Monday, March 21, 2016

Beryl of Monkeys - 100% Organic Indian Cotton Pajamas Review

Beryl of Monkeys
Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from yours. 

Beryl of Monkeys
 Beryl of Monkeys was created in honor of 'Nana' Beryl Orton who loved children dearly. Portions of each pajama purchase is donated to CRY - Child Rights & You. Beryl of Monkeys pajamas are made from 100% pure organic Indian cotton which is grown on fertile Indian soil and hand-picked. 

Cotton Toddler Pajamas


We received a pair of Matteo ($45ARV) and a pair of Strefano ($45ARV) pajamas from Beryl of Monkeys. These pajamas are made of 100% Pure Organic Indian Cotton. They are printed with non-toxic dyes in unisex prints and colors. The pajamas are made of breathable high quality material making them safe, strong, soft and resilient pajamas. They are also hypoallergenic and no harmful chemicals are involved in the manufacturing of the garments making them perfect for even the little with the super sensitive skin.

I love these 100% Pure Organic Indian Cotton pajamas, they are adorable and just as soft as Beryl of Monkeys claims they are! I want a pair for myself! Usually I struggle to get pajamas on the boys after their bathes because the polyester of most pajamas just doesn't glide nicely over damp skin. These are so easy to get on and they don't suction to their skin. I can only imagine how comfortable these pajamas must be.

The boys sure did have fun modeling these pajamas for me.


I guess you could say that they are just demonstrating how comfortable the pajamas are and how easy it is to move around in them. They were dancing, twirling, jumping, etc. I think that's a sure sign that they like their Beryl of Monkey pajamas and approve of them.

Ezio usually doesn't want to wear anything to bed, but he has always left his Beryl of Monkey pajamas on. Cade on the other hand absolutely loves pajamas! After he wears these pjs he always asks the very next day if I've washed them yet. He loves soft and warm pjs.

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What is your child's favorite pair of pajamas?


  1. Those jammies are super cute and they seem so comfy! The kids look adorable in them!

  2. Very cute!! My son is a little too old for these now, where were they when my son was a baby?!

  3. These are so cute! I would love a pair for my son. He has sensitive skin so sometimes synthetic materials irritate his skin. The organic Indian cotton would be perfect.

  4. It was obvious that your boys loved their jammies! Their smile tells it all! My kids are all grown ups now so it is the grand children's turn to be spoiled with comfy jammies!

  5. These pajamas are so cute. My kids favorite pajamas are onsies with the feet.

  6. These pj's are super cute and look extremely comfortable! I will check them out for my little guys!

  7. How sweet are they? I love super soft jammies for my little. They need to be comfy.

  8. Those are some adorable jammies! I think they would be great for my girls too. They love wearing jammies at night. Sometimes they wear them during the day just because they want to.

  9. Awww these pajamas are soo cute. I bet my little guy would love these too.

  10. Your boys look so adorable in those pajamas and they sure look very comfortable in it. My boys loves wearing cotton jammies too, going to check these out.

  11. Your boys are adorable! The pajamas are too cute. I'm heading over there to check the ones they have for girls.

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