way too impatient to wait to run to the store to pick up some coordinating thread and navy blue is all I had. Plus, the loose fabric on the lower left side of the owl isn't stitched up as my hand sewing needle has disappeared. Anyhow, this fabric is awesome! I've done a close zig zag stitch on some other fabrics and it often causes it to tear, but not a single tear in this fabric nor has it loosened the fabric any! It is still strong quilting fabric. Even after stuffing the owl and stitching over the wings and feet four times, the fabric is still strong. On some other fabrics I've used in the past, seams have also ripped within minutes of being sewn and as you can tell this fabric holds up great even with the added stress on the seams from stuffing. I will definitely be ordering some more adorable fabrics from Five Monkey Fabrics!! 

Five Monkey Fabrics carries fabric from a few different designers as well as different designs and styles. Lets not forget about her trims, buttons, patterns and threads as well. So be sure to head on over to her Etsy shop to check out all of the awesome bundles and you can even order by the yard! With over 1,000 listings in her shop I bet there will be at least a handful of fabrics you have to have! Perfect for anyone who loves to sew or craft with fabric. 

Five Monkey Fabrics currently has a bunch of fabric on sale! Fat quarters of Organic Cotton for as low as $1.27 and fabric by the yard for up to $5.95/yd. Awesome deals on some adorable and stylish fabrics. 


What would you like from Five Monkey Fabrics?
Which prints should I use to make a boy Owl Softie for Cade or Ezio?

Disclosure: I received the above fabrics in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may differ from those of your own. 


  1. I love the bundle of prints that you received. I could see some cute possibilities in pair them up. I bet Jedalyn loves her Punky Brewster Owl Softie.

  2. These are such nice fabrics. One of these days I want to take up sewing. I know a little bit but not enough to make anything real nice. I have a hard time reading and following patterns. Thank you for sharing