Sunday, June 30, 2013

Body Glove Mobile: Motorola Defy XT DropSuit Review

 Body Glove was first known in the scuba industry for offering scuba suits that delivered the perfect protective fit for divers so the Body Glove brand now brings their 'Suit Up' commitment to their Body Glove Mobile line of sleek-fitting, protective cell phone case designs. 

You'll want to make sure your phone is protected whether your suiting up for work or play. Body Glove takes the job of protecting your phone seriously.  Body Glove Mobile keeps your cell phone safe while maintaining it's functionality and ease of use.

 The DropSuit phone case is there to break the fall when you accidentally drop your phone. It has reinforced corners and a unique shock dissipation system. The strategically place side bumpers provide extra concussion deflection. While keeping your phone protected in the first place is by not dropping it, sometimes these things just happen and you definitely want to make sure your phone is in a DropSuit. You may even drop your phone less often while it is in the DropSuit, because of the DropSuit's side bumpers which give your hand a firm grip to hold onto. If your protecting your cell phone from the rigors of life wasn't good enough, DropSuit also provides protection from the elements unforeseen to the naked eye. These cases contain an embedded anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria and other microorganisms that are byproducts of taking your phone everywhere with you. You may rely on your phone for so many things each and everyday, such as phone calls, texting, scheduling and surfing the web. Your phone also relies on you, believe it or not, to help keep it safe! You can do so with a DropSuit!

The DropSuit is available for many cell phone makes and models, see if there is a DropSuit available for your phone in the drop down box found here. The DropSuit is also available in three colors. 

I'm not sure how it happened (isn't that what we all say), but I'm pretty sure that my previous phone I had, a Samsung Delve, just flew out of my hand when I pulled it out of my pocket and it just so happened to land in a pretty deep puddle. Thankfully Samsungs are pretty "waterproof", it dried out and I was able to use it for a bit longer. However! If I had a DropSuit on my phone (that phone is about 4 years old so there is no DropSuit for it, but just bare with!), it would not have gone for a fly and swim because the DropSuit has the grips along the sides! I love how the DropSuit has all of the necessary openings, such as for the camera, the charger port, etc. I've had cases and covers in the past that would cover all of that up and while I'm sure that was only to keep dirt and other unwanted things out of those places, it was still a pain to have to move the flap or completely take the case off any time I wanted to use one of things being covered by it. I do not have that issue with the DropSuit. 

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