Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Honest Kitchen: Grace Dehydrated Cat Food & Pro Bloom Dry Goat's Milk Supplement Review

The Honest Kitchen
Disclosure: I received these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are our own and may differ from those of your own. 

The Honest Kitchen 
The Honest Kitchen began back in 2002 when Lucy was making her first dog, Mosi fresh food. It was quite messy in her kitchen, but she didn't want that to stop her from making and feeding her dog the healthy food made of whole, colorful and healthy ingredients.  Dehydration was the answer to a cleaner kitchen. She started receiving samples from raw ingredients suppliers, which were blended in specific recipes to create Verve. 

Soon Mosi's dog park friends wanted to try Verve and soon a local store wanted to sell it! After certifications from their ingredients suppliers they were manufacturing this gourmet pet food made with ingredients that people could eat! Their first batch was 2,000 pounds and was selling out quickly! Each batch to follow was getting a little bigger and bigger. 
Check out more of the History of The Honest Kitchen

Grace Cat Food & Pro Bloom

We received a 2 pound box of Grace Grain Free Cat Food - Turkey Recipe ($29.99ARV) and a can of Pro Bloom - Instant Goat's Milk Plus Probiotics 6oz. container ($19.99ARV). 

Pro Bloom
Pro Bloom is a dry goat's milk supplement with probiotics. It is shelf-stable and instantly goat's milk with digestive enzymes & probiots. Pro Bloom is great for dogs and cats. Pro Bloom is The Honest Kitchen's very own formulation of natural goat's milk plus probiotics and digestive enzymes. It was designed to nourish and nurture cats and dogs alike. Ideally for growing puppies and kittens as well as general immune support for the gut.

Pro Bloom digestive enzymes for dogs and cats is a human-grade and made in the USA from pasture-raised, free-ranging goat's milk in the Pacific Northwest. It is free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics.  Can be served alone, over hard food or mixed with Grace Cat Food. 

I gave our momma cat some Pro Bloom while she was nursing her newborn kittens and she loved it. Once the kittens were drinking water on their own then I introduced them to Pro Bloom. I did not want to over step momma cat's nursing abilities or deter them from nursing from mom. The kittens absolutely LOVE the Pro Bloom! I mix it with warm water and the warm goat's milk sits nicely in their little tummies. They used to sleep after drinking Pro Bloom, now that they are older that no longer fall asleep shortly after drinking it. Sort of like a human infant falling asleep with warm milk/formula/breastmilk in their little tummies. 

First there were two curious kittens. Then there were five curious kittens...

And finally all 6 curious kittens filling their bellies with nutritious Pro Bloom!

I love how all six, four week old kittens were able to stand around a normal cereal bowl and drink their Pro Bloom from The Honest Kitchen! 

Even at eight weeks old they still love their Pro Bloom. The bowl on the left is water and the bowl on the right is Pro Bloom Goat's Milk, all six started out drinking milk and a few followed it up with water. They all approve! Also, after the kittens leave the bowl of goat's milk, if I am not looking, I can catch the older cats taking a drink of Pro Bloom. They also like it, but they allow the kittens to drink first. 

Grace Cat Food
Grace Cat Food is dehydrated cat food which is made with cage-free turkey and eggs along with parsley, a little pumpkin and dandelion greens. 70% of the mixture is meat. The Grace grain-free, gluten-free dehydrated cat food is ideal for cats of all ages, but especially for those who need a gluten free diet. Grace dehydrated cat food can be used in place of homemade or canned cat food dishes. 

Miss Copy Cat (she is a darker version of one of her sisters) was the first of the kittens to come sniff out the Grace Cat Food. She eating it right away. Soon after I gathered up the other three kittens...

As you can tell, we have two "trouble makers" who aren't too keen on sharing food other than their dry kitten food, so they have their own bowls. They all love the Grace Cat Food! It's super easy to mix up a batch for these four kittens and even when we still had all six from the litter. Since they are no more than probably 3 pounds each, I mixed up a cup of food for the four kittens. Per the box for a 1-5 pound kitten they should get 1/3 to 1/2 a cup of Grace Cat Food. The small white bowls that the two trouble makers are eating from are actually my measuring cups which are 1 cup filled to the rim. I mixed the food in a cool whip container and then poured it into separate bowls for the kittens. They did not fully finish the bowls, although sometimes they do. They also have dry kitten food available for them at all times. 

