Thursday, June 20, 2013

Original Sprout Baby Care Products Review & Giveaway! US 7/4

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!

About Original Sprout
The Original Sprout was founded by Inga Tritt in 2003. The name Sprout was inspired by the birth of her daughter Maya in 2002. Inga was born in Germany, but grew up in Montecito, California. She has a love for nature, art and architecture, which led her to her successful career as a Master Stylist. She wanted to be a full time so she sold her salons and spas and moved to the country, where she lives creating safe professional products for families worldwide. 

Inga created a first of it's kind, ultra moisturizing natural baby bath and styling products for her newborn daughter's thick hair. She wanted to use the safest bath products, so she tried natural baby shampoos, however to her surprise all of the shampoos wreaked havoc on her daughter's hair and sensitive skin. Inga benefited from being a master stylist with professional experience and as a mother with real life experience bringing her adventure in finding the right shampoo for her daughter into Original Sprout, which is a globally trusted natural family brand. 

Hair & Body Baby wash
The Hair & Body Babywash is an extra moisturizing cleanser that gently washes away dryness, cradle cap, eczema, psoriasis, baby acne, heat rash, diaper rash and skin irritations.

I've used this on both of my boys when they have had diaper rashes, usually after just one bath using this awesome Hair & Body Babywash and a little air drying afterwards their rash clears up by the next diaper change. We use cloth diapers so I try to avoid using diaper creams as much as possible so I don't have to worry about the cream soaking through a liner or wondering if I should strip my diapers just in case, etc. 
Both of the boys also have sensitive skin and eczema, no matter how rough their skin is when they get into the bath tub, they always come out feeling as soft as a "baby's bottom"! Just for good measure, before drying them off I apply the Scrumptious Baby Cream to try and help extend the protection and softness of their skin til their next bathes.

Scrumptious Baby Cream
Scrumptious Baby Cream is a soothing protective barrier that helps keep skin sift and smooth. This cream has multiple benefits and is infused with Natural Zinc for Environmental Protection. Scrumptious Baby Cream has rosemary in it, which insects do not like, it also helps calm and soothe sensitive skin. A non-greasy and extra hydrating for any and all skin types, it also leaves skin soft, moist and as smooth as velvet. You can use this cream on babies, children and adults. 

With other lotions and creams I have tried on my two boys' skin they often seem a bit itchy after I've applied it. However, after apply this Scrumptious Baby Cream they do not seem to be bothered by, like they don't even feel it on their skin! I also love how the scent is like a fresh baby scent, not too strong, but enough that they still smell nice and clean even after a long day of playing or even a few days after the have had a bath. 
My skin is super moist and with out using any special moisturizing products I have always been told that my skin feels as soft as baby skin. Most lotions and creams that I have tried just sit on top of my skin and really bother me! With this Scrumptious Baby Cream I don't even feel it on my skin and I love that!

Deep Conditioner
Did you know that hard water, sun, wind and pollution can dehydrate your hair, which can make your hair prone to tangles, frizzies and flyaways? This specialized family formula Deep Conditioner cares for every hair type, transforming frizies into ringlets and flyaways into smooth, silky hair. This is a safe and effective natural choice for your whole family! This deep conditioner can be used for babies, children and adults with all hair types and textures. It is rich in moisture and protein.
 Jedilynn, my 7 year old daughter, has super thick hair and it is wavy, was very curly when before we gave her, her first hair cut at about 5 years old. Her hair becomes pretty frizzy during humid summer months as well as winter months as it becomes dry in our old house. Using the Deep Conditioner in her hair has really helped to tame her hair. 

Miracle Detangler
Miracle Detangler is a professional quick release formula that makes tough tangles history. Tangles release immediately making combing effortless! This non-greasy detangler leave hair silky, soft and naturally fresh. Combing is fast, painless and safe as the comb or brush glides through hair with organic and natural ingredients. You can also use the Miracle Detangler anytime for a fresh feeling or event o calm frizzies! Great for all types of hair styles and thicknesses, helps prevent breakage as well!
 Jedilynn's hair becomes so tangled so quickly! I can literally comb through her hair and if she walks, runs, twirls her hair is tangled like it wasn't even brushed! She also gets really bad tangles and brushing/combing her hair really hurts her head. The Miracle Detangler is just as the name says, Miracle! It truly has helped to make mornings a lot smoother! No more tears, no more fights and a lot less pain!! She still says ouch every now and then, but she is a 7 year old girl, a bit dramatic! You could toss a piece of popcorn at her and she would probably say ouch. But that is how girls are. 
 I also have hair that tangles super easy and I used to just deal with the pain and all the breakage from brushing my hair with out detangler because they are usually greasy and my hair is way more then oily enough by it's self. I really like using this Miracle Detangler though on my own hair as well! I don't notice added oiliness in my hair from it and it really does help release or loosen up those tangles. My hair is just above my waist, pretty long! So lots and lots of brushing, makes my arm pretty tired, especially with lots of tangles, but the Miracle Detangler helps a ton! Speeds up the process and lessens the soreness in my arm. 

 Even more benefits of using Original Sprout?!
 What could be better then a baby cream made with Organic Rosemary, which lice and insects do not like?
 ALL Original Sprout products are worry free body care products for the whole family? Yes, all Original Sprout products are free of phytoestrogens, lavender, tea tree, phthalates, cloves and musk. Also free of soy, gluten, honey peanuts and dairy. No nanoparticles or titanium dioxide either! Not to mention it is 100% vegan. 

Where is Original Sprout available?
Original Sprout is available in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and Lexumborg! 

Discount Code!
Visit and enter discount code FIRST_ORDER_10-U when placing your first order to receive 10% OFF! 

Connect with Original Sprout
Original Sprout would like to offer one lucky winner their own Basket of Products! 
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  Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experience are those of my own with my children, please note they may differ from those of your own.


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