Sunday, August 16, 2015

Educents Back to School Science Projects!

Check out these science experiments, science freebies, and science books that will make back-to-school fun for everyone. 
Science Projects - Educents Blog 
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Magic School Bus Polymer Group Pack

Seat belts everyone! Get ready to grow amazing polymers! Young Scientists grow super balls, snow, rainbow beads, crystal gels, and polymer flowers while learning about the importance and science of super-absorbent polymers. This kit provides enough materials for 30 students and i s great for the classroom, after-school programs, science enrichment, boys and girls sco uts, camps, and a Magic School Bus birthday Party! 

FREE - Osmosis: The Colorful Celery Experiment

 Celery Experiment - Educents Blog

Are you teaching your students about osmosis? Perhaps it is a part of your science curriculum, or maybe you want to just do a little experimenting... The Colorful Celery Experiment is th e perfect introduction to Osmosis. Your students will learn how water moves with this fun experiment. 


Science Story eBooks - 50% OFF


Follow Merrin and Pearl to combine science with adventure in Brainiacs. Also learn about the nervous, digestive, immune, skeletal and circulatory system with a five part series from Human Body Detectives eBooks. 

Magic School Bus Inspired Planet Study - 30% OFF

Plan games, worksheets, and coloring pages to expand your young astronomer's understanding of space!

More Science Resources

Looking for more inspiration for science experiments? Check out these resources:
  • The Young Scientists Club - Engage boys and girls around the world in an educational science ad venture that lasts a lifetime.
  • Science printables for older kids - Teach With Fergy offers printable task cards, complete science units, PowerPoint lessons, and more!
  • STEM Mystery Books - T each science and math with these books full of dozens of one-minute mysteries that kids love to solve!

How will you incorporate science into your lesson plan? What do you like the most about science?

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  1. My son really enjoy science, so these look like great things to do with him!