Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ella's Kitchen Organic Baby Food Review & Giveaway! 12/23-01/06


The company's goal is to build a healthy range of natural foods for babies and young children, under a trusted and respected brand, that leads to a positive change in their eating habits. Ella's Kitchen will always put our children's needs first and use organic ingredients. They prioritize in health and taste. Ella's Kitchen will always be honest in their communications and conduct their business with respect and fairness. They also believe that it is better to pass on values rather then money to children. They will NEVER use anything in their products that has no nutritional or health value! Neither will they ever add sugar or salt or use E numbers or GM products.
They have always worked closely alongside and taken guidance from nutritionists who specialize in children's diet as well as with other experts, baby food retailers and manufacturers. Most of all they listen to real moms and dads and have drawn their inspiration from real kids.

 We received a box from Ella's Kitchen with some Stage 1 and Stage 2 products along with Ella's Cookies.
Ella's Kitchen has Fruit + Baby Rice Stage 1 pouches, great for a quick breakfast for babies four months and up and children. They also have Baby Brekkie Stage 1 for babies six months and up, which is a yummy nutritional blend of fruit, yogurt and wholegrain rice, also making a yummy breakfast option! Ella's 1 Baby Food pouches are Stage 1 for babies six months and up, they are made with 100% organic ingredients. Ella's first Tastes are also Stage 1 for babies four months and up and are single flavor pouches great for babies first tastes and can be mixed with yogurt and baby cereal or even regular oatmeal. We love adding baby food purees to pancake mix and other batters to give them flavor! You can also make a smoothie out of the puree pouches! I like more simple smoothies and tastes, so I personally would only use one or two of the Ella's Tastes pouches to make a smoothie with, but others may like to use Ella's 1 Baby Foods. Smoothie Fruits are great for babies and children as a quick snack or to toss in to lunchboxes! Ella's 2 Baby Foods are for babies seven months of age and up, they are more so meals then snacks, for the younger babies anyhow. And last, but not least, Ella's Kitchen also has Nibbly Fingers and Yum Yummy Baby Cookies. All of Ella's Kitchen pouches are made with organic ingredients, NO add water, preservatives or thickeners, E numbers or GM products, gluten and wheat free and no lumps or bits and no artificial flavors. They also are not sweetened with added sweeteners nor are they salted.

Ella's Kitchen products are just if you were to make them at home in your own kitchen!! But with the ease and convenience of not having to steam the fruits and veggies and blend them. Mess and hassle free homemade food!!! How awesome hey!? And even at a great price!!

We LOVE Ella's Kitchen, Cade and Ezio eat pouches all the time! Jada also loves the pouches, but she only likes them cold, the boys eat them at room temperature. Ezio is a year old now, but has been eating the pouches on his own with little to no mess since about 8 or 9 months old and has done great with them! We always try to keep a drawer full in the fridge. Dan and I don't always make a good lunch or dinner so on those days we just open a pouch for the boys. Ezio is still breastfed so one pouch is usually the perfect size for him. I love that our children are able to eat healthy even when we don't make the healthiest choices for ourselves. I also love that they can eat healthy with out me standing at our local organic/natural grocery store so lost out of my mind not knowing what to get for them!!

We do most of our shopping at Target as it is close to the house and cheap, we are always stocking up on Ella's Kitchen pouches! They are quite yummy, I've tried them my self. Anyone four months or older can eat the Ella's Kitchen pouches.

Visit Ella's Kitchen and take a look at their products.
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What flavor(s) do you think you and/or your children would like from Ella's Kitchen?

Disclaimer: We received a package with samples of Ella's Kitchen products to taste test for our selves. These opinions and experience expressed in the above review are completely honest and solely our own. We were not compensated in any other way for this review.

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  1. sweet potatoes, pumpkin, apples + blueberries and the veggie bundle

  2. I think my daughter would love the bananas, apricots, and baby rice


  3. I think the milk and vanilla baby cookies would be a big hit.

  4. the nibbly fingers would be perfect for our little one

  5. Dd love the Smoothie fruits especially The Red One!

  6. we'd go for the sweet potatoes

  7. We would love the bananas! But would try any of them!