Saturday, January 11, 2014

CrayonMavens - Auto Set of Car Shaped Crayons (Set of 9) Review

CrayonMavens creates fun and unique shaped crayons from nothing other then 100% brand new Crayola® crayons because they know we want the best out there to give to our children! At CrayonMavens you can customize everything and they even do their best to accommodate special requests and will even try to find the shape you want, if they don't happen to have it. During the Holidays they even have holiday shapes! 

Auto Set

We received an Auto Set ($7.50ARV) from CrayonMavens, which comes with 9 different shaped car crayons. This set comes in 9 different colors as well: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black and pink. The crayons vary in size from 2 1/8" to 2 1/2" long, making them the perfect size for a child's hand.

All three of the kids absolutely love our car shaped crayons! Cade and Ezio both like to play with them as cars as well as coloring with them. As you can tell in the photo above, the pink is a bit hard to see in a photo, but in person you can definitely see it a lot better on the paper. You can write, draw and color with these great crayons!

He's usually not allowed to sit on the table, but he was having fun and a bit too short to sit on the chair and reach the table. He's such a blur because he makes his cars speed around. Jedilynn, Cade and Ezio have all colored with these crayons and I have to say they are much more durable then traditional crayons. If we have a box of traditional crayons it only lasts for about week as the majority of the crayons break! These are much sturdier which is awesome when you have toddlers. 

The color of each crayon is exactly what it is all the way through and exactly what it comes out as on paper. We've tried off brands of crayons and they always have really crummy color when on paper or it's really hard to get the wax from the crayon onto the paper. Since CrayonMaven uses Crayola crayons there is not a single issue with that! 

I am absolutely 100% pleased with awesome crayons. The only issue I had with them is when I had to pick out a design/shape that I wanted for the kids. CrayonMavens has so many awesome and fun shapes for both boys and girls and I even want a set all for myself! And they have HUGE Crayons too!! Like their huge firetruck crayon. 


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What shape of crayons would you like from CrayonMaven?

Disclosure: We received the above products in exchange for our honest review, all opinions and experiences are 100% our own and may differ from those of your own.


  1. Wow these are really cool! I love the Batman crayons from her store! PS--my Daughter has that same Batman shirt your son is wearing :)

  2. Now THIS is awesome! Crayons are fun, but in shapes, even better. My son would love the train crayons.

  3. My son would love these! He is a lover of all things with wheels.