Sunday, June 16, 2013

SoftBums Echo Review & Giveaway!

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!

About SoftBums
 SoftBums is based in Minnesota, Sarah and Brian Van Bogart are the husband and wife team behind SoftBums. They have been selling the unique Echo diapering system, which was formerly called PerfectFit, since 2008. Sarah is the founder and co-owner as well as the designer of SoftBums, she has been sewing and designing diapers for over 10 years! She works hard to provide the best products she possibly can, because she knows how frustrating it is to have a diaper that doesn't fit properly, leaks or wears out after just a few months.

SoftBums Echo System

The SoftBums Echo System is awesome and made in the USA! SoftBums Patent Pending Slide²Size is the ONLY variable adjustment of it's kind. SoftBums Slide²Size allows you to basically customize the size specifically for your baby and easy to adjust as your baby grows! It fits all leg widths from 4" to 14" and NEVER leaves red marks! SoftBums Echo is Ultra Trim, way smaller then leading brands, but still fits from 6 pounds to 35 pounds, they even fit my 41 pound son with no leaks! You get to choose your own Pods so your able to customize your diapering system even more! These are made with Industrial strength velcro closures, which are longer lasting and won't "wear out" like other velcros. Echo Shells protect against leaks, but still allow air to flow through, keeping your baby comfortable and rash free. Up to 80% LESS rashes then disposables.

Always a great fit on Cade who is apparently 41 pounds, I thought he was about 34 pounds and then I weighed him today. Our SoftBums Echo fits him great, not too small, his butt cheeks don't hang out at all and he never has red marks. As you can tell in the photo above the leg elastic is not too tight and he still has quite a bit of room to grow in the legs. 

I can also get a great fit in the waist for him, but his waist is pretty skinny. He also has room to grow in the waist. There are quite a bit of diapers that no longer fit or are on the very last snap, but the SoftBums still fit great! 

The SoftBums Echo system also fits great on Cade's younger brother Ezio, who is 1.5 years old and weighs about 23 pounds. Ezio isn't quite as big of a drinker as Cade is, I could probably get away with just the small pod for Ezio, but by it's self it is not quite long enough as he is a big boy, if I had a 1.5yr old little girl I would be able to as it would be in the wet zone. 

I can get a very nice fit on Ezio as well in the legs and waist with out any leaks, no red marks and still plenty of room to grow. Our SoftBums Echo is one of the first diapers I grab when it is clean. 

Connect with SoftBums
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SoftBums is offering one lucky winner their very own SoftBums Echo System (Echo Shell and super dry touch pod) in their choice of color and closure. This giveaway is open to US residents ages 18 years of age and older.
Enter Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash for your chance to win HERE!
Beginning Soon!

 Disclosure: I received the above product(s) in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own.


  1. Their Omni diaper in blue is a lovely color.

  2. I love the echo in berry owls with velcro. :D

  3. SoftBums Echo Shellwith the velcro looks easy to close

  4. Panda Burn w/ Velcro has a cute design

  5. I like the june calendar bum chevron worm

  6. I like Berry owls with snaps; we NEED snaps for all of our diapers these days!

    1. How come you need snaps? I personally seem to prefer velcro, better fit usually on our fairly slim boys. Plus Ezio, my 18m/o can get both off. :/

  7. I like the Panda Bum with Velcro

  8. I like the Berry Owls with Velcro.

  9. Soft Bum Omni -Love the leopart/cheetah print

  10. Owls or leopard so cute and of course velcro