Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ellison's Organics: Firetruck Soap Review & Giveaway! US 7/4

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!

About Ellison's Organics
You will find healthy and handmade beauty products including organic kids' soaps, bath salts, body balms, healing salve, soy wax tarts, lip balm and so much more at Ellison's Organics! All products are carefully formulated wiht the finest of ingredients to cleanse, nourish and pamper your body and home. 

  Carleigh uses organic essential oils, organic base oils (like organic coconut oil, organic unrefined shea butter and organic mango butter), as well as natural colorants with every opportunity! Despite her efforts of trying to only use organic ingredients some products are just not available in a certified organic form, but in those cases she will always use the closest-to-nature products available to her.

With that taken into consideration, you can definitely rest assured that all purchases from Ellison's Organics will help protect yourself as well as your family and friends from those harsh chemicals and additives that are predominant in the mass market today. Also, all ingredients are made in the USA, so you'll be supporting several US based small businesses with every purchase.

Ellison's Organic Story
 Carleigh and her husband have two handsome little men, Elliott and Harrison. Along with the birth of their second child Harrison, Ellison's Organics was born as well! Carleigh realized that she cared about not being able to pronounce most of the ingredients on the back of the bath wash bottle, so she decided she'd better do something about it. So she created Ellison's Organics to ensure that the things she was putting on her the skin of her often messy boys was going to do more for good for them than it would harm. She began searching and researching to find the most natural, finest and organic ingredients out there to create Ellison's Organics with. She was very pleased to find ingredients that she understood, such as, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil as well as Coconut Oil. they were all safe and even beneficial for our bodies as well as sounding delicious.

 Organic Firetruck Soap

 How awesome! Organic unscented Firetruck soap and it actually looks like a Firetruck! Ellison's Organics firetruck soaps are unscented and can be made in a variety of colors, but of course they are usually made in red. They weigh about 2 ounces and are about 4 inches long, they are also shrink-wrapped.

Cade loves his firetruck soap! We are potty training when he is up for it, forcing wont help him potty train any soon, however back to my point. When he does use the potty then he washes his hands with his new firetruck soap. He also uses his firetruck soap in the bath tub and because loves for his hands to be clean I have a feeling I'll be purchasing more of these awesome firetruck soaps very soon! Before we had this soap he would ask for a baby wipe or napkin after each cheesy piece of food he ate or other type of food that would leave stuff on his fingers or leave them sticky. Literally after every piece! Now that we have this firetruck soap in our bathroom he runs into the bathroom to wash his hands very often! The soap does get his hands nice and clean and he is satisified with the cleaning ability of this soap. When he would ask for a wipe I'd have to wipe his hands many time before they were clean enough for him to go back to eating. 

Meltaway Lip Balm

 Ellison's Organics Meltaway Lip Balm provides soothing, moisturizing and smooth lip balm that is specially formulated to penetrate your skin quickly, leaving nothing behind except for healing and moisture. This is awesome for kids as it contains no chemicals, additives or scents!

Carleigh uses three powerhouse ingredients to create her awesome Meltaway balm, these ingredients are a combination of Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Natural Pure Beeswax and Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. 

This lip balm is also available in a handy slid tin and can be used for soothing dry lips, elbows and cracked heels. Due to the nature of this balm and the fact that it does not contain any preservatives it should be stored in a cool and dry place, like a nightstand, drawer, purse, etc. It should not be left in car as it could melt, it may also melt in your pocket due to your body heat. It lasts for about six months, but I don't see how you could not have used it all before then. Each tube contains about .15 ounces of lip balm.

I'm not big on chap sticks, carmex or other mass produced lip products, but I love this Meltaway Lip Balm from Ellison's Organics! It does not need to be applied every five minutes like other lip products and it does not dry out your lips. I've used this lip balm for myself as well as on Ezio, my one and half year old. Jedilynn, my 7 year old daughter has also used this lip balm and tried to hide it from me because she wanted it to be hers and didn't want me to use it all! 

Connect with Ellison's Organics

Ellison's Organics would like to offer one lucky reader their own Organic Firetruck Soap!
Enter Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash for your chance to win HERE!

Disclosure: We received the above products in exchange for our honest review! I received no monetary compensation for this post. 


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