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My Chickadee Designs Mini Carrier Review

My Chickadee was created when Janina found out she was expecting a girl and dreamed of making clothes in which she could twirl. However Janina didn't know how to sew, so she decided to learn and sewing became one of her favorite activities as she could express some of her creativity. Starting out Janina made skirts and dresses in various styles. Janina couldn't find a diaper that caught her eye and she wanted to make something other then skirts and dresses so she decided to sew something more to her liking in which she could conveniently take anywhere, whether it be shopping or hiking and anywhere in between! She didn't want something huge, but just big enough to carry all of the essentials she'd need on the go. She played around with the design and created the All-In-One Diaper Clutch found at My Chickadee Designs. Since designing the perfect diaper clutch for moms on the go My Chickadee has grown with new, unique designs and fresh fabrics and all of their products are made here in the USA. My Chickadee also has diaper bags, tote bags, wet bags, reusable snack bags and toys.

Mini Carrier
My Chickadee has lots of customers whom baby-wear and they thought it would be nice for little ones to have their own carrier just like their parents. The Mini Carrier is made of 100% cotton fabric and is lined with a soft leatherette, with hook and loop adjustable straps that cross and close. The Mini Carrier also features My Chickadee's signature front pocket and this can be worn as a front or back carry. These Mini Carriers fit children from 18 months old up to 5 years old. Not only is it easy to clean as it is machine washable, it is also compliant with CPSIA standards as well as lead and phthalate free.

My Chickadee Mini Carrier ($22ARV) is the perfect size for little ones to carry around their favorite stuffed animal or baby dolls and be just like their parents. I love baby-wearing and "wear" Ezio every chance I get! I have a soft structured carrier and ring sling that we roam the city with, it makes life so much easier, but best of all it keeps him close and safe! Ezio is 2 years old and about 27 pounds, the waist for this carrier was big on him, but since it is a long strip of hook and loop I was able to adjust the waist strap to fit him appropriately as it was sort of bothersome to him when it was too loose. Ezio is a very active and constantly on the go toddler, he brought me a stuffed dolphin that he decided he wanted to wear in the Mini Carrier... I thought for sure that I would not be able to get that to work out well. However, I was able to get the dolphin on his back and Cris-cross the straps and secure the hook and loop all so quickly there was no fight at all. Anytime I'm trying to do anything, even something as simple as putting a backpack on him that he brought to me myself, we end up half ways done and him trying to run away before we're finished. 

I love that the Mini Carrier has hook and loop straps and you don't have to tie them on as to me that would be a safety concern. But, Ezio was able to get the carrier off of himself easily. After putting the dolphin in the carrier on his back, he ran into the playroom and came back out with a different stuffed animal he wanted me to put in the carrier instead and continued to do this until I think we had all of our stuffed animals in the living room, which were at one point on his back. It was great fun for him and I thought it was adorable. He loves stuffed animals and dolls, he loves giving them hugs. 

Why oh why would I allow, let alone put a baby doll carrier on my son?! Why not?!? Ezio is one rough and tough boy, however we have taught him love, compassion and such emotions that will be beneficial to him through out his life. Why not show him it is okay to wear a stuff animal on his back in a Mini Carrier? What is it hurting? He will grow up to be a great dad and will bond perfectly with his children. We build our children for the future, lets make our future bright. 

I did choose the Garnet Mini Carrier as I was not fully paying attention and thought this would fit Jada, however she is eight years old and big for her age. Honestly, I probably would have gone with Tudor Taupe, Marquis Gold or even Temple Tulips if I had intended this specifically being for one of the boys. We don't mind though as products and colors do not have a specific gender. 

Cade has yet to see the Mini Carrier as he has been at my aunt's house off and on while she was home on leave after knee surgery. I will update with Cade's experience and opinion of the Mini Carrier, Cade is 3 years old and about 40lbs and 3.5ft tall. 


Do you baby-wear? Would your little one like to be like you and wear a stuffed animal of baby doll of theirs? 

Disclosure: I received the above products in exchange for my honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own and may differ from those of your own. 

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