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WallArtsy Vinyl Wall Decal Review

WallArtsy is a small vinyl wall decal business that is run by a husband and wife team, Sam and Sharon, they are located in Mobile County, Alabama. They offer a wide variety of quality custom made inspirational wall art, including, but not limited to personalized name wall decals designed for babies and children, wall quotes for any room in your home and more. All of WallArtsy’s vinyl material is the highest quality indoor vinyl made right here in the US. Sam and Sharon take great pride and satisfaction in their work and the products that they offer, however it doesn’t stop here. They don’t stop once the customer’s order is shipped, they also want to make sure that all customers are satisfied from start to finish and that the final results leave their customers happy. 

Planes, Trains, Trucks and Toys
There's Nothing Quite Like Little Boys
Boy Wall Decals - Planes Trains Trucks and Toys Nothing Quite Like Little Boys Vinyl Wall Decal Quote for Boy Baby Nursery 20"H x 36"W FS162

We received the Boy’s Wall Decal - “Planes, Trains, Trucks and Toys There’s Nothing Quite Like Little Boys” ($45ARV) in Navy blue. This decal measures 20 inches in height by 36 inches wide. The decals has a matte finish which makes the decal appear to be handpainted directly on the wall. With WallArtsy Vinyl Wall Decals you get to choose what color you’d like the decal printed in so you can coordinate it with any room color scheme. As soon as I seen this at WallArtsy’s Etsy shop I knew that Cade would absolutely love it! And sure enough, he definitely does love it. He counts the trains and names off, “Train, truck, car” all the time. He was filled with joy when daddy and I went to put this on his wall as it was a surprise and we hadn’t shown him the wall decal before hand.

This is the first ever wall decal or sticker Dan and I have ever applied. Reading through the instruction sheet was a bit overwhelming and confusing. Of course I was able to get the general gist of what we needed to do. The instruction sheet does mention an application tool, which is supposed to be included, but I did not see one in our tube that the decal came in. One of the kids could have opened the tube and dropped it out. Not sure, but it really wasn’t a big deal.

We do not have any tape so we peeled the backing off and gently stuck the top too corners to the wall, while holding the bottom corners away from the wall while making sure it was straight. I know we are not very well prepared at all, we didn’t even have a tape measure (the boys like to play with it and I have no clue what they’ve done with it) or a level, I don’t think we’ve ever owned a level and we don’t have a fancy tape measure with one on it. Needless to say I think we eye balled it pretty good and go it lined up pretty straight. We rubbed the decal and contact paper against the wall and Dan used his ID to help smooth out some bubbles and stuff.

Now for the tricky part… peeling off the contact paper while leaving the vinyl wall decal ON the WALL! Dan started to peel the contact paper up from the bottom right corner where he was standing. It was NOT working out for him. So I suggested, as I would have started here, that we start from the top corner. TADA! The contact paper came off so much easier! There were a few places where the decal was coming off with the contact paper, but when this would happen I’d just fold the contact paper back up over the area, rub it a little bit and slowly try to peel it off again. No issues, no ripping at all, everything I personally expected, but I know these wall decals are not like a normal kids sticker, where you just peel off the back and slap it on the wall. You have to have a little bit of patience, go slowly and pay attention!

The kids absolutely love this! Cade was too busy trying to climb the wall so he could touch the decal, I finally got him to stand with him facing towards me and had to snap the picture really quickly. I just hope we put it up high enough on the wall that they leave it alone and don’t try to peel it off of the wall. So far it has been on the wall in their bedroom for 24hrs and it is all still there!! Fingers crossed! Poor Jada, now I have to find a cute girl’s wall decal as she feels a bit left out.

WallArtsy has a ton of beautiful personalized and non-personalized wall decals, including quotes and more. You can find decals for all rooms of your house at WallArtsy.
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