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Potty Cover Review

Potty Cover
Disclosure: I received the below item in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and experiences are my own and may differ from those of your own. 

Potty Cover
Potty Cover is a disposable toilet seat cover for children. They completely cover the toilet, including the sides, front and toilet seat. This helps keep away germs and wetness. Potty Cover is made of soft non-woven fabric on top and coated with a layer of plastic on the bottom. The plastic bottom helps create a waterproof barrier between your child and the toilet seat. Potty Covers come individually wrapped and are small for easy on-the-go use. Simply stick one or two in your purse, diaper bag, leave one in the glove box of the car, etc. 

This is definitely a must have product for parents who are potty training their child. A lot of parents put their child in a diaper or pull-up when they run errands, most often because they don't want their little one exposed to all of the germs left behind on a public toilet, but with Potty Covers bring your big kid to the run errands in big kid undies! 

I received a six pack of Potty Cover ($5.99ARV).  These are a necessity for us as I have a 5 year old who is potty trained, but I still dread the public restroom usage and I also have a 3.5 year old who we are working on potty training with. He is a fairly small little guy so he still holds onto the toilet and also touches the toilet when he climbs up to sit down. Just typing it gives me the whillies. I am NOT a germ freak, but I do know that public restrooms are beyond disgusting and crawling with thousands of germs. 

  Not only did the Potty Covers come in a resealable bag to keep them all nice and contained if you were to toss the entire six pack into your diaper bag, but each potty cover also comes individually wrapped. I thought that was a nice touch so you can toss just one in the diaper bag or even in your purse if your just running to the store quick.

The potty covers are nice and large, they cover the entire toilet seat along with the sides of the toilet and even the front of the toilet! Which is great if you have a little one who likes to swing their feet while on the toilet because then their clothes or legs don't touch the dirty toilet, which is covered in just as many yucky germs as the toilet seat. 

 I also like that the Potty Cover also covers pretty far back on the toilet seat so your child's shirt will rest on the potty cover instead of the back of the toilet, which is often pretty yucky in public restrooms. 

If you notice in the above photo the part of the Potty Cover which covers the toilet seat hangs over the sides a bit, which is great for allowing your child to hold onto the sides of the toilet. I know while potty training my older two, they would hold onto the sides of the toilet seat to help keep themselves from slipping through the seat and also to maintain their balance.

I would definitely say this is a product that a parent on-the-go needs! It is so easy to use, you just unfold it, lay it on the toilet and the over sized sides and the front flap basically just lay in their positions on their own. No long set up to get the cover to sit just right. 

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