Thursday, June 20, 2013

Baby Magic Review & Giveaway! US 7/4

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!
Baby Magic

About Baby Magic
 Baby Magic has a history of providing gentle, effective and no-nonsense products that has made them a trusted brand for generations. Baby Magic has been around since 1951 and their brand is dedicated to the well-being and care of both parents and babies. Baby Magic knows that when it comes to the gentle touching and caressing while bathing your baby is not only to clean their bodies, but to help establish a bond between parent and child. You can continue to enhance and nurture this bond with Baby Magic because it helps to replenish moisture and provides a delicate soft touch and clean scent to leave your baby smelling wonderful.

 Soft Cotton Blooms Hair & Body Wash

Soft Cotton Blooms Baby Magic Hair & Body Wash is a gentle, tear-free wash with a sweet Lily and Jasmine scent that will leave your baby feeling fresh and smelling clean. This hair and body wash is enriched with vitamins and aloe, hypoallergenic and is also dermatologist tested. It is available in 16.5 fl oz as well as a larger 30 fl oz bottle. Did you know Baby Magic is FREE of Paraben, Gluten, Tears, Dye, Phthalate and is pH balanced?

I love the fresh and clean baby smell of Baby Magic's Soft Cotton Blooms Hair & Body Wash! The boys stay clean smelling even with all of the running around they do in the hot summer weather. They are quite the sweaters and can be stinky little boys, but this hair and body wash is perfect for them. I love pulling them out of the bath and giving their super soft and clean smelling little selves a nice big hug. 
Both Cade and Ezio have sensitive skin and eczema, however, this hair and body wash is gentle enough for them to use, making it even more awesome to this momma! Neither of the boys show any signs of being itchy or like their skin is irritated by the Baby Magic and neither of them developed a rash from it. Rashes are no fun, leaving a happy momma to cuddle with her boys. 

Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Baby Magic Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream softens and nourishes your baby's delicate skin. It is formulated to provide deep all-day moisturization for dry skin. This cream is enriched with vitamins, Shea butter and almond oil and is perfect for baby massages. With a pleasant Original Baby Magic Scent this cream will leave your baby smelling just a baby should. It helps to retain moisture while protecting against chapped skin and dry patches, helps to relieve itching from dry, eczema-prone skin. It is available in 6 oz tubes. Did you know Baby Magic is FREE of Paraben, Gluten, Tears, Dye, Phthalate and is pH balanced?

Cade does not get as many rough eczema patches as Ezio does, but he still gets some small rash patches. I personally do not use the steroid cream from the doctor unless their rashes or patches wont go away with other eczema creams that are not as heavily medicated or unless it is just that bad that they absolutely need it. Not saying that those steroid creams are horribly dangerous, just a personal preference, but I do recommend any and all parents to look into the cream before applying it onto their child. The Baby Magic cream on the other hand I feel much better applying to my boys' skin. 

Ezio's knees and legs are almost always broken out in a rash, from what exactly, we have no idea. Mainly when we are outside is when he develops the rashes. The rashes do itch and bother him, I see him scratch his legs and belly/chest as well quite frequently. Since we've started using this cream from Baby Magic I've noticed a huge decrease in his itching and it helps to clear up his rashes a bit on his legs and knees. 

With both boys I apply the cream when they get out of the bath BEFORE drying them off, it helps their skin draw in more moisture making the cream more effective. 
It does contain fragrance and usually our boys do not do well with things on their bodies that contain fragrances, but they have not had an issue with this cream. I'm not big on applying lotions or creams to my own body, but as a mother and knowing how sensitive my boys skin is I applied it to my arms. It did not just sit on top of my skin which is my biggest issue with most creams. I have some what sensitive skin so applying it to my skin first to see if I have a reaction or to see if it makes me itch is always something I do.   

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Baby Magic would like to offer one lucky winner their own Soft Cotton Blooms Hair & Body Wash and Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream! 
Enter Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash for your chance to win HERE!

Disclosure: We received the above products in exchange for our honest review. I received no monetary compensation for this post. 


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