Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rachel Burton Design: Rolly Polly Fabric Ball Review & Giveaway! US 7/4

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!

About Rachel Burton Design
Rachel Burton Design is full of encouraged adventures and imagination is mandatory! She uses natural materials that go through rigorous processes of manipulation to create pieces that come out quilted, colorful, handmade, comforting, functional, pieced and loved! 

Rolly Polly!

The Rolly Pollies come in an awesome handmade canvas bag with a drawstring tie and little fabric spikes along the sides. 
The Rolly Polly fabric balls are made by hand and measure 30 in around. They are stuffed with kapok, which is a fine fibrous cotton like substance that grows around the seeds of the ceiba tree. It is often used for stuffing cushions, soft toys and much more. The outer is made with cotton fabric that Rachel hand manipulates and hand pieced together for a tactile effect.

Cade loves playing with balls and was so excited when he opened the bag and seen this awesome tactile fabric ball inside the bag. The sail boat fabric on it was an added bonus as he loves any and all modes of transportation. This fabric ball does not bounce, but I love that factor! Usually balls end up bouncing into the tv or other breakable things. He loves tossing this ball around and I feel it is a fairly safe indoor ball as well as a great outdoor ball. He usually tosses balls around in the kitchen and dinning room. I managed to get a picture of him! 

He was having so much fun playing with his Rolly Polly from Rachel Burton Design! 

Connect with Rachel Burton Design

Rachel would like to offer one lucky winner their own Rolly Polly!
Enter Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash for your chance to win HERE!

Disclosure: We received the above Rolly Polly in exchange for our honest review. I received no monetary compensation for this post. 


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  5. I like the Rolly Polly: A Tactile Fabric Ball // Perfect Baby to Toddler Toy (All blues)

  6. I like the pink and yellow multi-color Rolly Polly for a girl. Very cute idea.

  7. I like the Tactile Monster Quilt/Blanket

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