Friday, July 10, 2015

Tea Collections NEW Arrivals & 10% OFF!

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New Arrivals at Tea Collection! 
Guess where Tea Collection went this time for their new collection! Remember a few weeks ago, I explained that the Tea Collection family gets to go travel to different countries to study their attire and come back to design their own version? I'm quite jealous of their travels! 

Their newest adventures will take you from the high plateaus of the Andes to the colorful Bolivian marketplaces of La Paz and south to Argentina's La Pampa region, where gauchos are more than just cowboys. We'll all tango in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires and go further south still to climb the blue glaciers of Patagonia. 

Argentina & Bolivia
Visit Tea Collection and join them on their adventures. Check out all of the neat things coming our way this fall!

Tea Collection's Adventures Await You!

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