Friday, July 24, 2015

Head Back to School with Stitch Fix!

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Back to School with Stitch Fix.

It's almost time for back to school, but let's not forget about all the moms out here. We'd like cute new outfits for attending school events, open house, etc. Especially if you have a girl, she wants her mom to look and dress beautifully. So come check out Stitch Fix and set up your own personal stylist by completing the quiz. 

Get super cute outfits (5 items to fit your personal style), but if you don't like them or don't want to keep them, send the items back and you can get a new Stitch Fix box. If you do like what you received you can purchase it and you only pay for what you keep. 

Jedilynn is always wanting to go to school dances and events, but when we go sometimes I feel like my 9 year old is picking out my clothes and dressing me, instead of me dressing her. Girls are so fussy about what they wear as well as what their moms wear I guess. With Stitch Fix you can dress up your closet with cute new things. 

Jedilynn is a big girl for her age and she could fit in women clothing and participate in Stitch Fix's program. Stitch Fix would also be great for girls in middle school and high school or even college students. If you're in college and have presentations or speeches to give than Stitch Fix can provide that classy professional look you may not already have in your closet. 

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