Thursday, July 9, 2015

Zabada Clean 50% OFF Site Wide Sale!

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Amazon Site Wide Sale at Zabada Clean!
For one week only shop Zabada Clean for 50% OFF Site wide! 
All orders of $49 or more will ship for FREE!

So what is Zabada Clean all about?!
Zabada is working to rid homes and our planet of poisonous cleaning chemicals. They are taking a stand for our planet, against yucky chemicals that leave toxic residue and emissions for your skin to absorb and kids to breathe in. These chemicals are known to poison and cause serious harm to us all. The Zabada solution is scientifically proven to clean better, faster and healthier! Millions of households across Europe and Australia have shed their HAZMAT suits and converted to chemical-free living with the Zabada system.

How does the Zabada System work?
It's all in the fibers baby! They are an Austrian-made and engineered range of advanced cleaning fibers and microfiber cloths. No grease, grime or bacteria have ever been faced with anything like the Zabada system before in the US! These fibers are deeper, thicker and superior in quality compared to your average microfiber cloth. These products are made and hand-sewn in Austria to exacting European ISO* standards. They're cut 100 times finer than a human hair to reach in and grab every particle from every kind of surface. 

And all they need to remove dirt and bacteria is a little water, the stuff that's safe for your kids to drink. 

Come check out Zabada Clean and Make your Home Clean, Safe & Healthy!

Keep an eye on the blog! Review of Zabada's coming up soon!! Truly amazing products that really do clean!

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