Friday, December 6, 2013

Back To Blocks Review

Back To Blocks is a family owned and operated business located in Kaysville, Utah. The wooden building blocks are handcrafted. Back To Blocks feels as though many children are not developing their natural creativity, due to the increasing world of technology. Wish I definitely have to agree with them on! As they go on to explain, children love the Legos building sets, but those usually come with detailed instructions on how to build a certain item. While kids still love these, we are still eliminating their ability to be creative, think and even their ability to problem solve. "Wooden blocks are the perfect toy for building on children's natural creative abilities."

Back To Blocks is committed to providing a safe, durable, natural and quality product. Their blocks are made from natural hardwood, have no paints, dyes or stains and they use a popular, beautiful hardwood that comes naturally in a variety of color variations. Their products have been safety tested, read more about this here.

The Block Guys12 About UsThe Block Girls2 About Us

Back To Blocks is a whole family team and every one has been involved in launching their business. 
Craig & Miriam Sheffield-Owners/Directors
Neil- Engineer, Manufacturing /Production Design
Trent- Business & Marketing, Web Site Development/Marketing
Ashley-Quality Control
Chad- Graphic Design, Logo and Print Design
Nate, 12years old, Adviser, Project Idea Construction

Back To Blocks "Basic Builder"

Basic Builder ($57ARV) is a 60 count wooden blocks set that comes in a 2 gallon bucket. This set of 60 wooden blocks comes in 10 different shapes. They are all handmade right here in the U.S.A. All of Back To Blocks, blocks are complaint with safety regulations, there are no sharp edges or slivers within any of the blocks. 

I absolutely love that these blocks come in an undoubtably sturdy 2 gallon bucket for easy clean up and storage! Cade always puts blocks back in the container that I first gave them to the kids in to play with. So those flimsy cardboard boxes don't last very long with Ezio, aka Mr. Destruction. A bucket is quite a bit easier for the little ones to put stuff back into then a box. Ezio does great with helping to clean up the blocks and really loves to help pick up. Cade cleans up the blocks (with or without Ezio) every night before bedtime and the bucket of blocks then goes on his dresser. With having a bucket that the blocks easily fit into it also makes it a breeze for parents. Your child wont need help putting them away as they don't need to be stacked a certain way or crammed into a box. 

Wooden blocks are one of Cade, Ezio and even Jada's favorite! They are great educational toys and are ideal for preschoolers, however older kids and even adults can enjoy them as well. Children will learn shapes and sorting while developing fine motor skills and learning basic math and science principles and increase social skills as they play with others with the building blocks. See, they really are more then just something kids build really high towers with then send them crashing to the floor making a loud noise! 
 Even kittens like wooden building blocks! Sunshine is a very mischievous and curious kitten, he always wants to know what the kids are doing. Cade loves to build high towers as well as lining up his blocks on the floor. He makes garages for his cars and his most recent new building... if you can call it that... was a wall in front of the tv. Cade could play with and build with wooden blocks all day long! And he has ever since we received these blocks about two weeks ago all of the kids have played with them every single day! I know some are probably thinking, but aren't plain wood blocks boring? Not at all!! 

Cade and Ezio usually share the blocks very nicely, like they are in the above photo. However, Ezio can be quite the trouble maker. He thinks he should knock down, move or take one or two of the blocks that Cade is using quite often. Ezio will be 2 years old on December 20th and boy the terrible twos just get worse from here. Despite Ezio's destructiveness him and Cade really can build and play together well. I love that they all love to play with blocks, as stated above building with blocks is great developmentally as well as educationally. The best part about this is the kids have a great time playing while learning and it's not a drag or fight to teach these sort of things. It helps teach them sharing too, which we are working on with Ezio and both boys share great, especially when prompted to, however sometimes when playing with out adult supervision it can sound like World War II is going on in the bedroom. Cade has began to bring these blocks out and ask us what the shapes are. This is great!! This fun toy has engaged Cade in learning more shapes all on it... or maybe his own as well as so many other things!  

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Disclosure: We received the above product in exchange for our honest review, all opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own.


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    1. Yes! And just two nights ago Cade forgot one of the blocks on the hallways floor and I could hear him batting it around for quite a while as I was trying to fall asleep.

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