Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kidorable Pirate Collection Review & Umbrella Giveaway!

Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash!

About Kidorable
 Kidorable started in 1997, when Liping and Jonathan Domsky, then living in an efficiency apartment sprung with the idea that the world needs functional, but also fun children's apparel and accessories! They said "We can do that." and thus Kidorable was born! Kidorable started with lions and cats and bears, oh my, manifested as umbrellas and hangers, Kidorable generated enough sales during tis first year to break even and plant fruitful Kidorable seeds throughout the land. In the following year, sales grew ten fold! Every year since, give or take, a new style and/or product line debutes. also every year, the world joyfully embraced more Kidorable delights, give or take then the year before. 

Pirate Collection!
 We received the Pirate Rain Coat $36 ARV, Pirate Backpack $23 ARV and Pirate Rain Boots $29 ARV as well as a super cute hand painted and hand carved wooden Pirate Hanger.

The Pirate Rain Coat is a stylish and eye-grabbing upscale coat that is the core of the Kidorable ensemble. This is made of an outer PVC and a comfortable polyester lining, they also come with a free matching Kidorable Hanger. Best feature in mine and Cade's eye any ways is the attachable eye patch in the hood! 

The Pirate Backpack is like a Treasure Chest!! Cade LOVES treasure chests so that was perfect for him! The backpack is an easy to wash PVC backpack that has both inside and outside pockets. This backpack is perfect for the beach, picnic, park, school or other outdoor outing as it will keep your items inside dry during rain or shine.

The Pirate Rain Boots are made of natural rubber and are guaranteed to be the cutest boots in your neighborhood! Cade loves his rain boots and has been wearing them everyday around the house! 

Cade uses his rain coat and boots as well as his backpack as a Pirate costume! He loves it and it is sometimes quite the fight to get him to take it off for nap time or bedtime. We had tons of rain, but of course now since we received out Pirate Collection from Kidorable rain is much less frequent. That doesn't stop Cade from dressing up like a pirate in his Kidorable gear and having tons of fun! 

Cade is the pants less Pirate! 

UPDATE 6/18/13
We finally got some rain! YAY!

"Mommy! I be a Pirate and I not get wet!" Cade exclaimed with excitement as he stood in the rain in his Pirate Raincoat and Rain boots.

It had been so hot all day yesterday that once it finally rained there was a ton of steam coming off of the streets and sidewalks, you don't see that very often here in Wisconsin. Cade had walked down to steps just before getting to the public side walk and then came running back and told me, "Mommy the street CREEPY!". It was way too cute!

After the rain had stopped Cade took his hood off and then his rain coat came off entirely.

He then hopped onto his Cars' 3-wheeler and road away in his Pirate rain boots.

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Kidorable would like to offer one lucky winner their choice of a super adorable Kidorable Umbrella! This giveaway is open to US residents whom are 18 year of age or older!
Enter Cade's 3rd Birthday Bash for your chance to win HERE!

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Disclosure: I received the Kidorable products above in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are those of Cade's and my own, please note they may be different from those of your own. 


  1. I love the Dragon Knight Umbrella is adorable!

  2. Ladybug Umbrella is such a cute one they all are!

  3. I like the lotus flower umbrella

  4. I love the dog umbrella! Kidorable products are great, my daughter has a mermaid towel from them and it's so fun!

  5. I would choose the Space Hero Umbrella for one of my sons. They have an AWESOME selection!

  6. Love the Dinosaur Bath Towel -Very nice products!

  7. If I won in the giveaway, I'd choose the dragon umbrella for my grandson. I love the entire line of rain gear they have, way cute!

  8. I like the dog, panda or butterfly if i won the giveaway so cute!!