Miss Paws (she's very pawsy, smacks stuff and people a lot) of course dumped her bowl of food. The measuring cups the two trouble makers were eating from have little grippers on the bottom, but not the red bowl she had. She cleaned it up though, she didn't want her tasty new food to go to waste. 

Unfortunately, the larger cats (Sunshine-daddy, pictured above)don't seem to want the Grace Cat Food. I wouldn't say they don't like it as they really haven't tried it! However, they are very polite as they allow the kittens to eat before they eat, which is absolutely amazing to me! Plus, momma cat likes to try and steal our food while she's pregnant and nursing so she often gets scolded when going for food in the kitchen. So I suppose for her, she's unsure if it's okay. I keep trying as I know this would be great for her. Maybe eventually she'll take to it. There will be no more babies, so I'm sure she'll take to this once she's no longer nursing any kittens, but it'll still be just as good for her. 

Both products are a hit here! I definitely approve of these products for my kitties. Oh and I'm not a fan of the smell of most commercial pet foods, especially not moist/wet foods. They kind of make my stomach churn a bit, but not The Honest Kitchen's products! So that was another plus for me. 

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What do you like most about Honest Kitchen and their products? Which Honest Kitchen product would you like for your pet(s) to try?


  1. It is crazy what they can put in pet food. I have no heard of Honest Kitchen before, it sounds like a great brand of pet food. Your kittens are adorable, I haven’t been brave enough to get a pet with the three kids yet.

    1. I have three kiddos as well. We went with cats because scooping out the litter box a few times a day (only needs to be done once with 1-2 cats) is much easier than taking out a pup and training a pup while also wrangling three kiddos. My 3.5 yo still thinks it's funny to run off so I definitely couldn't chase after a pup as well as my human kiddo. lol

  2. Awww love kittens and cats wish the hubs would compromise and let me have one. There is always a trouble maker in the bunch smh. When trying out products for me or my pets I always like to get reviews before I buy.

    1. My hubs was very firm on NO cat at all! Now look, started with two innocent kittens and they have now had three litters. No more kittens for us though, goodness it's expensive taking care of 9 cats (6 kittens, mom, dad and big brother from first litter). My mom randomly took our middle child to go get the two kittens we started out w/o and he couldn't tell our son no when he came home with them and a huge smile on his face. And I agree, I definitely like true and tried reviews before buying as well.

  3. Probiotics are really good, not just to us people, but to our pets as well. How I wish we had this kind of food when my dog was still alive. His tummy didn't agree with most dog foods.

  4. It is so important to give our furry friends a nutritious meal daily just like we should do for ourselves. I am quite the dog lover. While we did not feed them Honest Kitchen (hear they are a great brand) we did make their food fresh.

    1. That is awesome! A family member of mine makes her dogs fresh food and she has quite a few dogs to feed. I'm not sure I could do that all the time.

  5. This is pretty interesting, I never thought about going with the dehydrated route. Very interesting stuff as I never even thought about it before nor did I think it was even available. I definitely want to go and check this out for the kitties! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. What sweet cats! I don't have any furry cat friends, but it is so important to feed your animals the appropriate foods. Sometimes there are recalls and it makes me SO upset to know that we might be unknowingly poisoning our animals. I am glad to hear this dehydrated option.

  7. first off, these cats are adorable!! I really want a cute little kitten to play with! Second, this food looks really great for cats! I think it's so important to feed cats the best ingredients, and this product seems like it is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  8. They are too cute. I love that the food is natural and made with mostly meat. I think it's great, especially with the increase in pet allergies these days. I think your bigger cats just need to get used to it and they will love it like the kitties do.

  9. This is a very helpful review. We are trying to get our cats to eat better foods for them because one of them as health problems and we hate to see when he cant keep his food down. I will definitely be looking into this as this just might do the trick!!

  10. OMGoodness…I think that would be too cute to see the kitties fall asleep after having milk (like a baby would). That's very cool that the company makes a product that is good enough for humans to consume.