Friday, December 7, 2012

Lelli Kelli Shoes Review

Lelli Kelly History

Lelli Kelly was created in 1992 by Attilio and Mariella Attilieni. Lelli Kelly is the #1 children's brand targeting little girls ages three to nine in Europe! They expanded into countries worldwide including the USA and Asia and continuously delivers a unique product to the market, creating a nice brand, like no other.

Lelli Kelly Features and Benefits

Lelli Kelly shoes are canvas products individually hand beaded and inspected to ensure the highest quality. They are machine washable, but you must remove the leather sock liner. Wash on a delicate cycle and preferable wash in a pillow case, then air dry. Lelli Kelly shoes are the result of an intensive study of a girl's environment and their quality demands as they grow. All the components of your little girl's Lelli Kelly follow the high European and USA quality standards. The inner of the shoe is made of real perforated leather and the outer sole is light and antiskid.

Lelli Kelly also offer other types of footwear other then just canvas. They are known worldwide mainly for their sandals, heeled style footwear, Lelli Kelly Boots, California Style and Ballerina!
Lelli Kelly Sandals
Lelli Kelly California Style
Lelli Kelly Heeled Style
Lelli Kelly Boots
Lelli Kelly Ballerina

Lelli Kelly is the celebrities choice of shoe for their children!  
They are worn by, Sir Paul McCharty's Daughter, Heidi Klum's daughter and Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's daughters!

My daughter received a pair of canvas shoes from Lelli Kelly with a beautiful beaded s[ring insect and floral design.

  Jedilynn absolutely loves her Lelli Kelly shoes!! Don't mind her messy hair and mix match pajamas. She has worn her Lelli Kelly's almost daily! They need a good washing, I will be sure to take before and after pictures when I throw them in the washer so you all can see just how well they wash up and how well they hold up in the wash. I've heard they hold up GREAT, but we shall see! 

Jedilynn was so excited to wear these shoes to school, she came home and told me all about her day and how she told/showed everyone her awesome new shoes! She said they all LOVE her shoes and her friends all want a pair! Jedilynn wants another pair of Lelli Kelly's, but this time she wants a different style, well... she would love a pair of each style. She is your typical girl when it comes to SHOES! 

All of the beads have held up and stayed in place, they are hand sewn on with a plastic like thread. The only thing that bothered Jedilynn, was that the removable leather insert comes out almost every time she takes her shoes off.

 Visit Lelli Kelly's website and let me know which pair is your favorite! 

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Disclaimer: I received a pair of shoes from Lelli Kelly free of charge, in exchange for this review. I was not compensated and all opinions are my own. 


  1. Those shoes are super cute. They have a lot of detail to them.

  2. Oh my, my girls would go crazy over these shoes! Heck, do they make them in adult sizes? They are so cute:)

    1. I wish!! I would so wear a pair of the California Style!!

  3. I love all the sparkles! I wish they made the strawberry ones in adult sizes ha ha :-).

  4. OMG my niece would absolutely LOVE those rain boots! They have the cutest shoes ever! Wish I had smaller feet!