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Follicleanse Dandruff Shampoo Review

Follicleanse | Shampoos, Conditioners & Hair Vitamins for Healthy Hair!
Disclosure: I received this below item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Follicleanse was created in the mid-90's when the founder began having problems with his scalp and hair such as slow hair growth, itching, flaking, oiliness and redness which seemed like they were happening for no reason at all. Without knowing the root of his problem, he tried all of the name-brand hair vitamins and shampoos for dandruff and common scalp problems like scalp acne, scalp psoriasis and even dermatitis. This also included prescription brands by dermatologists. But nothing worked while his irritating scalp troubles seemed to be getting worse.

So he did some research and after six months of researching common ingredients in shampoos and conditioners, he concluded that many of the popular brands used chemicals that can be harsh to a sensitive scalp and damaging to the hair. He went on to invest time and money into developing a formula based on natural, non-irritating botanical extracts, gentle surfacants, essential oils, proteins, minerals and a vibrant vitamin complex. All of these ingredients were aimed at reducing the flaking, greasiness, itching and oiliness. His formula worked and worked great! The problems disappeared and his hair and scalp felt great. Follicleanse was born!

Follicleanse Shampoo

The Follicleanse Shampoo ($20ARV) is their best clarifying shampoo and has quickly become their top selling shampoo for any one that wants healthier hair and no itching. It is best for oily hair, anti-dandruff, clarifying and for regulating sebaceous gland secretions. This shampoo is rich in Zinc PCA and botanical extracts to heal and repair inflammation and irritation as well as reduce oil production. A clean scalp and hair growth go hand in hand. 

Deep cleans dirt, oil and product build-up
Reduces oil production from sebaceous glands
Infuses vitamins and botanicals to heal and revitalize
Increase blood flow to the scalp
Helps stop DHT accumulation
Paraben Free, Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

This Follicleanse shampoo is excellent for gently cleaning the root of the hair. Sebum and cholesterol can combine to become very hard in the hair follicle, as it stays in the follicle it breeds bacteria and prevents oxygen from reaching from reaching the roots of the hair as well as the blood supply that brings vital nutrients. Often times this causes flaky, itchy scalps or scalp psoriasis and dandruff.

I have oily hair as well as dandruff and an itchy scalp. I've tried so many different things from big named stores and I've even asked my doctor and salon stylists for help, ideas, tips, etc. I've been struggling with these hair/scalp issues for at least the past 13 years or so! Of course I was ecstatic to try out Follicleanse when the opportunity arose. I only washed my hair every other day/shower and in between I just rinse my hair with water. After a week or so of using this Follicleanse shampoo I've felt a huge relief. My scalp isn't nearly as itchy and the oiliness has subsided, but it's hasn't caused my hair to dry out and feel like hay. It feels like normal, healthier hair. After trying so many different shampoos, conditioners, no conditioner, etc over the past 13 years I really didn't think I'd find anything to work. I was ready to start washing my hair with apple cider vinegar (it's an acid and would probably help lessen the oiliness, but at the same time damage my hair). 

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Do you or a loved one suffer from dry, oily, itchy scalp or dandruff? Do you feel Follicleanse Shampoo may be your answer?

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