Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush Review & Giveaway!! US 12/25

Smoobee became an idea when a full time executive mom had a tough time brushing through her four year old daughter's hair. "My daughter would scream and run away from me every time. So I started to ask my friends for help. I found out that all of my friends were having the same problem. One friend in particular had a ten year old girl who would not brush her hair for days and I said to myself - there is no way I am going to endure this for six more years. There has to be a solution. So I tried all different types of brushes and found some to be better then others. I then took the qualities of each brush and combined them to make Smoobee. After a year of designing, I received five prototypes that I sent out to my friends. They all loved it!" Smoobee was launched in 2012 and has been an instant hit. "I was getting emails from everyone saying how amazing Smoobee was and how grateful they were that Smoobee has ended the daily drama of brushing their daughter's hair. I love hearing all of the wonderful responses."

Smoobee GIVES BACK! At Smoobee they believe that giving back is essential to help our world. They are supporters of many organizations which they donate to on a monthly basis to various charities. Their focus is on children and women. Here are just a few of their favorites. A percentage of your purchases of Smoobee allows them to continue to give to help others. They thank you for all of your support!

Smoobee's Unique Design. The extra thick tips on the nylon bristles are soft on young scalps. Long white nylon bristles separate hair easily and gently and the short black synthetic boar bristles work through tangled hair. The ceramic coating around the rim smoothes and shines hair and the handle and body are made from durable, long-lasting wood. 

We received the Pink Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush ($23.99) with the Blue & Green Gem Stickers ($2.99).

My daughter loved that she was able to apply the gems herself and personalize it. 

  Before Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush it was a NIGHTMARE to brush my daughters hair. She is hispanic and her hair is curly and super thick! We have tried every detangler at our local stores, every hair brush, comb and even picks! Nothing has ever made her hair so easy and painless to brush through. It was so bad, her and I agreed it was time for a hair cut as her hair was down to her butt. We had to wake up earlier just to brush her hair. We tried washing her hair before bed, brushing it and putting it into a braided pony tail and then wrapping her hear in a bandana, but that didn't even help her hair to be more manageable in the morning. I spoke with hair stylist, customer service representatives in the healthy & beauty sections of our local stores and none of them had effective advice. We also tried layering and thinning her hair, but still no luck.

Since we received Smoobee Hairbrush I have decided it will be okay for Jedilynn to finally be able to grow her hair out again and have it past shoulder length. She also brought it up to me on her own one morning while I was brushing her hair that she wants to just let her hair grow out now!!! She was always getting it cut short as she knew that would reduce the pain of having her hair brushed. I am so happy we discovered Smoobee and have been able to give it a test drive! 

I use our Smoobee to brush my own hair as well, mine is much thinner/lighter then Jedilynn's hair, but mine still get all tangled up just from me looking left to right, the slightest movement of my hair and I have tangles in my hair. I can definitely say for sure that the Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush is in fact MAGIC!! 

Cleaning the Smoobee is super easy. Just pull all of the hair out of the brush, then to clean the synthetic boar bristles just get the bristles damp (not the wood of the brush!) and then smack against a towel or even paper towel, that will remove any dandruff or hair care products from the brush. 

The brush is easy to hold and brushes through hair smoothly! We have not had any of the tips come off of any of the nylon bristles, with previous hair brushes we have tried the tips always come off after two or three times of using the hair brush, but Smoobee's are all intact still. Same goes for the synthetic boar bristles, those are as well intact. Other similar brushes to the Smoobee the bristles and the whole thing that holds the bristles in would often come completely off, but Smoobee has held up so far!! 

Purchase a Smoobee Magic No Cry Hairbrush for your daughter, yourself, your niece, your friends daughter, or even for a boy! They don't have to decorate them with the girly gems, give them some markers and let them color/draw on the hair brush. Boys can use hair brushes too!! 
RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING when you purchase two or more Smoobee Hairbrushes! In the USA only. 

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Disclaimer: We received a Smoobee Hair Brush in exchange for this review, that did not impact our opinion of the Smoobee and all statements above are our own opinions and experiences. 

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  1. The Purple with the blue green gems would be a lot of fun. Cleaning sounds easy, that is always a major plus.

  2. I like the purple with Rainbow Flower Gem Stickers

  3. I would want the purple with the blue green gem stickers