Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ferrara Candy Company CHUCKLES® Jelly Candies Review & Comedy Sports Tickets DEAL!

Disclosure: I received samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

About Ferrara Candy Company
Ferrara Candy Company started out as a family-owned business has now evolved into a growing, Chicago based confectionary powerhouse after it merged with Farley and Sathers. The combination of talents from these two companies has helped create a stronger and more thriving business.  Ferrara Candy Company has a line of treats both classic and current and they have brought them together to enjoy a bright future. 


Way back in 1921, Fred Amend created CHUCKLES®. Jelly candies lightly coated in a layer of sugar. CHUCKLES® come in cherry, lemon, lime, orange and licorice. 

We received a box of 24 Originals Packages, a box of 24 Chuckles minis packages and a 10oz bag of Chuckles Minis. That's about five pounds worth of Chuckles and oh they were all so very delicious! 

My grandpa got me hooked on Chuckles and other sugar coated jelly candies, they were his favorite and he always had some sort of jelly candy. When I received my package of Chuckles I showed my mom and I think she may have even done a little jig, she was way more excited than I had expected her to be. I should have recorded her reaction. She loves the licorice Chuckles and I do not, so I put all of the black Chuckles into a baggie for her. Of course I shared packages of all the colors of Chuckles with her as well. I shared some with my grandma and my kiddos as well. There wasn't a single person out of about ten people who I shared our Chuckles with that didn't like them. I'm not a real big sweets or candy fan, but I've eaten my fair share of these Chuckles! 

They are a hit whether you're 3 years old or 65 years old and probably even older!

I haven't seen Chuckles in stores around here in forever, turns out it's because I remembered the Originals bright yellow packaging and through Ferrara's Product Finder it appears that only the Cherry Fruit Slices are available here. Those are in a red package.

Special BOGO FREE ComedySportz Tickets!

Chuckles has partnered with Comedy Sportz for a Sweet Summer Ticket Deal! Get Chuckles this Summer, Both Laughs and the Classic Jelly Candy, during America’s #1 Comedy Competition and Take Advantage of a Limited-Time 2-for-1 Ticket Offer.  

About ComedySportz and CSz Worldwide
Since 1984, ComedySportz has been America’s Favorite Comedy Competition, providing all-ages friendly “Comedy For Everyone”. Every ComedySportz match played in 25 cities across the United States and Europe features the fast-paced improv comedy stylings of two teams of professional players, competing for their fans’ love, laughter, and cheers.  CSz Worldwide is the international licensor of ComedySportz and a global provider of improv-based solutions for business-appropriate entertainment, engaging learning & development, and unexpected events marketing.  For more information visit

ComedySportz and CSz are registered trademarks of CSz Worldwide, an Oregon Company.

The Offer!
"What do you get when you combine America's #1 Comedy Competition with classic, crave-able jelly candy?" Lots of Chuckles at ComedySportz in Milwaukee (and across the US as well). The Milwaukee ComedySportz Club is located at 420 South First Street, Milwaukee, WI.  Use code CHUCKLES to redeem the ComedySportz buy-one-get-one free ticket offer through October 25th, 2015. For tickets you can call ComedySportz box office at (414) 272-8888 or you can order your tickets online here.

“Chuckles is thrilled to offer this sweet discount so families can enjoy ComedySportz’ unique brand of Comedy For Everyone,” said Dawn Sykora, Director of Marketing, Iconic Brands, for Ferrara Candy Company. “We know families attending ComedySportz matches will have some ‘chuckles’ together with our classic candy, that will bring back nostalgic memories for parents while putting smiles on their kids’ faces.”

The smiles will extend beyond this great discount ticket offer and hilarious improv comedy, because ComedySportz referees will also provide FREE bars of Chuckles’ irresistible coated jelly candy as a special prize for the fan who provides the improv suggestion that results in the most “chuckles” for that night’s show.

“We bring the funny so that families from all over Milwaukee can enjoy ComedySportz, America’s #1 Comedy Competition for over 30 years,” said Alex Thien, Operations Manager of CSz Milwaukee. “The joy and laughter that Chuckles brings to families across Milwaukee is a perfect fit for this special partnership.”

Offer is valid 6/1/2015 to 10/25/2015. Redeemable with advance reservations only at participating clubs. Find your nearest location to see ComedySportz. Must call ahead for tickets, and must mention CHUCKLES special offer code when ordering. Redemption is subject to availability of tickets. Good for public performances only. Not redeemable for cash. Not valid with any other offer.

Connect with Ferrara Candy Company
Twitter @FerraraCandy

Do you remember Chuckles? Were they a favorite of yours? What is the nearest ComedySportz to you, do you plan to attend a show?


  1. These sound good and the review sounds amazing! Who doesn't love to laugh??

  2. Wow! Chuckles! I haven't had these in a long time. These remind me of being a kid. I loved the red ones.