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Bamboo Nature #diapers Review & Giveaway!

 Bambo Nature
Bambo Nature puts both your child and the environment as their top priorities!
Bambo Nature diapers are the same as your ordinary disposable, but they have a much lower "eco footprint". Bambo Nature nappies are ultra-thin and ultra-absorbent with a unique layer to draw wetness away from baby's skin to keep baby dry and comfortable even with repeat wettings. These diapers have been designed to assure parents that the product has a practical design and are user friendly.

Bambo Nature diapers are available in FIVE sizes to suit all ages, from birth until naturally learning potty learning/full continence. The product line begins with a Size 2 and goes onto Sizes 3, 4, 4+ and 5. 

Bambo Nature Range Bambo Baby Diaper Selection
Size 2 Mini – 6.5 to 13 lbs Size 0 Premature – 2.2 to 6.6 lbs
Size 3 Midi – 11 to 22 lbs Size 1 Newborn – 4.4 to 8.8 lbs
Size 4 Maxi – 18 to 40 lbs Training Pants: Size 4+ Maxi Plus – Fits 30 lbs or more
Size 4+ Maxi+ - 26 to 48 lbs Training Pants: Size 6 XL Plus – Fits 39 lbs or more
Size 5 Junior – 33 to 55 lbs
 Bambo Nature baby diapers carry the official environmental Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan!
They are certified FREE of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Also eco-friendly and transparent manufacturing process.

Bambo Nature Baby Diaper Features
  • Hook and Loop closure, for easy re-adjusting. Open and close the hook and loop closures as many times as necessary to get that perfect secure fit on your baby.
  •  Easy fit, due to new innovative flexible side panels which stretch and ensures comfort and freedom to move.
  • No elastic along the waist band to prevent skin irritation or rash.
  • Efficient leakage barriers to ensure a snug fit to baby's body and minimizes the risk of leaks.
  • The super absorbent core ensures high absorption capacity and a dry surface against baby's skin. One of the highest absorbers on the market!
  • One of the only diapers with a breathable back sheet which ensures that the skin can breathe, keeping the skin drier. More similar to the breath-ability of cloth diapers opposed to other disposables.
  • Wetness indicator, a very useful tool, showing how wet the diaper is! Note: The light blue writing on the surface of the back-sheet is the wetness indicator. The writing will run, blur or smear as the diaper gets wet. Other disposable brands only have a wetness indicator for smaller sizes.
  • Bambo Nature has increased length and width, the largest on the market! Making them a perfect fit for tall children or children that need extra width. They also run slightly larger then competitor brands, here in the US market.    
  Here is a full list and explanation of the ingredients in Bambo Nature.
  We received two packages of Bambo Nature to try on Cade and Ezio. The red package on the left are the Size 4 MAXI, for 18-40lbs this package is a 50 count which usually retails for $23.95. The green package on the right are the Size 4+ MAXI-PLUS, for 26-48lbs and is a 46 count and usually retails for $23.85. I love the huge weight range the diapers are designed for. Now you may be wondering, as so was I, "My son is only 24lbs, wont the diapers be HUGE on him if they can fit a baby/child almost DOUBLE his weight?" My answer to that, is NO! They were not huge on my 24lbs, almost one year old, they were a great fit! Both the MAXI and MAXI-PLUS fit both Cade and Ezio, Cade is 30lbs, tall and a pretty skinny 2 year old, Ezio on the other hand is a 24lbs, short and chunky, but super skinny waisted 1 year old. 

 The diapers fit Ezio, perfectly with plenty of room to grow still! I love how they go further up his back, he is breastfed and still has the explosive poo diapers, but all of the yuck was contained in the Bambo Nature Baby Diapers!
Cade has some issues with food and eating, so he mainly drinks milk all day, every day, in which case causes him to be a HEAVY WETTER! Bambo Nature held up for him, without wet spots all over the couch due to a leaky diaper an hour after I just changed him, I have to say, I think that is the biggest plus for me! They also held up over night for him
Cade loved his new diapers was quite excited to try them on! 
Great fit on Cade as well! Nice and snug around his skinny thighs (which were once huge like Ezio's) and waist!

Cade and Ezio also have eczema and sensitive skin, which is what originally led me to Bambo Nature, yes we do cloth diaper, but with two in diapers and a house hold of five, sometimes I just want to be able to wash our clothing and not have to worry if I will have enough clean diapers for the day, plus I have to figure out what is causing their rashes with the cloth diapers. From a few days old til Cade was a couple months old, he has a chronic diaper rash, at the time we used Pamper's Swaddlers and were unaware of the harsh chemicals and other things in the larger brand diapers. After a couple months of changing him every 30 minutes and him still having a chronic rash that just would not go away or get better no matter what cream, lotion, etc we put on his little bottom to try and protect it, my mom suggested trying a Pure & Natural or Sensitive diaper, we did and it finally brought relief. Anyways, neither one of the boys developed a rash nor did I notice any signs of irritation!!! WOOHOO!!
Down fall, I believe it is due to the stretchy nature of the Bambo Nature diapers, but they seem to start sagging pretty soon after being put on baby. With Ezio still crawling and the diaper rubbing against the area rugs they did pil a bit. However, I'm sure not everyone's one and two year run around in just a diaper diaper 24/7. Although, I do hear it is a boy thing to hate clothing. ;) 
Over all, I really and honestly do love Bambo Nature diapers!   
Bambo Nature to me is sort of like a completely disposable Eco-friendly cloth diaper! Bambo Nature is 80% bio-degradable, that is almost THREE times that of other disposables diapers!! 

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What did you learn or like about Bambo Nature Disposable Diapers?   

Disclaimer: I received two packages of diapers from Bambo Nature in exchange for this review, all opinions in this review are solely my own and I was not compensated in any other way for this review.


  1. Bamboo Nature is 80% bio degradable which is almost 3 times more than regular disposable diapers

  2. I love that they are 80% biodegradeable, with all the trash on earth, the more that is biodegradeable the better!

  3. I learned that they have a breathable back sheet and they are certified as being free of harsh and dangerous chemicals.

  4. I like that they are hypoallergenic, and have low eco-foot print

  5. i like they pull the moisture away form the skin! great review!!!

  6. These sounds great. I learned that they are especially good for babies with sensitive skin.

  7. I learned that they are 80% biodegradable!

  8. wow these look great and earth friendly, too coll

  9. I love it that "They are certified FREE of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Certified non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Also eco-friendly and transparent manufacturing process "

  10. reading through the ingredients list I learned that they don't use perfumes, odor inhibitors, or lotions/moisturizers.

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  11. I love that they can hold so much moisture! YAY! I also like that they are hypo-allergenic...that's the reason why I went to cloth in the first place (kids allergic to the latex in disposables) but these might be handy to have on hand for when we travel, etc. (I'm not a fan of dragging a wet bag or diaper pail when we go away for a weekend!)

  12. i like how they go way up the back of the baby

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  13. i liked that they r biodegradeable!