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Do You Think Cursive Handwriting Should Still Be Taught To Kids? FREE Cursive Learning Resources and Worksheets!

Do your kids know how to write in cursive? As schools begin to accommodate new standards, the question remains if cursive handwriting will stay on the lesson plan. At least 41 states do not require public schools to teach reading or writing cursive, according to USA Today. The discussion around learning to write cursive has provoked many opinions of what’s important for future generations to know. Some suggest children should learn programming instead of how to write cursive. Others claim we lose motor skills swapping out a pen for a keyboard. The pros and cons of learning cursive has been weighed, but what will be the final decision?

Should we teach cursive? - Educents Blog

Do you think cursive writing should still be taught to kids?

Here’s how the Educents community responded:

How will they ever be able to read historical documents such as the constitution, etc if they don’t learn to read and write in cursive? -Sara J.
No, it’s not relevant anymore. Learn typing instead. -Robert C.
I don’t think it has been taught in our school for at least the last 10 to 15 years. Cursive writing will become a lost art in America. I think it should still be taught. -Claudia A.


Honestly, it’s no longer important. Teach them to sign their name; then teach them to convey their thoughts, and be persuasive, via oral and written communications. Why would we want to spend valuable school time, beyond a day or two, teaching someone to sign their name in cursive? Why don’t we spend time teaching calculations via abacus or slide rules?  -Gary F.
Yes. When my teenager who has always been homeschooled started public high school, his classmates couldn’t read his papers because he wrote in cursive and no one else did. His teacher said he always knew which paper was Hayden’s even if he forgot to put his name on it! -Kelly B. 
Yes! It’s part of my children’s 2nd grade homeschool curriculum. They just started doing it, and they are so excited about it. :) -Angela M. 
I’m a former primary teacher. Second grade is rather young to begin, but the kids are always excited about it. Don’t worry if they have difficulty mastering it at first; they will when the brain and muscles are ready. -Kathy F.

Handwriting Resources for Kids Super Cursive Freebie - Educents Blog

Web Learning Resources for Kids

Writing Programs - Educents Blog
  • Learn to Mod with Minecraft – Did you know kids can learn how to code by modifying (or “modding”) Minecraft®? Kids learn how to code in Java® and apply it to Minecraft® themed problems!
  • The WriteWell App – A simple and intuitive web-based tool that makes writing fun and effective. With its unique visual and tactile interface and library of interactive essay templates, WriteWell is a convenient tool for teachers and students at home or in the classroom.
  • Handwriting Worksheet Wizard – StartWrite helps teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily. This program saves hours in lesson preparation time, yet allows you to easily create fun, meaningful worksheet to teach handwriting.

  My thoughts...

Personally I feel children should learn how to read and write cursive. My mom, myself and my grandmother rarely print, so if my children do not learn cursive they will struggle reading anything we ever write. SO many recipes from our family are all written in cursive, I honestly can't remember a recipe that was printed. My oldest is going into 4th grade and she has not learned cursive in school other than signing their own names. However, I have purchased cursive handwriting workbooks for her and she absolutely LOVES them! I will do the same with my boys when they are older and ready to learn how to write in a different style. I don't see the big deal about cursive being taught in school. 

What do you think?

Should we still teach kids how to write cursive? Why or why not, Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. i sure hope it comes back,,they arent teaching kids the basics anymore